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Sunday, January 17, 2016

On Monday, January 11, Arch Coal Inc. officially filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy, after months of speculation about the company's high debt load. Arch joins other coal companies that have declared bankruptcy over the last year including Walter Energy and Alpha Natural Resources. At the end of the third quarter, Arch's debt amounted to $5.1 billion. The company plans to eliminate $4.5 billion in debt through reorganization. Arch is also responsible for $640 million in reclamation bonds -- which "guarantee" the company's ability to pay for the clean-up (reclamation) of its mines. read more

Monday, January 11, 2016

BURNS, OREGON -- Grandfather of four Robert Saunders says he was just out to check on some young burrowing owls at the crack of dawn this morning when he was confronted by a "red-faced pudgy man with a big gun".

And things got physical when Saunders refused the barked orders to halt and identify himself.

But it wasn't the retired teacher who ended up on the ground.

"Well heck, one second he was warming his hands by this kind of puny little fire and the next second he was running at me and shouting to get down on the ground," Saunders told reporters gathered near the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge.

"Made me mad really. It's public property and here this guy is acting all big and tough and pushy."

"I don't swear much at all but I told him to screw right off and that made him really angry. He started yelling right into my face -- his breath was…pee you…smelled like beer and maybe salami sausages or something." read more

Thursday, December 24, 2015

All elections are decided by turnout, but given how closely divided the American electorate is, the 2016 Presidential election is even more sensitive than the norm to turnout. 2016 will be decided by which party has the candidate that can accomplish three things: generate enthusiasm from their own base, add new members to that base, and doesn't inspire the other side's base to turn out in opposition.

Wednesday, December 23, 2015

One of the best-known lightning rods in the Arizona Legislature will now help shape the future of education.

Allen is best known for her controversial public comments over the years. During a legislative hearing in 2009, she said the Earth is 6,000 years old, a belief held by "Young Earth" biblical creationists. In 2013, a Facebook post about chem-trail conspiracies gained widespread media attention, as did a March comment suggesting mandatory church attendance. read more

Dear Readers:

In the fall of 2001, in the aftermath of 9/11, as families grieved and the nation mourned, Washington swarmed with locusts of the human kind: wartime opportunists, lobbyists, lawyers, ex-members of Congress, bagmen for big donors: all of them determined to grab what they could for their corporate clients and rich donors while no one was looking.

Across the land, the faces of Americans of every stripe were stained with tears. Here in New York, we still were attending memorial services for our firemen and police. But in the nation's capital, within sight of a smoldering Pentagon that had been struck by one of the hijacked planes, the predator class was hard at work pursuing private plunder at public expense, gold-diggers in the ashes of tragedy exploiting our fear, sorrow, and loss... read more


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