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Saturday, November 22, 2014

Jason Collins, the first openly gay player in the NBA, announced his retirement from the league on Wednesday. Collins made the announcement through a self-penned article on Sports Illustrated's website that appears in the Nov. 24 issue of the magazine. Collins writes, "There are still no publicly gay players in the NFL, NHL or Major League Baseball. Believe me: They exist. Every pro sport has them. I know some of them personally. When we get to the point where a gay pro athlete is no longer forced to live in fear that he'll be shunned by teammates or outed by tabloids, when we get to the point where he plays while his significant other waits in the family room, when we get to the point where he's not compelled to hide his true self and is able to live an authentic life, then coming out won't be such a big deal. But we're not there yet." read more

Monday, November 17, 2014

Think you're having a rough week? Bono is having a worse one. The 54-year-old U2 front man injured his arm in a Central Park cycling crash and now needs surgery, a statement on the band's official website said Sunday. News of the fall comes just days after the rear hatch flew off an aircraft taking the singer from Dublin to Berlin. The ground crew discovered that the hatch was missing shortly after the aircraft landed. "The ground crew realized the door was gone and two suitcases had fallen out," said Germout Freitag of the German Federal Bureau of Aircraft Accident Investigation.

Sunday, November 09, 2014

The 43 Mexican students who disappeared in southern Mexico in September were abducted by police on order of a local mayor, and are believed to have been turned over to a gang that killed them and burned their bodies before throwing some remains in a river, the nation's attorney general said Friday. The victims were men mostly in their 20s studying to become teachers at a college in rural Ayotzinapa. On September 26, they traveled on buses and vans to nearby Iguala for a protest about lack of funding for their school. They haven't been seen or heard from since. read more

Saturday, November 08, 2014

"Cannibal killer's victim had met him in a bar hours just HOURS before he attacked her in hotel room and ate her face while high on cocaine - two weeks after being released from prison"

Losers went with the headline "British man goes ‘Hannibal Lecter' on 22-year-old woman, dies after being Tased by cops"

Cry me a river I'd have double tapped just to be sure he couldn't infect me.

Friday, November 07, 2014

A former bodyguard to Kim Jong Il has talked to CNN about what it was like to work for the late North Korean dictator. Lee Young-guk said that in addition to physical training, he was subjected to ideological training to make him believe Dear Leader was a god and his only purpose in life was to serve him. He said the dictator could be cruel and even his top officials lived in fear. "When Kim Jong Il would arrive in his vehicle, 60- to 70-year old advisors would run away and throw themselves onto the grass. They had dust on their clothes but they wanted to hide from him," said Young-guk, who was sent to Yodok political camp, escaped and now lives in South Korea.


Pa: Say, what do you think you're talkin' about? I've got a handbill here says they're payin' good wages. And I seen in the papers that they need pickers.
Migrant: All right, go on, nobody's stoppin' ya.
Pa: Yeah, but what about this?
Migrant: I ain't gonna rile ya, go on.
Tom: (challenging) Wait a minute, buddy, you just done some jack-assin'. You can't shut up now! The handbill say they need 800 pickers. You laugh and say they don't. Which one's a liar?
Migrant: Now, how many of you all got them handbills?...(The men respond that they all have them) There you are, same yellow handbill. 800 Pickers Wanted. All right, the man wants 800 men, so he prints 5,000 handbills and maybe 20,000 people see 'em. And maybe two or three thousand people start West on account of that handbill. Two or three thousand people that are crazy with worry headin' out for 800 jobs. Now does that make sense?
One of the men: Say, what are you, a trouble-maker? You sure you ain't one of them labor finks?
Migrant: I swear I ain't, mister.
One of the men: Now don't you go around here tryin' to stir up any trouble.
Migrant: I tried to tell you folks what it took me a year to fin' out. Took two kids dead, took my wife dead, to show me. But nobody could tell me neither. I can't tell ya about them little fellas layin' in the tent with their bellies swelled out and just skin over their bones. A-shiverin' and a-whinin' like pups. And me a-runnin' around lookin' for work. Not for money, not for wages, just for a cup of flour and a spoon of lard. Then the coroner come. 'Them children died of heart failure,' he said. He put it down in his paper. Heart failure! And their little bellies stuck out like a pig bladder.

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