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Friday, August 18, 2017

State prosecutors in the city of Tübingen have begun investigating whether right-wing activities took place at a farewell party for special forces in the Bundeswehr. According to research undertaken by public German radio stations Radio Bremen, NDR, ZDF and ARD, KSK troops allegedly displayed extreme right-wing behavior at a goodbye party that took place on April 27 at a shooting range near Stuttgart. The troops reportedly gave the Hitler salute, listened to right-wing extremist rock music, and also organized a pig's head toss. Slaughtered pig heads are commonly used in right-wing extremist activities due to the animal's association with the Kosher and Halal dietary restrictions for Jews and Muslims respectively.





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That's them disbanded then. They were work shy in Afganistan according to the SASR. I haven't read of a single raid the kommandoSpezialeKrafte conducted and rtheir only casualty was when their base was mortared by insurgents not in any kinetic action. They complained their ROEs were too restricted by politicians and subsequently were deployed out of the AO. The Spectator dubbed them (and Bundeswehr efforts as part of ISAF in general) "worse than useless". They're now training YPG Kurds in Northern Iraq. For the kind of investment that is made in the soldiers via their training pipeline, it's a disgrace that they are reduced to Remf duties.
It's as much a political fault as a military/strategic one. It's about the only issue I agree with Trump on. Germany, like some other NATO members are freeloading off the US security umbrella. They're allowing someone else do the heavy lifting. Inadequate utilization of specialist troops is a glaring example. Why, for example, can't they be deployed to Mali to help squelch the growing Islamist threat there ?
And now this.
Iirc, there is also an investigation by MAD into right wing penetration of the Bundeswehr in general, with Gen Gunzel's expulsion the most recent public example of their penchant for Werhmacht era ideology.

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Soon american army units will be PROMOTED for the same thing.

#2 | Posted by SpeakSoftly at 2017-08-19 03:30 PM | Reply

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