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A lion does not share his kills with the rest of the Pride, nor does the Pride expect him to. And this isn't a bad thing. It ensures that the fittest live while the weakest die. And if 10% of lions were hunting for the other 90%, what's that going to do to the health of the pride?

#272 | Posted by madbomber

Lions are cats, not primates. Primate societies, especially the Great Apes (including h. sapiens) are far more sophisticated than a pride of lions. Do you know anything about bonobos?

"An international team of researchers has sequenced the genome of the bonobo for the first time, confirming that it shares the same percentage of its DNA with us as chimps do. ... we share about 99% of our DNA." news.sciencemag.org

"Marked by their kindness to strangers, bonobos are helping scientists solve the mystery of a particularly human quality: our altruistic nature."

"It's a cruel irony, then, that the very bonobos that are shedding light on how our humanity toward others arose are the orphans of mothers killed by, you guessed it, humans." news.nationalgeographic.com

...but I don't suppose that has anything to do with "nature".

You highlight a key "conservative" belief: that life is supposed to be hard and only the fittest are supposed to survive. That is not the basis for the US Constitution, no matter how hard you wish it to be. Also, most "conservatives" in the US identify with Christianity, which also rejects "survival of the fittest" as being unworthy of salvation "...as ye have done unto the least of these...".

I fail to see the moral or scientific justification for such a position.

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