Thursday, March 08, 2018

Trump is Our Rob Ford

For all of the alleged gains in profitability, globalization has not been a win-win, as its apologists argue. Internationally, the richest five percent of people receive one-third of all global income, as much as the poorest 80%. The wise "experts" take their best shots at Trump, regurgitating the contradictions, hypocrisies, beliefs unsupported by evidence. They go blue in the face winning every argument by every measure. But, like Canada's Rob Ford, the President refuses to quit. He plays to the people in the back rows of the peanut gallery. Even if his policies do nothing to improve their lives, Trump's supporters hang with him. His support base never drops below 35-40%. Imagine if the economy continues to grow, if Mueller's investigation has no "smoking gun" that leads to impeachment, or that the Democrats simply fail to convey a convincing case as to why they should run the government? What happens then?


This possibility is painful to ponder but increasingly likely unless Democrats come up with a realistic progressive plan. His is actually difficult because most people in both parties are hypnotized by our alleged exceptionalism, which is a falsehood. Democrats must do more than whine about 2016.


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