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Tuesday, November 14, 2017

For years the standard story was that hunter-gatherers from Siberia crossed on foot when the glaciers retreated enough, at the end of the last ice age, to open an ice-free corridor.

And people did cover Beringia on foot when such a route opened up. But they probably weren't First Americans. Think of them as ... Second Americans, perhaps.

Thanks to a growing body of archaeological and genetic evidence, researchers publishing today in Science say it's increasingly likely that the first humans to arrive in the Americas followed a coastal route, making the most of marine resources on a "kelp highway" that spanned the edge of the north Pacific from Asia to North America. And they made this journey well before glaciers retreated to open the traditional Beringia overland route.





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Hunter-gatherers from Siberia took yer jerb

This is what happens when you don't have a wall

speaking of walls

"Trump is hiring a small army of attorneys to fight landowners so the government can seize the property needed to build the wall on the U.S.-Mexico border
Trump is seeking $2 million to hire 12 land acquisition attorneys at the Department of Justice to mount an "initial surge" of land seizures from holdout landowners who aren't willing to part with their property on the government's terms. The administration aims to acquire "hundreds or thousands of parcels of land" to construct the border wall, according to government documents"

I wait in anticipation to see the usual "get government out of our lives" and "freedumbzz" advocates come out of the woodwork to rationalize seizing other Americans property so the government can make them and their feelings of entitlement, safe.

#1 | Posted by ChiefTutMoses at 2017-11-14 10:23 AM | Reply | Newsworthy 1

#1: Just can't turn it off can you? It's like a sickness.

#2 | Posted by Daniel at 2017-11-14 10:27 AM | Reply

Bundy Supporting ----------- changes his tune
Not everyone can vacillate on "principle". You are special

#3 | Posted by ChiefTutMoses at 2017-11-14 10:35 AM | Reply

#2 No, he can't. When Coco sees my name on a post or a thread he acts like it's a pheromone. He gets all excited and aroused and feels an undeniable need to strut and display to get my attention. Sadly, if the story is about something that requires an IQ higher than 80 to understand, he just pulls out the same tired, crayon-and-glitter-covered cue cards and tries to change the subject. He might come up with something on topic around lunch when his mom brings him his Uncrustables and apple juice.

#4 | Posted by MUSTANG at 2017-11-14 11:17 AM | Reply

Interesting story. It is pretty clear at this point that with our evolved brain we found ways to travel to pretty much every corner of the earth. Obstacles, oceans and distances notwithstanding. It bodes well for the dream of us some day traveling to the stars.

#5 | Posted by moder8 at 2017-11-14 11:24 AM | Reply | Newsworthy 1

#5 Agreed. This article is just a skim of some more detailed research, but still pretty interesting. What I find most fascinating are the displays of inertia within the scientific community. Dogma is an interesting word used primarily to describe religious tenets that are incontrovertibly true, but which finds its way into science far too often. In this case, decades-old evidence that humans occupied North and South America before the Ice Age was dismissed by "old guard" anthropologists and archeologists because their livelihoods relied on careers based around the land bridge theory. New evidence in northern Africa [Morocco] and eastern Europe is casting doubts on the dogmatic "out of [sub-Saharan] Africa" theory. I for one believe a lot of answers lie underwater. Most people don't realize the Mediterranean Sea, the Black Sea, and the Persian Gulf used to be a large grassy plains, not bodies of water. Same with the western Continental Shelf of North America. We know way less than we don't know.

#6 | Posted by MUSTANG at 2017-11-14 11:53 AM | Reply

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