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"I don't think Israel has a charter to wipe them off the Earth...do they?"

Its what they are trying to do. Likud is the controlling party in Israel and their platform includes refusing the right of a Palestinian state to exist. And their actions are trying to ethnically cleanse the West Bank. You're going to be penalize Hamas for being more honest about their actions than Likud is?

"They rely on sniffling bleeding hearts...like you...to force Israel to give them their way."

You can screw off with that. You're the one making arguments based on made up "facts" out of your emotional need for Israel to be "right". In reality, the land doesn't belong to Israel and they are not entitled to it.

"Israel annexed it...with Jordan's acquiescence...and didn't "steal" it."

You're lying. That never happened. Israel never annexed it and Jordan never approved Israel's ownership of it. The land is universally recognized as belonging to to Palestinians with the exception of Israeli extremists and their fanboys.

"Sorry, Sully, I've reached really, really deep and I just can't find the sympathy"

Who cares about your sympathy? We're talking about fact. Israel is settling land that doesn't belong to it. It is stealing. Your emotional needs and sympathies are irrelevant. Factually, Israel is stealing land. Nobody cares if you feel deep down in your heart that this is OK. And you don't get to make up your own facts either so stop lying about Jordan approving Israe's imaginary annexation of the West Bank.

"Like Boaz said, squatters are not "owners.""

They're not squatters. They've been living there all along. Just because Boaz pulls the term squatters out his butt doesn't make it applicable. "Crap made up by Boaz" and reality are two different things.

"Remember, it was all JORDAN's land until King Hussein gave it up and left it, and the "residents," to Israel."

That never happened. Nobody gave the land to Israel. Israel has no legal right to it.

"It COULD have become Palestine if those "Palestinians" would ever have recognized Israel's right to exist and stop following a charter calling for erasing it from the Earth. I just can't find any sympathy for them."

Its not up to Israel to give them what is theirs. Israel doesn't recognize their right to exist either. The Palestinians have dug their own hole in many respects but that doesn't make the Israelis the "good guys" here. They're all bad guys. If you're going to criticize the Palestinians when they do wrong they be fair and have standards for Israel too instead of making crap up about how land that they are stealing belongs to them.

"Jordan continued to have economic influence over the West Bank until the 1980s, when King Hussein unilaterally cut the link between his kingdom and its residents and the Palestinians of the West Bank."

So Jordan gave up on them (for good reason, IMO) and left them on their own. Nobody gave it to Israel. And IF that were true, why hasn't Israel just claimed the whole thing? Not even Israel uses the excuse you're making.

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