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After reading these comments, I'm asking myself . . .

Who are some of you people after, Sharpton or Obama?

As for the New York Times, there are a number of good reasons to take everything they report . . . and divide by four. In other words, their credibility has lost some luster over the past few years so I'm hard pressed to take their reporting as 100% factual and agenda free.

This habit of connecting dots from one person . . to another person . . to another person who might, maybe or could be, or knows somebody who is, part of Obama's team of advisors, even if they are legitimate, doesn't mean that the President incorporates their advice into his policy decisions. It only means that he listens to all sides, even the ones with obvious agendas. I trust that the President, who is always the smartest guy in the room, is astute enough to separate the wheat from the chaff.

As for Al Sharp ton ~ he's much like Jesse Jackson . . . a self promoter who sticks his nose into a lot of things that are none of his business. He has an audience. Every rebel-rouser has an audience. Sarah Plain has an audience. Bill O'Reilly has an audience. Glen Beck has an audience. Their job is to keep the adrenaline pumping.

Sharpton's legal problems, if they exist, are between him and the government. Some of you think that Obama (and MSNBC) should kick Sharpton to the curb based on allegations. There are channels to go through which will eventually being it all to light.

Let's let the system work like it's supposed to and put your execution squad (shoot first, aim later) on hold until after all the facts are known.


Since you didn't post a link I assume you're talking about tax evaders. Here's the rest of the story that you failed to mention ~


As I said ~ Tax Evasion!

Or maybe you mean all those dumb run-away teenagers running over to join those lovable rascals, ISIS. You have to be more clear.


The country is not an organization. It takes special smarts and a quick study to take on the hardest job in the world (President of the United States) and as far as I know there aren't any prep courses or degrees on the subject.

You might say that Mitt Romney ran a successful company, too but the parameters for success are much lower. He lost the election because he wasn't qualified to think past the end of his profit and loss ledger.

Speaking of Perry, remember during a debate when he couldn't think on his feet fast enough to remember all three of the government agencies he wanted to defund. How embarrassing was that?

He's really a very stupid person whose only qualifications is that he was the governor of an extremely gerrymandered state which gave him the legislators to do all the stupid things he wanted ~ with impunity.

Remember that reciprocity deal he made with a pharmaceutical company involving young females of child bearing age. Perry's legislators were supposed to make the drug mandatory and the pharmaceutical company was supposed to make a ton of money. (And the pharmaceutical company gave one of Perry's top aids a cushy job) IT DIDN'T WORK, did it? GOT STOPPED COLD IN HIS TRACKS, didn't he?

The President of the United States doesn't have the luxury of impunity. Even if he controls all three branches of government.

I can't believe that you're sticking up for a dufus like Rick Perry. Him losing in the primary was a gift from above. Washington D.C. would have steamrolled him into a little oil slick of Grecian Formula out on the beltway.

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