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There is no such thing as a "living wage". It's only getting paid more than your labor is worth. That's all it is. Which is why liberals love it so much. It amounts to giving away money to "feel good"..

#55 | Posted by boaz at 2015-04-17 04:15 PM | Reply | Flag:

I know this is a waste of time even though this is a fairly simple, obvious point but I will spell it out in easy to understand words anyway:

Business do not hire employees for charity. They hire people because they need those people in order for their business to function. If those people are starving or sick because they have no heat or no roof or if they can't afford to clothe themselves, etc then the business cannot utilize their labor in order to make money.

So it is 100% accurate to say that the business absoultely NEEDS these people to earn a wage that will keep them in good enough shape to keep showing up to work.

I, the taxpayer, do not need them to show up to work. I make no money off their labor. The business does.

So if the business is going to employ them full time, then the business shoudl pay them enough to stay afloat and keep showing up to work.

If you force me, the taxpayer, to subsidize these people through welfare, then you are UNDENIABLY forcing me to subsidize their employer who PROFITS off of their labor that is contingent on their remaining in good health.

So I don't give a crap what you or any other bigmouth arbitrarily decides they are "worth". Pay them enough to keep working and stop asking me to subsidize corporations. That is all.

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