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Why so? Any origin story for the Justice League has to feature Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman front and center. Everything else is negotiable.

#30 | Posted by Hagbard_Celine at 2016-02-08 01:56 PM | Reply | Flag:

IMO, Batman works better as a loner and the cooler Batman stuff involves him being more of a detective/master planner rather than just a ninja in a bat suit. And when you have a bunch of super powerful characters mixed in with guys who have no powers, writers have to find something for the non-powered people to do. Some comics pull it off. But Hollywood sucks at this. They aren't going to relegate Batman to a strategic role. So inevitably they will just have him fist figthing with enemies that would give Superman a hard time. Even having him fight Superman at all is kind of idiotic, IMO. It works in Dark Knight Returns because that series was pretty much an ode to Batman to begin with and the writer was taking obvious liberties with every character anyway. Plus Batman had help that he's not going to have in the movie. Everyone knows damn well that nobody can actually build a metal suit that Superman isn't going to eventually rip apart. And Batman would never actually be stupid enough to fight Superman in anything resembling a fair fight.

The Avengers movies were pretty good. But they did exactly what I'm talking about. How threatening those aliens were varied from scene to scene. In some scenes they give Thor a hard time. In the next scene, Black Widow is killing them two at a time. Then they had the idiotic stuff with her steering the flying scooter thing by using knives in an alien's back. Because they can't think of anything else to do with her while the big fight is going on. Just lame. And in the comics, the writers would have just left her out of that issue.

Indefensible, either way.

#12 | Posted by DixvilleNotch at 2016-02-05 02:01 PM | Reply | Flag:

Won't stop apologists from trying. They hate the truth:


Jones explains the lead up to the Benghazi attack on 9/11, which included seeing black Al Qaeda flags flying in the city as the terrorist group took over buildings. He talked about a militia that was openly hanging out at the consulate on a regular basis "training for consulate security." He asked for them to leave, they refused and nobody bothered forcing them to leave.

"I was saying these guys are no good, they need to get out of here," Jones says. "I got quite bored hearing my own voice say it."

Ambassador Stevens was well aware of these threats and asked multiple times for more security from Washington D.C. Those requests were repeatedly denied.

The threats were there all along and the State Department knew all about it. Al Qaeda promised to attack the United States in Benghazi after singling out the Red Cross and British forces in warnings online.

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