Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Trump to Allow Import of African Elephant Trophies

The Trump administration is reversing an Obama administration ban on bringing to the United States the heads of elephants killed in two African countries.


god I hate trumptlians


Yeah his son is a big game trophy hunter who likes to kill endangered animal.

the whole family is a piece of crap

#1 | Posted by PunchyPossum at 2017-11-16 12:17 AM

---- Trump.

---- Republicans.

---- Trophy Hunting.

You want to kill an animal to be cool?

Let's see you do it with your bare hands.

#2 | Posted by ClownShack at 2017-11-16 12:20 AM

That turns my stomach. We're destroying everything.

#3 | Posted by SheepleSchism at 2017-11-16 12:23 AM

Seriously, ---- Trump

#4 | Posted by truthhurts at 2017-11-16 12:25 AM

I mean, Seriously, ---- Trump with a knotted pine

#5 | Posted by truthhurts at 2017-11-16 12:27 AM

President Trump supports having the disembodied head of his party's symbol imported and mounted on walls.

So much winning!

#6 | Posted by TrueBlue at 2017-11-16 12:31 AM

Trump is a monster. There is no possible excuse for this. Where are his supporters to tell us that this is what "winning" is all about? Those a******s won't show their faces here because even those pathetic idiots can't defend this so they'll just pretend they don't see this. Cowards!

#7 | Posted by danni at 2017-11-16 06:17 AM

It's bad gris-gris to kill for pleasure. I used to hunt deer, turkey and such for meat in the freezer but I came to an understanding that I didn't need to do that to survive so I quit. If it came to a point that I actually had to take like that from nature I would, but not until that time.

Trophy hunters are some of the biggest cowards.

#8 | Posted by lfthndthrds at 2017-11-16 06:51 AM

"The Fish and Wildlife Service (FWS) said it has determined the hunting African elephants in Zimbabwe and Zambia "will enhance the survival of the species in the wild," which is the standard by which officials judge whether to allow imports of parts of the animals, known as trophies."

I bet Trump put a lobbyist in charge...

or not

#9 | Posted by sitzkrieg at 2017-11-16 07:04 AM

"will enhance the survival of the species in the wild,"

Of course.... and it enhances someone's wallet at the same time.

#10 | Posted by lfthndthrds at 2017-11-16 07:15 AM

It does both. If the animals don't have value they're killed off by locals. Reality is harsh. Eco-tourism doesn't bring in the dollars like shooting them for chinese ----- powder.

#11 | Posted by sitzkrieg at 2017-11-16 07:32 AM

"What kind of message does it send to say to the world that poor Africans who are struggling to survive cannot kill elephants in order to use or sell their parts to make a living, but that it's just fine for rich Americans to slay the beasts for their tusks to keep as trophies?"

#12 | Posted by truthhurts at 2017-11-16 12:28 PM

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