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Friday, January 05, 2018

"Trumping Democracy" provides the key to understanding how we have ended up with the most unpopular president in history. A combination of Robert Mercer's funding and the computer-based Psyops his Cambridge Analytica firm exploited. This one-two punch produced "An idiot surrounded by clowns." Television has been responsible for dumbing down the political culture. There is an inverse relationship between technological advances and the ability of people to exercise their democratic rights. We are facing a dystopia that resembles Aldous Huxley's "Brave New World", where everybody had the freedom to do what they want but no right or desire to change the system. What kind of society we are living in, where Psyops begin to be used routinely? In combination with the Citizens United Supreme Court ruling that gave corporations the right to buy elections renders the word democracy meaningless.


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The film begins with a visit to an artist named Scott Lobaido, who lives on Staten Island -- the only borough in New York that favored Trump. The foul-mouthed Lobaido told his mild-mannered French interlocutor that the mainstream media was out to destroy Trump and that he could only rely on Fox News to get the real story. But his main source of "the truth" is the Internet. After spending 8 hours painting American flags or portraits of Donald Trump striking heroic poses, he sits down at his computer and goes to Twitter, Facebook or websites like Infowars to learn about the dangers that Muslims and Mexican immigrants pose to the republic. Much of what he takes as the gospel truth has about as much validity as "Conspi Hunter".

Mercer is a reclusive tycoon who used his wealth to reshape American politics. IBM helped Mercer become a billionaire. As a natural language pioneer at Big Blue, Mercer helped to lay the groundwork for artificial intelligence and ironically for the president who is the epitome of real stupidity. He was exclusively a big backer of propaganda machines like the Heritage Foundation and Breitbart News that he rescued from bankruptcy. Mercer and his lout of a daughter Rebekah developed a close relationship with Steve Bannon. They supported Cruz before shifting to Trump. They focused on the electoral vote, recognizing quickly Hillarry had the popular vote locked up. Our founding fathers viewed the electoral college as essential to keeping the rabble out if power.

When Britons voted for Brexit, Bannon and the Mercers realized that what worked in England might work here. British racist Nigel Farage tipped them off that a firm called Strategic Communications Laboratories (SCL) provided key demographic data that helped the Brexit campaigners secure a victory. Its American sister is Cambridge Analytics (owned by Mercer) identified key voters who scored high on Neuroticism and voted Democrat in the last election in Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Ohio. The Trump campaign then paid for ads that targeted this base heavily with social media ads in October and November that lasted a short period, leaving no obvious electronic trail. The Trump campaign shelled out 150 million dollars, while Russian ads did not exceed $150,000.


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Fear of a black planet.

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PE showing us the way ...


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Insane Clown voters

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