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Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Joe Scarborough has left the party.

The "Morning Joe" host and former Republican congressman announced on "The Late Show" Tuesday that he's leaving the GOP.

"I am a Republican but I'm not going to be a Republican anymore," Scarborough told host Stephen Colbert. "I've got to become an Independent."

Colbert opened the segment by asking Scarborough why Republicans still support President Trump.

"I think it's inexplicable. This is well before Donald Trump was elected President that my party has betrayed its core values. I remember back in December of 2015 when Donald Trump supported the Muslim ban. I said on the air, ‘It's very simple. It's black and white. I could never vote for anybody in my party who said they were going to ban people because of the god they worship,'" Scarborough said.




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"It was disturbing through the entire campaign. In February, when he talked about David Duke and pretended he didn't know who David Duke was and didn't know what the Klu Klux Klan did. You didn't have Republicans coming out, saying ‘I can never support Donald Trump because he's racist.' They had 1,000 other excuses why. "Time and time and time again, they turned the other way. And they're doing the same thing now and it's actually disgusting. You have to ask yourself what exactly is the Republican Party willing to do. How far are they willing to go? How much of this country and its values are they willing to sell out?"


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How far are they willing to go? How much of this country and its values are they willing to sell out?

How much you got?

#1 | Posted by bored at 2017-07-11 10:18 PM | Reply | Newsworthy 1

He will not be missed.

#4 | Posted by snoofy at 2017-07-11 11:19 PM | Reply


Truth hurts, as someone here points out daily.

#5 | Posted by leftcoastlawyer at 2017-07-11 11:22 PM | Reply

"I've got to become an Independent."

Funny it took him so long. Finding a Republican after Trump will soon be like finding a GW voter after Iraq. Half the party calls themselves Indies now, but they still vote Republican. S'trewth!

#6 | Posted by Corky at 2017-07-11 11:24 PM | Reply

TIL that Scarborough remained a "card carrying Republican" after his congressional career ended at the turn of the century. Possibly Scarborough can link up with Jon Huntsman and Joe Lieberman to tout the "No Labels" club.

A humorous blurb from his bio:
Scarborough said he was not likely to run for office as he believes he can have more influence over public policy as the host of Morning Joe than as a U.S. Senator.

#7 | Posted by GOnoles92 at 2017-07-12 12:12 AM | Reply

I'm not surprised. I really used to enjoy Morning Joe, but a seismic shift was taking place during the election cycle. My wife, a Democrat who only watched from time to time, noticed it before I did. "They're sleeping together." was her first comment on the show. I told her that they were both married but not to each other and she said "Maybe so, but look at how he has started deferring to her and has shifted his position on some topics to align with her views." Honestly, I hadn't noticed...so I started paying closer attention and as she is with so many other things, my wife was right. The first thing I noticed was that Scarborough no longer gave her grief for her snarky, sneering attitude toward things she deemed to be beneath her elevated stature. The show is almost entirely unwatchable now. Regardless of what might be happening in the world, the first 30 minutes every morning are just Trump bashing. I swear to God, if Mt. Rainier erupted and buried Seattle, Morning Joe wouldn't cover it until 6:30.

#8 | Posted by MUSTANG at 2017-07-12 09:38 AM | Reply

same with me....used to watch all the time but now just when there's something else breaking....

and this guy left a long time ago in reality......so nice that he "announces" this on delbert's show....he's like a

member of colbert's lapdog audience....laugh and clap when the sign comes on...and be one of the 'cool kids".......another example of why Pavlov and his

dogs were included in the first education class.

#9 | Posted by afkabl2 at 2017-07-12 11:10 AM | Reply

Thanks, Kudzu.

Now I don't gotta post it.

But it equally apples to her "husband".

#11 | Posted by TedBaxter at 2017-07-12 11:50 AM | Reply

My oh my has our moral compass slipped.

Thanks multiculturalism.

#12 | Posted by Prolix247 at 2017-07-12 04:53 PM | Reply

You aren't smart enough to read it, babbles.

#15 | Posted by Alexandrite at 2017-07-12 06:56 PM | Reply | Funny: 1 | Newsworthy 2



and that's the last time I"m going to post that....being on the same cesspool level as kudzu smells.

#17 | Posted by afkabl2 at 2017-07-12 07:31 PM | Reply

My oh my has our moral compass slipped.
Thanks multiculturalism.

#12 | POSTED BY PROLIX247 AT 2017-07-12 04:53 PM | FLAG:

What are you babbling about? I am not sure what sort of moral compass is impeded in its function by the awareness of and respect for different cultures, but I am pretty sure it won't guide you anywhere pleasant.

#18 | Posted by DirkStruan at 2017-07-12 08:27 PM | Reply

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