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Saturday, December 30, 2017

It's official: Twitter's rules are no longer enforced or reasonable.





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Per the link ...

A century ago a newly introduced consumer media platform was going to change the world. It had the potential to democratize societies by offering voice to anyone with the proper equipment.

As this crude technology lined the shelves of hardware stores, radio was seen as a decentralized superpower affording ham radio operators the power to freely express their opinions.

Then, as so often happens, government centralized that power in favor of military communications and corporate interests.

Facing the depressing reality of net neutrality, history is indeed repeating itself, as it has with every form of media that grew beyond expectations.

Social media is the modern version of this democratizing force. Regulatory efforts are a bit more confusing, however. This time it's not the government consolidating and centralizing power, but the corporations themselves.

This is what corporate style censorship looks like.

Twitter is deciding what information people get to see and hear, and the reason Trump gets a pass is he makes BIGLY amounts of money for Twitter, as compared to some fringe foreign right wing hate group.

If the President of the United States of America (the defacto leader of the free world) is re-tweeting far right hate group garbage, it needs to be seen in all it's pathetic grotesqueness and NOT be hidden -- doing so in the long run strengthens free democratic societies.

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