Wednesday, December 27, 2017

CIA Director Met Advocate of Disputed DNC Hack Theory

CIA Chief Mike Pompeo met on October 24 with William Binney, a former National Security Agency official-turned-whistleblower who co-authored an analysis published by a group of former intelligence officials that challenges the U.S. intelligence community's official assessment that Russian intelligence was behind last year's theft of data from DNC computers. Binney and the other former officials argue that the DNC data was "leaked," not hacked, "by a person with physical access" to the DNC's computer system. It is highly unorthodox for the CIA director to reach out to Binney, a 74-year-old ex-government employee and NSA whistleblower wrongfully persecuted by the government, for help with fact-finding related to the theft of the DNC emails. It is particularly stunning that Pompeo would meet with Binney at Trump's urging. Binney said, "I am quite willing to help people who need the truth to find the truth and not simply have deceptive statements from the intelligence community."


The original CIA report was created by hand picked agents in service to the directors agenda.


NutBay, this is impossible because the Intelligence Community never lies about least related to Hillary's loss. We have already dismissed this with numerous Atlantic and Slate articles.

-The Usual Suspects

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*waiting for the citation to the Nation article that quotes the Drake memo*

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little dictators and their paranoid conspiracies.

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