Tuesday, March 06, 2018

Western Propaganda

In a propaganda system, an objective is to render the messaging invisible by rendering it ubiquitous within the culture. But people that live outside a predominant culture quickly see through its ideology. with alternative opinions. When it comes to foreign relations, American and western aid would only be given on the condition that the borrowers accepted the tenets of a manipulable electoral system and vowed to establish the legal structures required to fully realize a western market economy. These demands were supplemented with notion of the individual rights to be free of oppression, some fine rhetoric about women and minorities, and more quietly, a judicial understanding that corporations were people, too. The concepts of humans and markets are reduced to "free-market democracy," a misleading conceit that conflates individual freedom with the economic freedom of capital to exploit labor.


The neoliberal economic model of deregulation, downsizing, and privatization was preached by the Reagan-Thatcher junta, liberalized by the Clinton regime, temporarily given a bad name by the unhinged Bush administration, and saved by telegenic restoration of the Obama years. The ideology that underlay the model saturated academia, notably at the University of Chicago.

Proponents of neoliberalism recognize that the state is the last bulwark of protection for the common people against the predations of capital. The crux of neoliberalism is to eliminate democratic government by downsizing, privatizing, and deregulating it. It is false doctrine.


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"The notion of inception, of hatching an idea in the mind of a man or woman without his or her knowledge, is the kernel of propaganda, a black art practiced in the States since the First World War. Today we live beneath an invisible cultural hegemony, a set of ideas implanted in the mass mind by the U.S. state and its corporate media over decades. Invisibility seems to happen when something is either obscure or ubiquitous. In a propaganda system, an overarching objective is to render the messaging invisible by universalizing it within the culture. "

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First, as an economic basket case, a condition often engineered by the West in what is sometimes called, "creating facts on the ground." By sanctioning the target economy, Washington can "make the economy scream," to using war criminal Henry Kissinger's elegant phrasing. Iran, Syria, and Venezuela are relevant examples here. Second, the West funds violent opposition to the government, producing unrest, often violent riots of the kind witnessed in Dara, Kiev, and Caracas. The goal is either to capsize a tottering administration or provoke a violent crackdown, at which point western embassies and institutions will send up simultaneously cries of tyranny and brutality and insist the leader step aside. Libya, Syria, and Venezuela are instructive in this regard. Third, the country will be pressured to accept some sort of military fettering thanks to either a false flag or manufactured hysteria over some domestic program, such as the WMD restrictions on Iraq, chemical weapons restrictions on Syria, or the civilian nuclear energy restrictions on Iran. Given that the U.S. traffics in WMDs, bioweapons, and nuclear energy itself, insisting others forsake all of these is perhaps little more than racially motivated despotry. But significant fear mongering in the international media will provide sufficient moral momentum to ram through sanctions, resolutions, and inspection regimes with little fanfare.

Equipped with new knowledge, people might stage an inception of their own, cracking open the cultural hegemony and reshaping its mythos in a more humane direction.

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people might stage an inception of their own

What people?

American people???

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There wouldn't be fake-news if American people didn't love swallowing it hook, line and sinker.

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Fake-news is part of the inception J_Tremain.... See it's working on you.... #3 explains it well though.

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Isn't that why the military insist on embedded journalists only and limit the troops to Fox news only? To create only the very best propagandists.

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Another progressive kryptonite thread.

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