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Friday, December 01, 2017

Trump's retweeting of anti-Muslim propaganda videos is the most un-American thing he has done as president.l

Some of the greatest crimes in human history have begun with moments like this one. Social scientists agree that attacks on an entire class of people -- whether identified by their race, religion, education, or any other distinguishing characteristic -- do not happen spontaneously. First the mob has to be primed. The targeted group has to be demonized through a campaign of hateful misinformation, always presented as legitimate information by people in positions of trust. Then the signal for violence falls on ready ears.




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He has used populist rhetoric to gain sway with vast numbers of disadvantaged and disillusioned Americans, in part by appealing to long-held prejudices. The videos he shared purportedly portray outrages committed by Muslim migrants in Europe, yet in reality they may be nothing of the sort. And just as Adolf Hitler claimed that the mainstream media's dismissal of the Protocols proved that they were true, the president has repeatedly switched fact for fiction, especially in his denouncements of "fake news."


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Diversity is best served by silence. For instance:

UK: Muslim MP tells victims of Muslim rape gangs to shut up for the "good of diversity"


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Damn dok. You have quite a following on this subject.

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