Sunday, December 24, 2017

1 Million in Puerto Rico Have No Power on Christmas

Days before Christmas, and three months after Hurricane Maria made landfall, parts of Puerto Rico are still without water, and over a million people are in the dark. Hundreds of residents remain in shelters, unable to return home. Schools that have been able to resume classes are still without power. But in towns around the island, residents are trying to keep holiday traditions alive, despite the circumstances.


"We are not going to have a Christmas, at least me," said Ana J. Almarante Vázquez, a resident at the shelter. "I am far away from my family, I don't have anyone else here. What good time am I going to have?"


I am thoroughly ashamed of our country. These are Americans whether that f**k Donald Trump wants to recognize them as such or not. This is unbelievable that we could ignore them in their time of peril, people are dying. This is an emergency. Personally, I will not even consider anything the Republicans do as statesmanship or leadership until they deal with the suffering AMERICANS in Puerto Rico. This is an outrage of huge proportions and hopefully will prove to the rest of America how callous Trump and the Republicans really are. They are willingly sentencing Puerto Ricans to death, I hope their evilness comes back as Karma. Because they really are evil.

#1 | Posted by danni at 2017-12-24 08:48 AM

I'm sitting here on Christmas Eve waiting for the family to wake up and cook breakfast and it occurs to me that I hope the entire world is focusing on Puerto Rich and recognizing that America is ignoring our own citizens because it might cost a few dollars. America looks like a fair weather freind today, Puerto Ricans are being ignored and it is time that we, as a nation, demand that they be rescued. As ye sew, so shall ye reap. Rememeber that America. This nation has lost its soul when it allowed Donald Trump to become President through cheating. Why do we allow cheating? Overthrow the SC, fix America.

#2 | Posted by danni at 2017-12-24 09:15 AM

Unclear why local infrastructure is responsibility of federal government.

#3 | Posted by visitor_ at 2017-12-24 09:35 AM

Unclear why local infrastructure is responsibility of federal government.

You are unclear on so many things.

#4 | Posted by oldwhiskeysour at 2017-12-24 10:19 AM

That was helpful, as always. Perhaps more helpful would be to offer what you expect the Federal government to do that they haven't. The article is an appeal to emotion.

#5 | Posted by visitor_ at 2017-12-24 11:02 AM

That was helpful, as always. Perhaps more helpful would be to offer what you expect the Federal government to do that they haven't. The article is an appeal to emotion.

#5 | Posted by visitor_ at 2017-12-24 11:02 AM | Reply | Flag:
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Yeah, God forbid the federal government do whatever it takes to actually get power restored THREE MONTHS after it was knocked out.

This is actually a mostly uplifting pictorial essay showing the durability of the human spirit -- people celebrating the holiday in spite of their circumstances. Sorry if the facts make you uncomfortable for Christmas.

#6 | Posted by cbob at 2017-12-24 11:40 AM

Unclear why local infrastructure is responsibility of federal government.

Maybe you should've paid attention in civics class.

#7 | Posted by chuffy at 2017-12-24 12:04 PM

Where are all of the "This has been the greatest response to a disaster ever/stop saying the Drumpf Admin hasn't done anything for Puerto Rico, they've done all kinds of stuff" apologists are today?

#8 | Posted by chuffy at 2017-12-24 12:06 PM

"Whatever it takes" doesn't sound very specifc or legal.

#9 | Posted by visitor_ at 2017-12-24 12:44 PM

Blatantly stolen from another posting about PR's power issues:
You are deranged if you think you can get the power back on in 3 months. I do engineering on major industrial and utility projects (albeit on the mechanical not electrical side) but I know whats required. So here is what you think can be done in 3 months.

Identify the extent of the problem. You can't just say "yup it's gone let's start over again" You actually have survey what was originally there and what is left. Are the plants operational? operational but damaged? Where can we run the new stuff etc etc etc etc the entire grid is farked but the plants seem to be ok. We now know we are going to replace everything from the plant to the house.

We can start buying stuff.

Anyone have a couple thousand miles of high tension wire laying around we can buy?
Ok, well start making some because we are going to need all you can make. Should be a couple weeks (at best) before we have even a partial amount of that...but that's ok because we still have to get rid of all the debris that are in the way of where these lines are going. That should take some time.

Oh yeah...towers. We are gonna need a shiatload of towers because well they seem to be missing. Don't bother asking, these aren't an on-the-shelf item either. Ok...takes a little pressure off the wire guy because we can't do much with wire if we can't hang them.

You: You could bury them to save time

Me: No that would require a survey of all the proposed routes to make sure you could even put them in the ground. we have the high voltage part working that should take a couple months aaannndddd fark. We have no substations left. Someone run down to the ACME transformer, breaker, and relay store and get me a couple thousand of each in various sizes. What you mean they closed? Dammit...fine order a ton of those.

What? Oh yeah were are gonna need a shiatload more poles...oh and a metric assload of distribution transformers (the ones on the poles) and insulators...and more breakers...

Fine..that should cover us on the materials.

So assuming that all of that can just magically appear, you think you can install all that crap and get it working in three months? We haven't even talked about the manpower requirement. Will just assume that we can get enough people there and house and support them with the wave of your magic wand.

Basically you are saying you can rewire the City of Chicago (pop 2.6mil) in 90 days.

I get it you want to point your ignorant rage at a guy you don't like but that is just ludicrous."

Puerto Rico's electrical grid is unlikely to be fully restored until the end of May, the head of the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers said Wednesday -- months longer than the timeline offered by the island's governor.

#10 | Posted by Avigdore at 2017-12-24 01:04 PM

Puerto Rico needs a complete overhaul of their power grid. PREPA is required to return the infrastructure to what it was before the hurricane before they can upgrade the grid, due to the rules of engagement for FEMA aid. Orange #45 and Congress could fix that in an aid package, but they want PR to suffer. The anger isn't ignorant rage at an unlikeable guy because he's not fixing the power grid fast enough. The rage is not because it takes months, maybe even years to restore and upgrade the power grid. It is clear that Congress and the POTUS don't care about Puerto Rico, and wish to punish them because of their financial situation, while simultaneously claiming that the response has been a 10 out of 10. That's what's got people angry.

#11 | Posted by chuffy at 2017-12-24 01:55 PM

They don't have power because real life doesn't work like Sim City.

#12 | Posted by visitor_ at 2017-12-24 02:30 PM

@#11 | Posted by chuffy at 2017-12-24 01:55 PM
Did you not read the actual posters who came before you?
Post #1 in this thread makes a lie of everything after your 2nd sentence.
My #10 should inform you that you're wrong in your 2nd sentence.
At least you started off with a true sentence.

#13 | Posted by Avigdore at 2017-12-24 02:35 PM

My second sentence is that "Orange #45 and Congress could fix that in an aid package, but they want PR to suffer." Post #1 pretty much says that in a different way, so you know, go pound sand.

Your #10 doesn't address that Congress and the POTUS can step in and finance an upgrade of the power grid, vs. just repairing what existed there before, so again, try to impress somebody else. I expressed an opinion, feel free to disagree. I've already been through this with you before, and I haven't changed in that your opinion won't cause me to lose any sleep.

#14 | Posted by chuffy at 2017-12-25 11:51 AM

You are right regarding sentence 2. I misread and was mistaken. Sorry for my error.

#15 | Posted by Avigdore at 2017-12-25 12:03 PM


Its called "insure domestic tranquility and promote the general welfare". GET IT NOW?

#16 | Posted by bayviking at 2017-12-25 12:38 PM

the situation in puerto rico is a crime pure and simple. the islands are a territory of the US not some banana republic. we have a responsibility to get them back on their feet. build a more reliable modern power infrastructure.

#17 | Posted by b_al at 2017-12-25 01:33 PM

Visitor and Avigdore are completely fine with people dying in Puerto Rico. We need to do whatever is necessary to fix the power grid in PR, this is part of America whether the Trumpeters want to accept that fact or not. The rest of the world watches how we treat our own citizens and thinks that our oligarchy is just so greedy that they need to pad their bank accounts more than we need to take care of our CITIZENS. They are only CITIZENS because we seized ownership of PR in the Spannish American war, they didn't ask to become Americans it was forcibly put on them. We need to rescue them or else admit that American citizenship is worth nothing. If it can happen to them it can happen to us, buy a clue fools.

#18 | Posted by danni at 2017-12-27 07:10 AM

"They don't have power because real life doesn't work like Sim City."

Tell that to NJ, to LA, to Florida. Puerto Ricans are citizens too stupid.

#19 | Posted by danni at 2017-12-27 07:13 AM

@#19 | POSTED BY DANNI AT 2017-12-27 07:13 AM
I am as ok with people dying in PR as I am with people dying in Norfolk. I'm not under the impression that people are immortal.

"We need to do whatever is necessary to fix the power grid in PR"
We are. Full stop. If you have some plan to improve the situation that the professionals haven't done, please share them. Whining and bitching about how a new infrastructure isn't, and can't be, built in 3 months isn't a plan. I understand that you both can't comprehend what it takes to perform large grade works and want very much to blame America's President, so go ahead with your ignorant blame. We understand your deficiency in this situation.

"Tell that to NJ, to LA, to Florida."
NJ, LA, & FL have not had decimated infrastucture due to years of neglect. Simple repairs are much easier and quicker than complete rebuilds.

"Puerto Ricans are citizens too stupid."
Why are you calling PR citizens too stupid?

#20 | Posted by Avigdore at 2017-12-27 07:49 AM

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