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Leftie anti-Christian BIGOT 'logic':

"Christians at some point where involved in persecution, THEREFORE nothing good can be said to come from Christian tolerance"

The left is worse, by far then ANYTHING Christian.

The Spanish inquisition, for example, lasted from 1478 until 1834. Estimated of those killed are estimated to be between 2000 and 5000 during a 356 year period.

Then look at the Spanish 'Republic' (Commies) and the spanisg Red Terror. During a 3 year period 1936 to 1939, murdered between 38,000 and 110,000 people. Not battle death, MURDERED.

So, if the WORST is assumed about the Spanish Inquisition, 5000 murdered over a 356 year history, and the LOWEST murder count is assumed about the Spanish commies, 38,000 in a 3 year period, you still the leftist murdering over 7 times as many people, in LESS THAN 1% time period, or a murder rate IN EXCESS of 700 times as bad, remember, that assumes 'good commies' and 'bad Christians'

Numbers more likely to be accurate would be 3,500 murdered by the Spanish Inquisition, and 74000 murdered by Spanish commies, with the commies coming in with over 20 times the body count, in less than 1% of the time period. Using the 3500 vs 74000 numbers, and 3 year vs 356 year period, that's the commies being 2508 times as bad.

And it is possible the Spanish commies were even worse than that.

Not a surprising achievement for commies, actually par for the course.

No matter how you cut it, leftists make the worst periods of Christians history look tame, and have produced nothing of value that even holds a candle to positive Christian accomplishment. (All the Free will accomplishments are not leftist, as actual free will is hostile to big government.....)

Drudge Retort

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