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Frankly, my biggest worry with Keystone is that Boehner will try and accomplish something on the issue and then claim it as a big victory.

The Keystone Pipeline is small potatoes. Heck, its TINY potatoes, at least compared to what Boehner gave away at the end 2014.
And to say he gave away everything important is an understatement. Not only did Boehner give away everything of any value, he PAID for the privilege of doing so.

Mr. Boehner, don't insult me by getting the keystone pipeline built. You need to aim for, and achieve, MUCH bigger things to even BEGIN to atone for your epic failure. And you need to do it in a manner that gives NOTHING to crony capitalists, while at the same time encouraging capitalists.

At this point, given all the oil we have from Fracking, Keystone is such a small issue I'd like to see it go away for no other reason than to deny Boehner and the other RINOs the opportunity to try and use it as some sort of issue to gain themselves support.

Fracking happened ENTIRELY ==IN SPITE OF== Obama. And it has crashed the price of oil for decades to come (although not permanently, but probably for a century plus). Oil might rise again, but never to the levels it was at before. Even if the Saudi pumping causes us to shut down the fracking wells, if the price rises even modestly, it will be an EXTREMELY cheap effort to start pumping them again. Oil companies existed in the US before Fracking, will exist after it if it goes away due to low oil cost, the wells have already been prospected, in many cases already drilled. If oil prices go up, fracking will knock them back down AGAIN.

Once we get better batteries for storing solar power, which is actually a fairly safe bet over the next century, we won't even need the oil for fuel anymore. Until then, drill.

And don't bother me with tiny potatoes like keystone.


CGP Grey on Pennies:

John Green on Pennies:

I prefer the CGP Grey version, but John Green unleashes his giant squid of anger.

Yep, all ya all Lefties, always remember:

Christianity is just as bad as Islam, cause all religions are equally valid (or invalid). Yep yep.....

There is a reason I, a man of NO faith, get along fine with devote Christians, while I passionately loathe militant atheists.

As for Islam, if the murderous scum were coming from outside the country, and the home grown ones were like this guy:
Then I'd have no problem with the assimilated ones. But while a few act like the mayor of Rotterdam, most give limp wristed token 'support' to western ideals, while spending any political energy bashing Israel, and have only limp wristed feeble hashtag condemnation for the murderous Islamic thugs.

And even the mayor of Rotterdam has not actually deported anyone, so far has only said the words. If he follows through and SUCCESSFULLY deports non-assimilators, then he would be EXACTLY the type of Muslim needed.
And yes, I'm aware he personally almost certainly does not the authority to do that, but he sure as hell could spearhead the effort and see to SUCCESSFUL completion.
Anything less is just worthless noise, however nice it sounds.

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