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Thursday, November 02, 2017

The Houston Astros won the first World Series in the history of the franchise, defeating the Los Angeles Dodgers 5-1 in game 7. The Astros scored 5 runs off starter Yu Darvish, who was pulled in the second inning. The Dodgers only could manage to score one run on a seventh-inning pinch hit single by Andre Ethier. Houston's win makes a 2014 Sports Illustrated prophetic. The magazine called the team "Your 2017 World Series Champs" on the cover.





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Congratulations to the 2017 World Champion Houston Astros.

Houston Strong

#1 | Posted by et_al at 2017-11-02 12:28 AM | Reply

And congratulations to the Los Angeles Dodgers, a damn worthy opponent.

#2 | Posted by et_al at 2017-11-02 12:31 AM | Reply

[...] Congrats 2017 World Champion 'Stros. Congrats Dodgers, well played.

Houston Strong

#7 | Posted by et_al at 2017-11-02 03:44 AM | Reply

The drowned town that didn't think it needed building regulations got a well deserved distraction. Something to feel good about. Games three and five were amazing. As good as a sporting event can be.

#10 | Posted by bayviking at 2017-11-02 06:41 AM | Reply

Building regs are why my house did not flood
Try again, maybe with facts next time.

#11 | Posted by sitzkrieg at 2017-11-02 06:48 AM | Reply

The only (and I'm not joking) person who could do Seekh Kababs just like the original was GOATMAN.

I've gone walkabout plenty times to look for a nice kabab joint but they all lack taste. Probably the cook is some bloody Indian thinking he can do beef....

Thank goodness for Youtube and an air0fryer, I can now do my own. Thanks for the kind offer though.

#19 | Posted by J_Tremain at 2017-11-02 08:14 AM | Reply


#20 | Posted by J_Tremain at 2017-11-02 08:15 AM | Reply

I'm more of a koobideh person. Very tasty. Gotta love living in the US's most diverse melting pot.

#21 | Posted by sitzkrieg at 2017-11-02 08:22 AM | Reply | Newsworthy 1

Hit by four pitches and they call themselves Dodgers!

#22 | Posted by Federalist at 2017-11-02 08:34 AM | Reply | Funny: 1

They should be a very tough team for at least a few years and much longer if they can reload the pitching staff.

#23 | Posted by Sully at 2017-11-02 09:55 AM | Reply



ASOT...Congratulations to the LA Dodgers for avoiding meeting Trump.

(as seen on twitter)

#24 | Posted by gavaster at 2017-11-02 10:27 AM | Reply

Probably the Best Series I've seen in a while. And the Astros definitely did themselves a lot of good when they pulled the trigger on Bergman. He's definitely a game changer.

#25 | Posted by bogey1355 at 2017-11-02 12:31 PM | Reply

Who was the poster that blasted the Verlander trade claiming Houston weren't getting the old Verlander but the current version who's getting hammered on weekly basses with a dying fastball. Oh yeah, it was Crisis Stills.

#26 | Posted by CrisisStills at 2017-11-02 12:42 PM | Reply | Funny: 1


Verlander has been dominant since he came to Houston, Crisis Stills.

#27 | Posted by JeffJ at 2017-11-02 12:59 PM | Reply

That was the best baseball I've ever watched except for the Dodger's last night. That game was hopeless immediately... As a Dodgers fan, at least we lost to a classy team (except that racists s***stain with the awful hair).

#28 | Posted by IndianaJones at 2017-11-02 02:09 PM | Reply

HISD has cancelled school tomorrow, to give people a chance to go to the parade.

#29 | Posted by sitzkrieg at 2017-11-02 02:36 PM | Reply

What a great series. It was everything a WS should be.

#30 | Posted by SheepleSchism at 2017-11-02 09:27 PM | Reply

Verlander has been dominant since he came to Houston, Crisis Stills.


He's been the key to the Astros amazing run. I analyzed the trade the day after it was made .... and was totally wrong.

#31 | Posted by CrisisStills at 2017-11-03 12:01 PM | Reply

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