Friday, December 01, 2017

Waffle House Customer Cooks While Employee Sleeps

On his way home after a few drinks with friends early Thursday morning, [Alex] Bowen, 36, stopped by his local Waffle House. "It was around 3 a.m. I was pretty inebriated," admitted Bowen. ... He stood at the register for 10 minutes, waiting for someone to take his order. Bowen even went outside to look for an employee, and then went back in. "That's when I got hot on the grill with a Texas bacon cheesesteak melt," said Bowen. He cooked his go-to meal and even cleaned up when he was done. While he was cooking, he saw the one employee who was fast asleep. "[The employee] didn't wake up the entire time. And no one came inside the restaurant," said Bowen.


All Star breakfast any time of the day.

2 eggs over easy
Hash browns-smothered, covered, chunked, % diced.
Waffle with 2 tabs of butter and 1/3 bottle of syrup
& 2 Tums

#1 | Posted by bogey1355 at 2017-12-01 04:26 PM

Best meal served at the Awful House that day...

#2 | Posted by catdog at 2017-12-01 04:40 PM

Texas bacon cheesesteak melt

He should step in front of a bus and get it over with. This method of suicide will waste time and bacon.

#3 | Posted by BluSky at 2017-12-01 10:37 PM

No tip.

#4 | Posted by morris at 2017-12-02 07:23 PM

Best customer ever.

#5 | Posted by Tor at 2017-12-02 09:20 PM

Waffle House is a fine place to eat. You know what always cracks me up? The order-taker will stand 3 feet away from the cook, and shout the order out loud enough to be heard across the street. I always ask them why they do that, and they don't know, 'it's the way waffle house wants us to do it', is all they say.

#6 | Posted by kudzu at 2017-12-03 09:11 AM

When I first read the headline, I thought the Customer was the object cooking rather than the customer cooking a meal.

#7 | Posted by Sycophant at 2017-12-03 10:33 AM

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