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Friday, January 12, 2018

"First Lady Melania Trump" (played by actor Laura Benanti) stopped by The Late Show on Wednesday night to correct a few passages from Michael Wolff's bombshell book Fire and Fury.

The fake First Lady -- who appeared on the White House lawn clutching a spoon that she swore she did not use for "digging" -- called it both a "fake book" and "pure fiction" adding that "every single word in it is lie."

Colbert had one more of the book's claims to ask Melania about, though.

"Is it true, as the book claims, that everybody who knows Trump calls him an ‘idiot'?" Colbert asked.

"Not everybody," Melania replied. "One of the grandchildren can't even talk yet!"



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Her Secret Service code name is, "Flight Risk", rofl!

#1 | Posted by Corky at 2018-01-12 01:16 AM | Reply | Funny: 2

Maybe they found out she has a private jet warmed up and on standby in case the IRS seizes her husband's real estate assets (read gold plated apartment in Trump Towers) to pay the taxes on his illegal gains for the past 30 years.

A gal with class has to watch out for herself, you know. At age 47 the bloom isn't what it used to be. And the White House apartment was like a tenement "dump" anyway.

#2 | Posted by Twinpac at 2018-01-12 02:50 AM | Reply

Laura Benanti, as it turns out, is a Tony Award winning stage actor and singer who does a great Melania! impression.

#3 | Posted by Corky at 2018-01-12 02:16 PM | Reply

"If I wasn't already married to her I'd tap that."

-Humpy Trumpy

#4 | Posted by donnerboy at 2018-01-12 05:11 PM | Reply | Funny: 4

The disrespect is just mind boggling.

#5 | Posted by Crassus at 2018-01-14 04:22 AM | Reply

You'd oviously like it better in a -------- country where you can't criticize the ruling class.

Be happy, you won. This is you winning.

#6 | Posted by snoofy at 2018-01-14 05:14 AM | Reply

The disrespect is just mind boggling.


what is mind boggling is that it is completely justified.

In fact, I wish people would turn up the heat, and play the game like that incompetent idiot Trump plays it.

#7 | Posted by kudzu at 2018-01-14 09:20 AM | Reply | Newsworthy 2


I don't respect Donald Trump. Vito Corleone was a much better man.

#8 | Posted by Zed at 2018-01-14 11:49 AM | Reply

The disrespect is just mind boggling.
#5 | Posted by Crassus

Name a time Trump respected anyone?

#9 | Posted by truthhurts at 2018-01-14 11:53 AM | Reply | Newsworthy 2

Name a time Trump respected anyone?

Apparently he does grovel at the feet of Rupert Murdoch.

#10 | Posted by REDIAL at 2018-01-14 11:58 AM | Reply

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