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Thursday, April 20, 2017

Alphabet Inc.'s Google is planning to introduce an ad-blocking feature in the mobile and desktop versions of its popular Chrome web browser, according to people familiar with the company's plans. The ad-blocking feature, which could be switched on by default within Chrome, would filter out certain online ad types deemed to provide bad experiences for users as they move around the web. ... Unacceptable ad types would be those recently defined by the Coalition for Better Ads, an industry group that released a list of ad standards in March. According to those standards, ad formats such as pop-ups, auto-playing video ads with sound and "prestitial" ads with countdown timers are deemed to be "beneath a threshold of consumer acceptability."





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Newspaper ads are useful, TV ads are a tremendous waste of time cured by the DVR, many internet ads are over the top in your face should be illegal. They are beyond annoying, aggravating, pesky and vexatious. They are also the whole point of Windows 10 being free.

#1 | Posted by nutcase at 2017-04-20 03:40 PM | Reply

I'm sure the ads at the beginning of alphabet inc. owned YouTube will still be allowed.

I'm a huge google fan (first in my neighborhood with google fiber) but I'll stick with Adblock thanks.

#2 | Posted by TaoWarrior at 2017-04-20 03:51 PM | Reply | Newsworthy 1

Tao, same. Except for my phone. Adblock for android is a bit clunky.

Doesn't work on carrier network, only on WiFi connection. And that is only after you set the WiFi to use the local host proxy. Then SMS doesn't work. Bleh.

#3 | Posted by Lohocla at 2017-04-20 04:06 PM | Reply

Don't know about android since my company decided to go all apple I haven't had an android smartphone since my galaxy S2. I don't use Adblock on my phone because the apps we are allowed to download are limited, I'm just glad they let me get chrome instead of crappy safari.

#4 | Posted by TaoWarrior at 2017-04-20 04:13 PM | Reply

And how would we have this wonderful site if not for ads?

Look I see 7 advertising/tracker plugins on the site right now. Honestly 3 of them are Google's.

If I go to my favorite example of more isn't actually more - weather.com - I get 32 to 36 that load every time. The site is complete garbage because even on a spectacular connections, with a 6th gen i7, 16 GB RAM, SSD drives and a good video card it takes 20-30+ seconds to load at times. Honestly that site doesn't even load at work half the time. There is an ad blocker in use on our firewall that eliminates some of the "ad" sites like Google is aiming to do and a user has no control over that...

#5 | Posted by GalaxiePete at 2017-04-20 04:43 PM | Reply

I'm sure it won't block any ads that Google has actually sold.

#6 | Posted by Whatsleft at 2017-04-20 04:53 PM | Reply | Newsworthy 2

Sooo... google is going to put an ad blocker in its popular browser.

The next step is selling "certifications" to advertisers who want to bypass the blocker, providing their ads meet certain minimum requirements.

In other words, google is trying to monetize, i.e., charge the advertisers additionally for, the vetting process that google should already be performing as part of the google ad network.

More revenue for google, ads for users of google's chrome browser. win-win!


#7 | Posted by LampLighter at 2017-04-20 07:09 PM | Reply | Newsworthy 1

#7 - nothing keeps out the riff-raff like a cover charge!

#8 | Posted by kudzu at 2017-04-21 07:38 AM | Reply

Google is starting to overreach but unfortunately this is the nature when you become such a powerful company. Their origins completely go against ad blocking but they have gotten to the point where people want them to be their nannies. The only real problem with this is that Google is going to be blocking legit means of money making from organizations, and it is easy to predict that, if it impacts enough businesses, it will become a legal issue and THAT is when we all suffer for it.

#9 | Posted by humtake at 2017-04-21 11:09 AM | Reply

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