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"Palestinians have no right to tunnel under another nations borders, or launch rockets indiscriminately into civillian areas. See how easy it is to play that game?"

Agreed. I never said they did. Israel still has no right to claim a buffer zone on someone else's land.

"I know it should say hamas for pc standards, but theres the double standard youre pushing from another angle."

Hamas is their elected government so I don't care if you refer to them as the "Palestinians" for the sake of this discussion.

"I believe the latest casualties from IDF come from a rigged tunnel entrance in a UNWRA clinic. Technically speaking, there are your landmines. Whatever the israelis dont find will be there to maim when this is settled. Whose using the landmines? Terrorists? Tell us again how the israelis are supposed to know which places should be bombed and which they should send ground troops to?"

I don't think there are any easy answers. But I will say that short of going house to house they are never going to destroy all or even most of Hamas' weapons anyway. I can understand why they don't want to send people into Gaza. But if we were being real its because the losses they would suffer would be much greater than the threat Hamas poses if left to their own devices.

I just don't think that Israel and its supporters have reasonable expectations as to how others should perceive all of this. Do they have a right to defend themselves against Hamas? Sure. But I can't pretend not to know everything else that is going on. Israel has been stealing from these people for decades. The land they aren't taking has been under occupation for decades. Israeli heads of state have admitted that they don't want this resolved and don't want the Palestinians to ever have their own nation where they can govern themselves. You can't follow such a selfish, unethical course of action and then expect people not to comment on it. Israel feels way too entitled to land that doesn't belong to it and that's why buffer zones just seem like another excuse to continue their worst behavior.

"It took you 2 posts of nonsense to actually get to talking about the buffer zone."

Demonstrably untrue. In my first response I said why the buffer zone is not a legitimate strategy.

"Lets address your strawmen: "First of all, we are talking about people who justify bombing schools." Not part of this discussion, just more emotional drivel"

Not a strawman. That's 100% true and I brought it up because YOU brought up civilian casualties. I don't think you know what "strawman" means. And employing obvious double standards where you bring up a topic and then criticize me for commenting on it isn't going to work with me.

"They are not... they are saying this area is going to be hugely suspect, and if you want shred of hope for survival, do not operate here."

You're splitting hairs. Israel has no right to declare someone else's land a no-man's land. If they are telling people that the penalty for being in this area is death, then they are effectively claiming this territory until such time as the death threat is revoked.

"Definitely against international law, youd support that? theres still landmines from half a century ago blowing kids legs off today."

Pffft. We're talking about mining underground tunnels used by terrrorists. Blow up all the terrorist legs you want and you won't get a peep out of me.

Look, you don't have to like my suggestions. Its not my job to solve this problem. Hell, Israeli heads of state have admitted to not wanting it solved. The idea that Israel has any right to tell people who aren't Israelis that they can't live in their own homes is absurd.

Furthermore, Gaza is already a big sardine can. How can you expect civilians not to be located close to Hamas targets when you keep squeezing the entire population into smaller and smaller spaces? The whole "human shield" thing becomes self perpetuating because they can't help but be on top of Hamas as they have less space to work with...

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