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When DNC "sub contractors" are on video talking about how to rig an election by driving people in from out of state or inciting violence at rallies it pretty much confirms voter fraud.

#26 | Posted by aescal

Yeah another "expose" by the right wing's adolescent propaganda idiot:

O'Keefe Forced To Pay $100,000 And Publicly Apologize In Settlement Related To Sham 2010 ACORN Exposé.

O'Keefe's New York Union Boss "Gotcha" Attempt Just Showed Local Officials Trying To Be "Courteous" In An Absurd, O'Keefe-Manufactured Situation.

O'Keefe's "Voter Fraud" Video Showed "Dead" Voter Later Found To Be Very Much Alive, "Non-Citizens" Who Were Actually Citizens.

Yet Another "Voter Fraud" Video Failed To Show Any Actual Voter Fraud; It "Just Shows How Limited O'Keefe's Talents Are."

O'Keefe's "Pointless" "To Catch A Journalist" Series Was Roundly Mocked By Experts.

"Medicaid Fraud" Videos Actually Just Showed Medicaid Workers Doing Their Jobs.

A CNN Reporter Detailed O'Keefe's Botched Plan To Demonstrate Media "Hypocrisy" By "Faux Seducing" Her With A Boat Full Of Sexual "Props."

It goes on...

So the question is, how many times are you going to fall for this con artist?

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