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Monday, August 07, 2017

Amazon is selling products across a wide array of categories, using a host of brands that do not exist outside the confines of amazon.com and do not make it clear that they are Amazon-made products. Trawling through over 800 trademarks that Amazon has either been awarded or applied for through the US Patent and Trademark Office, Quartz identified 19 brands that are owned by Amazon and sell products or have product pages on amazon.com.




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It's possible Amazon has other brands on its site that it hasn't yet trademarked. There are myriad companies listed on Amazon that sell products only on the site -- these companies, for example, all list the same address for an incorporation company in Delaware as their address on the USPTO's website, and appear to have no other presence on the internet. ...

It's now gotten to the point where it's quite easy to pay Amazon three times in one order: for shipping, which you get access to through Prime, and for a product that's actually just an Amazon-made product. And it's possible to imagine a time when your clothes, your food, your TV shows, your gadgets and your furniture are all made and sold by the same company: Amazon.


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I thought they were pretty open about it. I'm fine with this. Why wouldn't they do it if they could?

#1 | Posted by BruceBanner at 2017-08-07 09:59 PM | Reply

Ah, the illusion of consumer freedom.
It's a cornerstone of a few mythologies around here.

#2 | Posted by snoofy at 2017-08-08 01:45 AM | Reply

I buy all my electronic components from amazon. I thought they all come from china. I saw some the other days that cost $0.00 with free shipping for prime customers. Let's see someone have a lower price than that.

#3 | Posted by kudzu at 2017-08-08 10:28 AM | Reply

IT will get too successful and the liberals will break it up. That's going to be the time to start a competing company..

#4 | Posted by boaz at 2017-08-08 11:53 AM | Reply | Funny: 1

IT will get too successful and the liberals will break it up. That's going to be the time to start a competing company..


Boaz loves monopolies? Good little useful idiot for the Republicans.

#5 | Posted by Sycophant at 2017-08-08 02:05 PM | Reply

Actually, I don't like monopolies, I think it should be broken up. Like the cable companies..

#6 | Posted by boaz at 2017-08-08 07:18 PM | Reply

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