Thursday, March 08, 2018

Anti-immigration Czech President attacks press

The pro-Russian, pro-Chinese and anti-immigration leader criticized journalists and opponents as he was sworn in for a second and final term. The 73-year-old Zeman may become even more outspoken as his career closes.

In his address, Zeman took up where he had left off during the campaign with an attack on the Czech public broadcaster for giving too much coverage to the TOP 09 conservative party and more generally "manipulation" by liberal outlets. TOP 09 European parliamentarian Jiri Pospisil left in protest, writing later on Twitter, "It's sad that Milos Zeman can't stop himself from attacking those with different viewpoints."...

Zeman also spoke out against the Hospodarske Noviny newspaper and Respect magazine. ...

He won re-election in January with a 51.5 percent share of the vote, during a campaign dominated by security issues and immigration.


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