Friday, December 22, 2017

Andrew McCabe Denies the Most Amazing Thing

Yesterday, deputy FBI director Andrew (you can call him Andy if you're hanging out in his office handicapping presidential races) McCabe testified for about seven-and-a-half hours before the House Intelligence Committee But when pressed to identify what in the salacious document the bureau had actually corroborated, the sources said, McCabe cited only the fact that Trump campaign adviser Carter Page had traveled to Moscow. Beyond that, investigators said, McCabe could not even say that the bureau had verified the dossier's allegations about the specific meetings Page supposedly held in Moscow. If this is correct, then contrary to the popular anti-Trump meme that "the dossier has been validated," apparently nothing in the dossier has been verified by anyone other than Carter Page's documented trips to Russia.


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#1 | Posted by ichiro at 2017-12-22 04:40 PM

Frustrated lawmakers pressed FBI's McCabe for answers on Trump dossier. They got nothing.

On a number of occasions, when asked about what in the dossier had been corroborated by the FBI, McCabe gave answers such as -- these are not precise quotes -- I can't answer that, or I don't know how to answer that. Indeed, that was McCabe's answer when he was asked for the most important piece of information in the dossier that the FBI had been able to verify.

At one point, McCabe was reminded that another top FBI official had months ago told the House that the bureau had not been able to corroborate the dossier. McCabe's response was noncommittal.

After the questioning established that McCabe would not verify any substantive allegation in the dossier, he was asked if he stood by its veracity. McCabe said he did.

And that was the gist of the questioning on the dossier. McCabe never claimed the FBI had verified the substantive allegations in the dossier, but he also never said the FBI had not been able to verify the dossier's explosive allegations, either.

#2 | Posted by Gal_Tuesday at 2017-12-22 09:56 PM

Silly, stupid thread.

But...consider the source(s).


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