Thursday, January 04, 2018

Penis-Whitening Laser Procedure Goes Viral in Thailand

A Thai clinic more used to promoting cosmetic surgeries such as breast augmentation on its social media channels has gone viral for a less well-known procedure to change the pigmentation of the skin on the penis.

A Facebook post written by an employee of Bangkok's Lelux Hospital promoting the procedure has received nearly 20,000 shares and more than 10,000 comments, mostly baffled or bemused, often tagging another person.

The video uploaded with the post showed a man lying on a clinic's table as the doctor seemingly performed the laser procedure and had been viewed more than 4 million times by Thursday.


"No pain, no need to recover," read the post written by Atittayapa Photiya, a clinic employee who had previously successfully sparked social media conversations about another of the clinic's procedures, the so-called 3-D Vagina.

That procedure involved injecting a patient's own fat into the mons pubis to achieve a more pronounced, plumper look. Photiya also posted about a laser whitening procedure for female genitalia, although that post was shared less widely.

While in some parts of the world beauty standards push people to seek a tanned look, in other countries such as Thailand the trend is to make one's skin look whiter, either via laser procedures or skin products.

Several of these have caused controversy, including stirring accusations of promoting racism, such as a January 2016 commercial featuring a slogan "Whiteness makes you win," as The Guardian reported at the time.

The Lelux Hospital in Bangkok began offering the penis-whitening procedure six months ago after one of its clients complained about dark pigmentation on his groin, French news agency Agence France-Presse reported. It has since performed the procedure on dozens of patients.


I'd like to congratulate Mackris for posing for the Before and After drawings. I understand she'll also be modeling the woman's procedure. Sorta of a two-fer. ;o)

Trump can't wait to grab the 3D version.

#1 | Posted by Corky at 2018-01-04 07:11 PM

i need that.

#2 | Posted by ichiro at 2018-01-05 12:10 AM

White penis envy? There's a switch...

#3 | Posted by Greatamerican at 2018-01-05 02:14 AM

Hot Dog!

#4 | Posted by TrueBlue at 2018-01-05 08:44 AM

Like glow sticks at a K-Pop concert.....

#5 | Posted by HanoverFist at 2018-01-05 08:57 AM

They're doing it wrong... everyone knows white wemin love dark dongs. The darker the better.

#6 | Posted by J_Tremain at 2018-01-05 09:12 AM

It's not really the color that is associated with performance. Just the tip. I mean, "a" tip.

#7 | Posted by BruceBanner at 2018-01-05 11:44 AM

Cheaper than a hot dog with no mustard.

--Michael Louis Diamond, Adam Keefe Horovitz, Adam Nathaniel Yauch, & Rick Bilirubin

#8 | Posted by madscientist at 2018-01-05 12:03 PM

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