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Actually, I would throw that charge at progressives. You're going to have a very tough time pointing to republican-led legislation that would hinder people from becoming rich. Progressives, on the other hand, are full of ideas that would prohibit one from becoming wealthy. As doing so would only be contributing to income inequality.

Ekwalitie Uber Alles, after all...

"Republicans are the representatives of the rich, supported by the most gullible and bigoted members of the poor."

Or maybe republicans only favor the freedom for society to choose who wins and loses, as opposed to someone like yourself, who feels that responsibility should be in the hands of some other entity.

#20 | Posted by madbomber

Horse manure.

Republican policies prevent many people from the opportunity to climb, because they suck money out of the general economy and stash it overseas. They cut research funding which leads to new businesses. They won't spend on infrastructure which helps the whole economy. They refuse to spend on educational initiatives for the betterment of society. And they buy off the government to serve only themselves.

Progressives don't want to prevent anyone from getting wealthy, they want to prevent the wealthy from using their wealth to stack the deck in their favor and buying up the whole world. They want the poor to have the opportunity to rise.

What you call "freedom" is really only the freedom to victimize society with their greed. That is what government is meant to do in a democracy - protect the weak from the powerful - which is why the rich hate the government so much. They can't stand that there is any entity which could put a limit on their limitless greed.

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