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You have a very limited view of how long it takes to reach long term goals, especially if you expect those goals to be permanent.

It's easy for any president to put a band-aid on a gaping wound and hope it sticks long enough for him to get out of office and blame it on the next president when the wound starts to bleed again. President Obama's policies have put America back on the road to economic recovery. Household income for middle Americans have increased by $4,000/yr and unemployment is down to acceptable levels. He saved the auto industry (which is once again reporting record sales) and saved the banking industry from total collapse which would have reverberated around the world.

He told us in the beginning that recovery from the Bush era recession was going to be a long and difficult road. He never tried to sell us some instant gratification nonsense. He brought Iran to the table and negotiated a solution to their nuclear expansion.

If I had more bandwidth I'd list everything that Obama has accomplished but I think it would fall on deaf ears because you'd rather see some greed infested nutcase step in and destroy it all. I don't know who's is more infested with insanity ~ you or Trump. But the fact remains that nobody in their right mind would put America's fortunes and the leadership of the world in the hands of a mentally deranged (seriously) bloodsucker like Trump.

The job of President of the United States is the most difficult job in the world. You better hope that Hillary Clinton takes over where Obama left off ~ unless you're one of those scorched earth guys who won't be happy unless you're surrounded by chaos and the stench of your country sinking into decline again.

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