Friday, February 23, 2018

Russia weaponized NRA to attack America

WASHINGTON The FBI is investigating whether a top Russian banker with ties to the Kremlin illegally funneled money to the National Rifle Association to help Donald Trump win the presidency, two sources familiar with the matter have told McClatchy. FBI counterintelligence investigators have focused on the activities of Alexander Torshin, the deputy governor of Russia's central bank who is known for his close relationships with both Russian President Vladimir Putin and the NRA, the sources said. It is illegal to use foreign money to influence federal elections.


Russia has worked to create ties with both the NRA and Evangelicals. Notice, too, what Rohrabacher says about Torshin:

Last February when Torshin visited Washington, Rockefeller heir and conservative patron George O'Neill Jr. hosted a fancy four-hour dinner for the banker on Capitol Hill, an event that drew Rohrabacher, Erickson and other big names on the right. Rohrabacher has labeled Torshin as "conservatives' favorite Russian," Torshin was in Washington at the time to lead his country's delegation to the National Prayer Breakfast, where Trump spoke. The banker also was slated to see the presidentat a meet-and-greet event prior to a White House breakfast, but Torshin's invitation was canceled after the White House learned of his alleged mob connections, Yahoo News reported.

#1 | Posted by Gal_Tuesday at 2018-02-23 10:38 PM

Finally tying it all together I see ....

#2 | Posted by AndreaMackris at 2018-02-24 12:09 AM

Damn, they couldn't leave the NRA out of their investigation. that would be anti-lib.

#3 | Posted by Sniper at 2018-02-24 11:26 AM

Russia is the new Obama.

Thanks Russia.

#4 | Posted by sentinel at 2018-02-24 07:20 PM

How could the NRA be this unAmerican?

#5 | Posted by Tor at 2018-02-24 08:54 PM

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