Thursday, January 11, 2018

Bardella: Inside Steve Bannon's ‘Fight Club'

I met Steve Bannon for the first time in September 2013 at the so-called Breitbart Embassy on Capitol Hill in Washington. I had spent the better part of the previous seven years working for Republican members of Congress before making the leap to start my own public relations firm. Like anyone starting a business, I was eager to find clients. In Breitbart I had a media platform at my disposal to attract a stable. Before that meeting, I had never met or even heard of Steve, and so I approached it with an open mind. But as I would come to learn over the course of two years working with him closely, his character and temperament made his stunning fall over the past few days inevitable. In that first meeting, Steve described his ambitious vision for Breitbart. He wanted to seize on the social media revolution to create a central digital destination for conservatives.


I thought this was really fascinating. One of the more interesting inside views I have read in a while. An inside view of Breitbart by someone was there during the heyday when it was turning into Bannon's war machine. Regardless of whether you are liberal or conservative, this piece is very enlightening about we got to where we are today.


Don't approach this article with the mind set of agreeing or disagreeing with it. Approach the article with the mind set that it will give you a clearer perspective of our current state of affairs.

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