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TOAWARRIOR: the other vaccines mostly contain the same adjuvants.

here is a partial list of ingredients, as it is almost impossible to get the information from the manufacturers themselves. wonder why?

I know this is Wikipedia. If you have a more complete or legit ingredient listing then please provide that, thanks.


I know that thimerasol is not listed as an ingredient for the MMR vaccine, TAO, but it is still there. They add it to the equipment now for sterilization purposes and don't add it directly as an ingredient as a way to get around listing it. It is now considered a secondary contaminant and only in trace amounts, the same as most vaccines. a trace amount is 1 microgram and that works out to 3 million mercury atoms. as far as MMR vaccine ingredients otherwise, check out neomycin. google the MSDS for the rest of them too. It is not all what you think. they don't even recommend rubbing neomycin on your skin.


"It is relatively toxic to humans, and many people have allergic reactions to it.[3] See: Hypersensitivity. Physicians sometimes recommend using antibiotic ointments without neomycin, such as Polysporin."

Kanrei, do you know what long term, low dose mercury exposure causes biologically?

I wont go in depth but:


from the article:

"Once introduced to the body through food or vapor, mercury is rapidly absorbed and accumulates in several tissues, leading to increased oxidative damage, mitochondrial dysfunction, and cell death. Mercury primarily affects neurological tissue, resulting in numerous neurological symptoms, and also affects the kidneys and the immune system. It causes increased production of free radicals and decreases the availability of antioxidants. It also has devastating effects on the glutathione content of the body, giving rise to the possibility of increased retention of other environmental toxins."


from the publication:

"Thimerasol, an organomercury compound, is classified as toxic and restrictions have been placed on its disposal, including bans in US states such as New Jersey and California."

So it is not ok to dump this in the garbage, but it is ok to repeatedly inject around 3 million atoms of mercury from this compound into our kids. I used only one of the ingredients for this discussion, Mercury, because I assume we all should understand its toxicity assuming you were a kid when mercury thermometers were common place. However, there are a myriad of added chemicals that have no place being injected in our kids.

Once again, I totally understand the theory of vaccination and how it all works. That is not my complaint. My complaint lies with the various ingredients that are added to them. Find an ingredient list and just google each ingredient or find its MSDS info. They want to use the cheapest (often toxic) ingredients instead of the expensive alternatives (which are very few).

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