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Wednesday, December 13, 2017

CAMP PENDELTON -- A war game exercise that deploys a battalion-size air, sea and ground assault is playing out across Marine Corps bases in Southern California this week. The exercise, which includes more than 20,000 Marines from the 1st Marine Division and more than 600 Marine aviators and their crews, is taking place at San Clemente Island, Marine Corps Air Station Miramar, Camp Pendleton and at the Marine Air Ground Combat Center Twentynine Palms. It combines the 3rd Marine Aircraft Wing's "Winter Fury" exercise with the 1st Marine Division's "Steel Knight" training. Both are held annually to prepare Marines for worldwide threats and to sharpen their skills for upcoming deployments. But the combined exercise is the first in more than a decade, military officials say.




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The exercise at Twentynine Palms, re-creating a battalion air assault to establish an air field and refueling center behind enemy lines, trains Marines and sailors in planning, deployment and command and control against an enemy force with similar capabilities.

The size and scope of the training makes it unique, Borgschulte said.

"We'll move a full battalion via aviation into Twentynine Palms and establish an airfield there using upwards of 40 aircraft," said Borgschulte, who at 48 has been in the Marine Corps for 27 years and is a trained Cobra pilot.

The exercise includes F/A-18 Hornets, KC-130J Super Hercules, AV-8B Harriers, MV-22 Ospreys, AH-1Z Vipers, UH-1Y Venoms, CH-53E Super Stallions, MQ-9 Reapers, MQ-21 Blackjacks and drones.


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While the mouth breathers are running around screaming "pedophile", the people that protect your right to express your opinions are preparing for something very real: The last three times exercises like Winter Fury and Steel Knight were combined were in June, 1990, September, 2001 and September 2003. I participated in the 1990 exercises and we were told in no uncertain terms that this was a dress rehearsal for the real thing.

Something big is going down in the next month or two, and I think we all know where that will be.

May God have mercy on us all.

#1 | Posted by Rightocenter at 2017-12-13 11:12 PM | Reply

- running around screaming "pedophile"

Roy Moore thanks you for your concern.

- I think we all know where that will be.

Yes, it will be yet another Republican August "product roll-out" to make another Republican a "War President" just in time for re-election. You must be so proud.

#2 | Posted by Corky at 2017-12-13 11:48 PM | Reply

I wonder if these drills are related...

N.Korea raps joint drills as prelude to war

...North Korea is stepping up criticism of US-South Korea joint air drills that kicked off Monday, with the Workers' Party newspaper calling them a prelude to nuclear war.

A Rodong Sinmun commentary on Monday described the drills as reckless and said they increase the risk of nuclear war.

The commentary said North Korea will deal with provocations resolutely.

Earlier on Saturday, the country's Foreign Ministry lashed out at the drills in a spokesperson's statement.

The Committee for the Peaceful Reunification of Korea, the liaison body with South Korea, also criticized the drills in a spokesperson's statement on Sunday.

It said increased provocation would only invite more retaliation....

#3 | Posted by LampLighter at 2017-12-13 11:50 PM | Reply

It's true, there has been more and different stuff in the air lately.

#4 | Posted by snoofy at 2017-12-14 01:37 AM | Reply

I think I saw one of those newer stealth fighters the other day, come to think of it. www.sandiegouniontribune.com

#5 | Posted by snoofy at 2017-12-14 01:42 AM | Reply

"Something big is going down in the next month or two, and I think we all know where that will be."

Cool your jets, Captain Kill. This is just more toy soldier nonsense by the saber rattling usual suspects. At least you will be ready when the Martians invade California...

#6 | Posted by DirkStruan at 2017-12-14 03:28 AM | Reply

"While the mouth breathers are running around screaming "pedophile""

the sprinkling of Sour Grape on this thread is delicious

#7 | Posted by ChiefTutMoses at 2017-12-14 09:35 AM | Reply

Holly crap!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That is their JOB.

#8 | Posted by Sniper at 2017-12-14 01:31 PM | Reply

Hopefully we wait until after Christmas.

---- like this always pops up during holidays, or 4pm on a Friday afternoon.

#9 | Posted by madbomber at 2017-12-14 03:12 PM | Reply | Funny: 1

Some friends aiming to get the FMF nod were excited to read about this training exercise, hoping that more slots will open up

#10 | Posted by GOnoles92 at 2017-12-14 05:24 PM | Reply

Looks like my bait firmly lodged in the open mouths of the biggest pieces of Carp on the DR.

Too easy.

Back on topic, the Corps doesn't combine exercises without a very good reason for it.

Hopefully it is nothing but history has indicated otherwise.

#11 | Posted by Rightocenter at 2017-12-14 07:18 PM | Reply


I was in FMFPAC in the late 80's when our MAW was attached prior to Desert Shield, it's kind of cool how everything is coordinated but ultimately a swabbie commander was in charge, which was kind of weird.

Hope they get a chance to participate, I think they will find it broadens their view of joint forces.

#12 | Posted by Rightocenter at 2017-12-14 09:26 PM | Reply

Trump signed a $700 billion military budget bill Tuesday. This is an increase from the previous $549 billion.
I know if my ammo budget increased, I'd schedule a shooting event.

#13 | Posted by Whizzo at 2017-12-15 07:52 PM | Reply

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