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The Adam Smith "hidden hand" BS only works when the one percent still cares about both their workforce and the rest of the community. Between modern transportation (see Interstate Highways that can take one a great distance in a short time) and modern communication (see internet), the one percent has decided that they can hide from the rest of the public until/unless they actually want to be seen. With some exceptions, the one percent doesn't give one whit about how dangerous or impoverished the cities become. The travails of Chicago and Detroit, for example, are punchlines to their jokes, or worse than that, opportunities to consolidate even more power.

That disconnect has been with us for a long time, but the one percent has managed to stave off disaster by either focusing our attention on other "enemies," either quite real who hate the USA for past indiscretions, or quite made-up such as immigrants, minorities, or others, or by simply hammering home the message that, if we are good serfs, and either draw the right set of lottery numbers, buy other people's foreclosures, or simply working our butts off for decades, the rest of us can reach the "promised land" of lifetime wealth.

The difference today is that more and more of the 99 percent aren't buying it. All they are asking for is a living wage and tolerable conditions. Because there is now no union to secure that, the workers are being told that it's not possible, or that it is possible, but those things simply won't be given and there's nothing the workers can do about it. Moving from job to job is irrelevant, because it is simply going from one bad environment to another on most occasions.

The American public will take a long time to come around to this in any massive way. Some still drink the kool aid, and there are too many diversions for change to happen fast. But the conditions for an eruption are there, they're getting worse, and no amount of whining by the one percent or their wannabe henchmen is going to prevent the inevitable.

Drudge Retort

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