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Sunday, January 21, 2018

The Sixth Extinction began at the end of WWII. The planet is warming, glaciers are melting, the ocean is rising, species are dwindling, the threat of nuclear annihilation is real because we know that there have been hundreds of instances of false alarms of an imminent attack in the USA and probably more never reported in Russia. While the military failings are catastrophic events, background radiation from this nuclear industry and exposure to thousands of unnatural products from the chemical industry may do humanity in. Noam Chomsky talks about our hopes and fears, congratulates "Democracy Now" for their remarkable success and reminds people of the social progress which has been achieved during the last century, particularly for women and reminds them alone there is little you can do to make the world a better place, but together the common good can prevail.




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The best educated political commentator in the world, Noam Chomsky, continues to spend his last days on earth sounding the alarm against global warming and nuclear war. Wake up. Help to stop these trends.


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#1 | Posted by sawdust at 2018-01-21 07:27 PM | Reply

Doom and Gloom, the world is in the dumpster man!

#2 | Posted by Crassus at 2018-01-22 12:14 AM | Reply

It's too deeply ingrained. You can't stop it.

In the old days, bad mutations were Darwined out of existence. Now, they are protected, fed, and multiplied.

Never forget that the dinosaurs were a very successful species before natural events attacked them (as a species) at the very point where they were most successful. I see no scientific reason to believe the same thing will not happen to humans. Also, don't forget that the dinosaur extinction event did not kill all species on earth.

#3 | Posted by kudzu at 2018-01-22 08:12 AM | Reply

- Now, they are protected, fed, and multiplied.

Save the Millennials!!

#4 | Posted by SheepleSchism at 2018-01-22 08:22 PM | Reply

#1 | Posted by sawdust

#2 | Posted by Crassus

Tweedledee and Tweedledum

#5 | Posted by Angrydad at 2018-01-22 09:58 PM | Reply

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