Monday, March 05, 2018

Russia influence over U.S. policy—and incoming President?

This memo, which did not surface publicly with the others, is shorter than the rest, and is based on one source, described as "a senior Russian official.": people were saying that the Kremlin had intervened to block Trump's initial choice for Secretary of State, Mitt Romney. (During Romney's run for the White House in 2012, he was notably hawkish on Russia, calling it the single greatest threat to the U.S.) The memo said that the Kremlin,had asked Trump to appoint someone who would be prepared to lift Ukraine-related sanctions, and who would coöperate on security issues of interest to Russia, such as the conflict in Syria.


This is not a republican vs. democrat issue. this is a perfect example of the criminal oligarch cancer that has infected every aspect of global politics. there is no russian government that operates as it is normally accepted for a government to operate. In trump, putin sees a kindred spirit and i think that the past year or so has been proof that he is correct.


"This is not a republican vs. democrat issue."

Well, most Republicans are defending the Trump administration and their relationship with the Russians. Most Democrats are criticizing and investigating such collusion. Thus, yes it is a Republicans vs. Democratic issue. Shouldn't be, it should be a Trump administration vs. America issue but, unfortunately, because of right wing media, even collusion with Russians is defended if committed by a Republican President. Democrats are just the only last standing objectors to open treason.

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