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Having been on prescription opioids for over a decade now I have some thoughts on this.

Thanks to the new regulations I now have to physically pick up a paper script each month and deliver it to the pharmacist. Since I am still mobile and able to drive this is not a huge deal for me, however it does mean that one day a month I don't get an actual lunch break as I have to spend my lunch driving to the doctor, then driving to the pharmacy then waiting 15-30 min.

Who really gets hurt are those not able to do all that themselves, my mother-in-law for example. I had to do it for her and since her doctor was at the hospital it also meant paying for parking, since her insurance only allowed her to use certain pharmacies it meant driving across town to the approved one. It was a 2 hour long ordeal and if my wife and I had not been able to help her I have no idea how she would have dealt with it. I know one person who does not drive and takes the bus everywhere in her case it would be an all day long process, not really conducive to holding down a full time job if you need to take a day off every month just to fill a script. I know another guy who's doctor actually requires a visit each month. He has no insurance so pays 150 bucks a month and has to take a half day off work then has to pay over a 100 bucks a month for his pills. He has had 3 back surgeries without it he could barely get out of bed.

As far as over prescription I still know a drug dealer who can get oxy on request so despite making it a huge burden on legitimate users there doesn't seem to be any change in the underground market, ok some small change the price has gone up to $1 a milligram, but based on how much I see out there that seems to be either false scarcity or a premium based on risk factor.

The mythbuster video m.youtube.com

The expert could still tell the difference but it did improve it. As far as using the same filter each time I did find a blog entry by a lady that did it that was and the vodka came out less smooth when she was done.

BTW chairborn deep eddy is a pretty good vodka in the under 20 range. I'll get that sometimes but while not bad for the money it's not the best in that range either. However I haven't tried the flavored ones so it might rank higher in that category.

Sheeple while I haven't tried a chocolate beer I could see that as a decent combo. I did try the New Belgium Ben and Jerry cookie dough beer. Not bad, while drinking you didn't taste the cookie dough but as an aftertaste you could pick up a hint.


So you are arguing for a UBI?

theweek.com we currently have the lowest birth rate EVER in the US. Boomers pretty much are done, Gen X is finishing up child bearing years and Millennials don't want kids so the birth rate will likely continue to go down.

So you think a UBI could be a fix for that, hadn't thought of that angle but maybe.

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