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#13 & 14 ~ there is a difference between a ghetto & a slum; the former has to to with like races congregating into a neighborhood, and the latter with poverty, sometimes extreme. (High end neighborhoods can be called ghettos.)

The problem is that it is white people who segregated themselves out of the inner cities and then prevented even affluent blacks from joining them. Research "block-busting":

Until 1956, brokers were expected to follow the code of ethics set forth by the National Association of Real Estate Boards: Don't try to sell houses in white neighborhoods to black homebuyers. Full stop.

For more than 30 years, the code read: "A realtor should never be instrumental in introducing into a neighborhood a character of property or occupancy, members of any race or nationality, or any individuals whose presence will clearly be detrimental to property values in that neighborhood."

Such an ethics code helped white homeowners to preserve their all-white neighborhoods in the face of change, especially in the North and West over the course of the Great Migration. Only in 1948, with the Supreme Court's decision in Shelly v. Kraemer, were states prohibited from enforcing these restrictive covenants.
"Blockbusting" emerged as a result. Mortgage brokers who had previously served as the gatekeepers of racial segregation became profiteering agents of racial transition. Through blockbusting, brokers intentionally stoked fears of racial integration and declining property values in order to push white homeowners to sell at a loss. Real-estate agents were profiting coming and going: They were cheating whites, who were selling their homes at below-market rates, and they were cheating blacks, who were buying these homes at above-market rates.

The practice of blockbusting has been illegal since the Fair Housing Act of 1968. Yet racial segregation remains a "defining feature of American cities."


So tell me again who it is that is "self segregating"

Forty Percent of Non-Citizens Live in U.S. on Expired Visitor, Student Visas

These folks came here legally, but didn't leave when they were supposed to. How are you going to fix that with a fence?

To say "When racism ends" is a fallicy[sic], there's racism on both sides.

You continue to misuse the word "racism". There is a difference between racism and prejudice. Hate does not equal racism.

According to Webster, racism is "a belief that race is the primary determinant of human traits and capacities and that racial differences produce an inherent superiority of a particular race". I don't know any black people who posit that black people are inherently superior to whites. On the other hand, I know (and have known) many white people who assert that whites are inherently superior to blacks (a few of them post. It is whites who moved to the suburbs to get away from blacks and took all the money and jobs with them. It was whites who burned crosses on the lawns of affluent blacks who tried to join them there.

Many blacks are angry about not only the way blacks are treated in America today, but about the historical violence that has been directed against blacks for the entire history of this country. There is no corresponding story of how blacks have "mistreated" white people. That's because they have no power to do so. "Racism" without the power to exclude others, is merely opinion with no real ability to affect the "other".

And people don't just forget how they have been historically treated by others. Jews don't forget the holocaust, Armenians don't forget the genocide "allegedly" committed against them by the Turks. Any serious reading of history will show that people never "just forget" their mistreatment at the hands of others.

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