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Thats because democrats dont watch the news.

They dont know the CDC wasted money on studying monkeys throwing poop.

They spent so much money on non disease relayed things that they only have abut %1 left to spend on the job they are supposed to do.

She have been studying to many fat lesbians and are unprepared for a real outbreak.

The entire agency needs to be restructured so they are not allowed to study non disease related things.

The following are just a few of the studies the NIH funded in 2011

Massage in Rabbits. - $386,000 – Ohio State University. The official title of the study is "Massage Therapy in Eccentric Exercise Induced Muscle Weakness and Inflammation." The principal investigator confirmed with me that it is as it read – a study applying massage to rabbits to try to figure out what is the best massage duration.

The Role of Breathing in Meditation. $453,000 – University of California San Francisco. Yes, nearly half a million dollars of taxpayers money to tell us that breathing is important in meditation. I predict breathing is important in most things…

Losing weight through meditation. $1,158,000 - University of California San Francisco. The study, entitled "Metabolic and Immunologic Effects of Meditation" seeks to find out if one meditates, will they shed pounds. My guess is if you meditate near your fridge, you probably won't. Add this to the $480,000 to study "Yoga for Therapy of the Metabolic Syndrome" University of California San Francisco, and we can see a new Meditate and Yoga Your Way to Slim video soon.

Dismantling Mindfulness: Contributions of Attention vs. Acceptance. $134,000 to Brown University for something that sounds pretty darn flaky.

Structural, Functional, and Behavioral Effects of Meditation – Mass. General Hospital - $438,265. This study take 90 stressed out people and tries to figure out how meditation makes them relax.

Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction and Cognitive Function in Stress and Aging - Washington University - $200,640.

Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction as and Adjunctive Treatment for Psoriasis – - $533,074 – University of Rochester.

Mechanisms of Meditation - $320,00 - Emory University.

Drudge Retort

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