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Friday, April 21, 2017

Ars Technica: From the slimy backs of a South Indian frog comes a new way to blast influenza viruses. A compound in the frog's mucus -- long known to have germ-killing properties -- can latch onto flu virus particles and cause them to burst apart, researchers report in Immunity. The peptide is a potent and precise killer, able to demolish a whole class of flu viruses while leaving other viruses and cells unharmed. But scientists don't know exactly how it pulls off the viral eviscerations. No other antiviral peptide of its ilk seems to work the same way. The study authors, led by researchers at Emory University, note that the peptide appears uniquely non-toxic -- something that can't be said of many other frog-based compounds. Thus, the peptide on its own holds promise of being a potential therapy someday. But simply figuring out how it works could move researchers closer to a vaccine or therapy that could take out all flus, ditching the need for yearly vaccinations for each season's flavor of flu.





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We need to preserve all life and environment on earth. But Capitalists don't care.

#1 | Posted by nutcase at 2017-04-21 08:56 AM | Reply

Now, Bobby, you're sick, so I don't want you staying in bed and resting. Go outside and play with slimy frogs.

Oh, Mom...

#2 | Posted by cbob at 2017-04-21 09:13 AM | Reply

Feed a cold, frog slime the flu.

#3 | Posted by LEgregius at 2017-04-21 09:26 AM | Reply | Funny: 1

#1 | Posted by nutcase

That's not fair. I consider myself a capitalist (but I see the need for socialism as well) and I do care. I do agree that people who believe in unfettered capitalism don't care. Many are self described "Libertarians". I think corporations and people need controls put on them to prevent abuse of power as well as economic and ecological disaster.

#4 | Posted by GalaxiePete at 2017-04-21 11:15 AM | Reply

On topic - that is very cool and I do agree with Nutcase. We need to step up environmental preservation. ESPECIALLY in the oceans and rain forests of the world. They just described 50 new species of spider in Australia. Including one that size of your head that dives under water and can stay there up to 4 hours. There is a lot to be learned from niche species and environments and we need to preserve them.

#5 | Posted by GalaxiePete at 2017-04-21 11:18 AM | Reply

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