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Tuesday, October 10, 2017

The Chargers aren't alone in facing questions about their fan support. All four of California's teams are struggling with identity crises.

While the Chargers struggle in the L.A. suburb of Carson, where they are domiciled until a permanent home is completed in 2020, the Los Angeles Rams, in their second season back in Southern California, have seen home attendance fall by more than 20,000 per game since last season.

In the Bay Area, the San Francisco 49ers offer fans the chance to wait in traffic, sit in uncomfortably hot seats and watch one of the worst teams around. The state's most promising team on the field, the Oakland Raiders, is leaving soon after more than a half century in California for a glamorous new home in Las Vegas.




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Weird you'd think with all the #TakingAKnee Liberal California would support them?


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Who would have ever thought that the left would end up with custody of the NFL in the divorce of the country???

#1 | Posted by MrSilenceDogood at 2017-10-10 11:08 PM | Reply

NFL players are union workers protected by the NFL Players Association.

The ownership cartel funnels profits from the most profitable teams to the least profitable teams.

The team that finished last gets the first pick, and vice versa. Succss is punished, and failure is rewarded.

All for the good of the league.

And Congress gives them anti-trust exemption, for the good of the country.

#2 | Posted by snoofy at 2017-10-10 11:16 PM | Reply

they need Kaepernick

#3 | Posted by ichiro at 2017-10-11 03:01 AM | Reply

#1 who, you say? ingrate nazi coddlers, that's who.

#4 | Posted by ichiro at 2017-10-11 03:03 AM | Reply

The players keep getting bigger and faster and hit each other harder than players from generations past. The players are killing each other. Former players commit suicide or forbid their children to follow in their footsteps.
Until the league can find a way to play the game without scrambling brains then perhaps it's time for the fans to find another Sunday afternoon pursuit.

#5 | Posted by squinch at 2017-10-11 03:22 PM | Reply

perhaps it's time for the fans to find another Sunday afternoon pursuit.


Wouldn't it be amazing if we all had to actually talk to each other again.

#6 | Posted by Whatsleft at 2017-10-11 07:03 PM | Reply

Maybe we could learn to communicate again.

#7 | Posted by squinch at 2017-10-12 02:26 AM | Reply

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