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Years ago, my uncle and my younger brothers used to troll a Met's message board for fun. They were really good at it and people would get infuriated with them. Eventually, they made the people there so paranoid that all new users or anyone who said anything negative about the team were quickly banned and the board died.

My uncle was by far the best at trolling. He started by thinking "What kind of person would these baseball fans least like to hear from?". He decided that the least credible poster possible would be a woman (due to sexism) who is both a Yankees and Mets fan (because everyone knows you have to pick one). People truly hated him, err her.

A year or so after this all ended, I'm in a bar in Hoboken talking to this Mets fan and he says something like "I'm such a geek that I used to be heavily involved in the team's message board...". And then we start talking about online arguments and he brings up my uncle's screen name.

So I tell him the truth behind "Metskeegirl". He thinks the whole thing is hilarious and says "I have to admit, he got me a bunch of times. He is REALLY good at pushing peoples' buttons". He's loving the whole thing and asking me dozens of questions.

Then he calls his friend from across the bar and tells him the story. His friend, also a trolling victim, doesn't find any humor in any of it. In fact, I could tell that at one point he was trying to figure out if he could kick my ass. This guy seemed to be suffering from PTSD.

Needless to say, the trolls loved it when I told them about this guy who was still better 2 years after the fact. But they were upset that I didn't get his screen name...

Drudge Retort

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