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Wednesday, November 01, 2017

Natasha Henstridge was watching a movie on Brett Ratner's couch when she fell asleep. She was a 19-year-old fashion model; he was an up-and-coming music video director in his early 20s. They had been hanging out in front of the TV with friends at his New York apartment.

But when Henstridge woke up, the others had left. She was alone with Ratner. She got up to leave, Henstridge said, but he blocked the doorway with his body and wouldn't budge. He began touching himself, she said, then forced her to perform oral sex.

"He strong-armed me in a real way. He physically forced himself on me," she said. "At some point, I gave in and he did his thing."

In interviews with the Los Angeles Times, Henstridge and five other women accused Ratner of a range of sexual harassment and misconduct that allegedly took place in private homes, on movie sets or at industry events.

As is often the case, none of the women reported the allegations to the police.


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On Ratner's behalf, Singer "categorically" disputed their accounts.

"I have represented Mr. Ratner for two decades, and no woman has ever made a claim against him for sexual misconduct or sexual harassment," Singer said in a 10-page letter to The Times. "Furthermore, no woman has ever requested or received any financial settlement from my client."


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You are known by the company you keep:

Ratner, 48, has long flaunted his playboy persona, bragging publicly about his sexual prowess. He has been romantically linked to the likes of Paris Hilton, Lindsay Lohan and Mariah Carey. In December, Tina Fey, speaking at the Hollywood Reporter's annual Women in Entertainment breakfast, cracked: "Brett Ratner is here. In his defense, he thought this was a thing where you could eat breakfast off of 100 women."

For years, he palled around with Robert Evans, the slick-haired former production chief at Paramount Pictures who was later convicted of trafficking cocaine, and Toback, who, as The Times reported last month, has been accused of sexual misconduct by more than 300 women. In a January interview with Variety, Ratner said Evans, Toback and Roman Polanski, who was convicted of having unlawful sex with a minor in 1977, were among his "closest friends."

As I have said for weeks, there will be a flood of these coming as actors get emboldened to out their harassers.

#1 | Posted by Rightocenter at 2017-11-01 11:43 AM | Reply

Only six?

Low energy



#2 | Posted by ChiefTutMoses at 2017-11-01 12:00 PM | Reply

Six is about right.



#3 | Posted by Rightocenter at 2017-11-01 12:10 PM | Reply

Deflection noted, back on topic.

This comes on the heels of more allegations about Kevin Spacey, and supposedly new allegations about the Hollywood Pedo ring are about to drop.

The media may have ADD, but as more people get emboldened to tell their stories, this will continue to grab its attention, as it should.

All of these people (including Trump) should be held accountable.

#4 | Posted by Rightocenter at 2017-11-01 12:16 PM | Reply

You hearing any rumors or rumblings about any other big names set to fall?

Obviously you can't name names, but I'm just curious if there's a sense in the business of how deep this will go and who's likely to fall the furthest and hardest.

#5 | Posted by jpw at 2017-11-01 12:32 PM | Reply

As unfortunate as it sounds. Every man has, at one point or another, said something to a woman that has made her feel uncomfortable. Because sometimes our innate passion get the best of us.

Powerful people will use their positions of power to coerce others into having sex with them.

Just like rich people use their money, attractive people use their good looks, funny people use their sense of humor.

I don't excuse sexual assault or rape. But "harassment" can be a slippery slope

Also. There are some double standards. If an attractive guy tells a girl she's hot, she'll (most likely) feel complemented. Where as if an unattractive guy tells a girl she's hot, she may feel harassed and creeped out.

#6 | Posted by ClownShack at 2017-11-01 12:37 PM | Reply | Newsworthy 2


There are some rumblings that the heads of a couple of major agencies are on the verge of being outed, one of them for being part of a long rumored "pedo ring" that was grooming young actors and another producer that is very well known is supposedly the target of a new article that the LA Times is working on. The Trades seem content to let other outlets do their dirty work, I am friends with Matt Belloni and he refuses to talk about any of this. There will be more in the next couple of days.

Once the Agencies get sucked into this, who knows how far it will go, the agents are the slimiest of the whole lot.

#7 | Posted by Rightocenter at 2017-11-01 12:44 PM | Reply


That is a great point, and is part of the reason that I am not sure what to make of the Dustin Hoffman allegations that came out today.

It is a slippery slope and as Clown points out, it's usually the fat/ugly guys and gals that get called harassers, not the Pitts and Clooney's of Hollywood.

#8 | Posted by Rightocenter at 2017-11-01 12:47 PM | Reply

"who knows how far it will go"

Oh, I think this is on track to go big and far beyond LA. Time will tell. In the meantime, buckle up.

#9 | Posted by Gal_Tuesday at 2017-11-01 12:53 PM | Reply


Agreed, and Sacramento is next up. The LA Times, SacBee, Chron and Mercury News are churning the waters in Excremento, if that pops then DC should be very worried.

#10 | Posted by Rightocenter at 2017-11-01 01:02 PM | Reply

it's usually the fat/ugly guys and gals that get called harassers,

It could also be an age thing.

I wonder whether, when these guys were younger, if their advances on women were met more favorably than now that they're older.

Some guys may be shocked that now that they're older their advances on women aren't as welcomed.

A young guy hitting on a girl isn't as offensive as an old guy hitting on a girl.

(Again. I'm only talking about harassment and what it entails.

I'm absolutely not condoning or excusing sexual assault or rape or statutory rape.)

#11 | Posted by ClownShack at 2017-11-01 01:09 PM | Reply


Agreed, however, the "old" guys are not deterred and actually encouraged when they see their counterparts walking down the streets of Beverly Hills with some 20 something gold digger clinging to their arm wearing little or nothing except for ridiculous hooker heels and about an ounce of fabric.

When these guys were younger they were acting as interns, readers or assistants and none of these women would even look at them, now that they are much more attractive standing on their IMDB profile, they are not above exacting revenge for the real and/or perceived slights of their youth.

#12 | Posted by Rightocenter at 2017-11-01 01:22 PM | Reply

BTW, CBS and HBO just announced that they looking into harassment accusations just levied against Jeremy Piven by Ariane Bellamar, which is not surprising since Piven over the years has also developed quite the "reputation" around town.

#13 | Posted by Rightocenter at 2017-11-01 01:25 PM | Reply

#6 www.nbc.com

#14 | Posted by kwrx25 at 2017-11-01 02:32 PM | Reply


Exactly Clown's point...if you are Tom Brady it isn't harassment.

#15 | Posted by Rightocenter at 2017-11-01 03:37 PM | Reply

I've read some stories that academia is next.

#16 | Posted by JeffJ at 2017-11-01 03:45 PM | Reply

"At some point, I gave in and he did his thing."

That's consent, according to the Trump camp.

Maybe she'll get a dollar.

#17 | Posted by snoofy at 2017-11-01 03:50 PM | Reply

"I've read some stories that academia is next." - #16 | Posted by JeffJ at 2017-11-01 03:45 PM

Reminds me of the story...

The comely co-ed asks to see her professor ahead of his final exam. "Oh, professor, I'll do anything, ANYTHING you ask of me if only you give me a passing grade on tomorrow's final," said the co-ed.

"Anything," asked the professor.

"Oh, yes, professor," said the co-ed in her best bedroom voice. "I'll do anything!"

"You'll do anything I ask," replied the professor, making sure he understood just exactly what she was saying.

"Oh, yes, yes, YES, professor, I'll do anything you ask," assured the co-ed.

"Okay, then," replied the professor. "I want you to study."

#18 | Posted by Hans at 2017-11-01 03:53 PM | Reply | Funny: 3



#19 | Posted by JeffJ at 2017-11-01 03:59 PM | Reply

#16 where'd you read that?

#20 | Posted by jpw at 2017-11-01 04:42 PM | Reply

#16 where'd you read that?


When Will the ‘Harvey Effect' Reach Academia?

In the hypercompetitive world of higher education, many academics who face sexual harassment remain silent to avoid forfeiting a promotion or research gig.


#21 | Posted by JeffJ at 2017-11-01 04:50 PM | Reply

I've read similar pieces from a couple of other outlets.

#22 | Posted by JeffJ at 2017-11-01 04:50 PM | Reply


Wasn't doubting it, in fact it doesn't surprise me one bit as there's already been a scandal not that long ago (linked below) and I was curious to see what you've found.


#23 | Posted by jpw at 2017-11-01 09:04 PM | Reply

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