Monday, February 05, 2018

Twitter/Craigslist Founders Back Fact-Checking Startup

Factmata Company aims to use artificial intelligence to weed out fake news By Jeremy Kahn Twitter Inc. co-founder Biz Stone and Craigslist Inc. co-founder Craig Newmark are investing in London-based fact-checking startup Factmata, the company said Thursday. It declined to disclose either the amount of the investment or the valuation of the deal. "It's critical for societal progress to proactively address misinformation," Stone said in a statement provided by Factmata. He said the company is "approaching the issue with exactly the right combination of big thinking, focus, and cutting-edge science."


Factmata aims to use artificial intelligence to help social media companies, publishers and advertising networks weed out fake news, propaganda and clickbait. The company says its technology can also help detect online bullying and hate speech. ...

Factmata is using natural language processing to assess the actual words, including the logic being used, whether assertions are backed up by facts and whether those facts are attributed to reputable sources.

Factmata is planning to launch its own news service later this year. "We want this to be a news platform that is enjoyable and the best place to read news on the internet," Ghulati said. He said he doubts people will use Facebook as their main source of news in five to 10 years.


The opposite of Factmata would be Trump twitter and Trump Media.

#1 | Posted by Corky at 2018-02-04 04:55 PM


#2 | Posted by Tor at 2018-02-04 05:01 PM

Any fact checking group that isn't run by breitbart dones or russian puppets is going to be attacked as part of a left wing conspiracy.

Idiots say the parties are the same, but only one of them requires attacking provable facts, science, economics, and history as lies to justify their ideology.

#3 | Posted by SpeakSoftly at 2018-02-05 06:52 PM

Trumphumpers insist Snopes is untrustworthy.

Why should we expect this to be different?

Factsmata will say Trump is lying, Kelly Anne is lying, Sara Saddlebags-Huckabee is lying, Gen Kelly is lying and Trumphumpers will cry FAKE NEWS!!!

#4 | Posted by oldwhiskeysour at 2018-02-05 07:52 PM

If you live in a country, you are being misled in ways that suits that country.

#5 | Posted by bayviking at 2018-02-05 09:06 PM

If you live in a country with a government of, by, and for the People, you have a right to expect better... but only if you as a People exercise that right rationally by doing your civic duty and voting en masse in the best interests of the country as a whole.

#6 | Posted by Corky at 2018-02-05 09:39 PM

When fact checking Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity, you realize there aren't any.

#7 | Posted by 726 at 2018-02-06 06:53 AM

No matter how hard you try and how much you know, the march to war of aggression always begins with lies.

No one in the world is more knowledgeable about politics and propaganda systems than Noam Chomsky. An outspoken opponent of U.S. involvement in the Vietnam War, which he saw as an act of American imperialism, in 1967 Chomsky attracted widespread public attention for his anti-war essay "The Responsibility of Intellectuals". Associated with the New Left, he was arrested multiple times for his activism and placed on President Richard Nixon's Enemies List.

Chomsky invented linguistics science and co-developed the propaganda model. The propaganda model is a conceptual model in political economy advanced with Edward S. Herman to explain how propaganda and systemic biases function in mass media. The model seeks to explain how populations are manipulated and how consent for economic, social, and political policies is "manufactured" in the public mind due to this propaganda. The theory posits that the way in which news is structured (e.g. through advertising, concentration of media ownership, government sourcing) creates an inherent conflict of interest that acts as propaganda for undemocratic forces.

#8 | Posted by bayviking at 2018-02-06 06:54 AM

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