Thursday, December 28, 2017

Florida Man's Year in Review

How many times have you read a headline and thought: "Only in Florida"? Here are some of the crazy things that Florida Man (and sometimes Florida Woman) has done in the Sunshine State this year alone. One of them is Tony Futch, an Orlando man who tried to park his SUV while drunk. He got into 8 different crashes and hit 17 vehicles in a single lot as he attempted to park.


The missed a few, like these:
Florida Man tries to write speech in resort lobby; draws a blank
Florida Man causes traffic tie-up going to golf course
Florida Man plays golf dozens of time while claiming to be at government job
Florida Man hosts party where guests must pay to enter
Florida Man, wife separate but still live in same house
Florida Man's presence causes local businesses to close
Florida Man imports workers for his business, ignoring unemployed locals

And so man more...

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The greatest American hero

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