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Monday, September 29, 2014

A police training slideshow shown to the Ohio grand jury in John Crawford III's case was released to the media this week. The slideshow urges officers to "enter the building and find the threat as fast as possible," and includes photos of children crying while leaving school buildings at Sandy Hook. Ohio officer Sean Williams -- who testified that he fired the rounds that ultimately killed Crawford -- saw the presentation just 12 days before the incident, the Guardian reported. Was an emotionally charged slideshow enough training to prepare the Ohio officers to gauge and handle an active shooter incident? read more

Sunday, September 28, 2014

A Twitter account run by the U.S. State Department tweeted a photo of four dead men Thursday it identified as Islamic State (formerly known as ISIS) fighters and boasted the deed as a "major step towards getting job done." The rather tasteless tweet -- more what you'd expect to find on militants' own gruesome accounts than on an official one run by the U.S. government -- was promptly removed with no explanation, but not before the Telegraph snapped a screenshot of it.

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Before they can drive off the lot, many subprime borrowers must have their car outfitted with a so-called starter interrupt device, which allows lenders to remotely disable the ignition. Using the GPS technology on the devices, the lenders can also track the cars' location and movements. The devices, which have been installed in about two million vehicles, are helping feed the subprime boom by enabling more high-risk borrowers to get loans. But there is a big catch. By simply clicking a mouse or tapping a smartphone, lenders retain the ultimate control. Borrowers must stay current with their payments, or lose access to their vehicle. read more

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Conservative author and filmmaker Dinesh D'Souza was sentenced on Tuesday to spend eight months in a community confinement center during five years of probation after pleading guilty to a campaign finance law violation. The defendant, a frequent critic of President Barack Obama, was sentenced by U.S. District Judge Richard Berman in Manhattan. He was also given a $30,000 fine and ordered to do one day of community service a week during his probation. D'Souza, 53, admitted in May to illegally reimbursing two 'straw donors' who donated $10,000 each to the unsuccessful 2012 U.S. Senate campaign in New York of Wendy Long, a Republican he had known since attending Dartmouth College in the early 1980s.

Friday, September 19, 2014

A major new study of warfare in chimpanzees finds that lethal aggression can be evolutionarily beneficial in that species, rewarding the winners with food, mates and the opportunity to pass along their genes. The findings run contrary to recent claims that chimps fight only if they are stressed by the impact of nearby human activity -- and could help explain the origins of human conflict as well. Ever since primatologist Jane Goodall's pioneering work at Gombe Stream National Park in Tanzania in the 1970s, researchers have been aware that male chimps often organize themselves into warring gangs that raid each other's territory, sometimes leaving mutilated dead bodies on the battlefield. Primatologists have concluded that their territorial battles are evolutionarily adaptive.


"You are in denial with your dismissal of the general layman's anecdotes of your industry."

"There are plenty of automotive repair choices outside the dealership network that are able to survive without being granted a monopoly over the warranty repair work for the manufacturer."

#63 | POSTED BY SCOTTY AT 2014-09-30 02:46 PM | FLAG:

I'm not. I have anecdotes that make your transmission experience seem positive and rewarding. Salespersons forging finance documents, theft rings in Make Ready departments, cocaine sales rings, a porsche that bent in half from rust, audi accelerator cables, old folks shafted with 69% APR (wildly illegal now), managers who will buy anything from anybody with dept money as long as they get a jacket or shirt or whatever, mechanics stealing performance parts off of customer cars, etc. I know of parts & service departments that intentionally tormented customers that came in and were abusive, the customers fate was decided by the "wheel of destiny" with such fun entries as "clean it with brake fluid and put it back on", doesn't matter what it is.

Even with all of that, hundreds of thousands of customers buy new vehicles, used vehicles, and have vehicles serviced at franchised dealers every day, and don't have a negative experience. Service levels were forced to improve as a profit center because new cars don't make much net profit.

I have positive anecdotes too. Remember when Fast & Furious first came out? The first one? A lot of young, adult males went out and bought Celica GTS cars, and added NOS because the movies tells us that makes everything so much faster. They kept coming in with chunks blown out the walls of their engine blocks and confetti in the transmission. They generally got 2 free engines and a transmission out of it before voiding their warranty, despite obviously having done that.

On your second issue, the independent chains offer their own nationwide warranties. In a "Big 8" brand car, unless you buy a Ford GT, there is no "factory maintenance", you are going to a dealer or independent for maintenance. At that point, you will either have a good service writer and mechanic or you will not, all dealerships and independents vary over time. The dealerships survey far better and can more quickly identify bad elements in their organization, and that's given them a huge improvement in the last 15 years.

However, the factories will leverage their dealers to wipe those out the independents the moment it becomes legal. The technology was invented last decade, you can't even remove a bolt unless you are factory certified without having to destroy things.

No matter what, if the caller has claimed to have seen the "shooter" using an "assault rifle"

#39 | POSTED BY ZACK991 AT 2014-09-26 10:38 AM | FLAG:

Neither "shooter", nor "assault rifle" is ever mentioned in the 911 calls.


I'm watching a video with the 9/11 call synced right now. The caller never referred to him as a shooter. He's saying he thinks the guy is trying to load the gun but says he can't actually see if that is the case. He says he doesn't think anybody is near the guy. He says "it looks like he's aiming it at things".

3 minutes in he does say it looks like a black rifle, and confirms he has no idea if the guy actually loaded it with anything, and the guy is still pointing it at "things", which from the video seems to be true, he's pointing it at stuff on a shelf. Kinda contradictory, it'd be hard to aim at things while struggling to load it.

The 911 dispatcher in turn tells police the guy is waving a rifle and that the caller believes he put bullets in it, despite the guy never actually saying that.

No shots have been mentioned, talked about, heard, nothing at this point, and at 3:45 the officer is now on the scene.

The only thing that's changed in the callers statement is that earlier it was blue shirt blue jeans, now it's black shirt blue jeans 4 minutes in.

Okay finally some legit bad info, he says he "just pointed it at 2 kids". On video, the kids don't even notice and it's clear that didn't happen. However earlier he says he can't really see the guy and isn't getting closer. 10 seconds later he clarifies to the dispatcher that nobody is around the guy, and the guy is on his phone waving the gun around, which is true. 15 seconds after that he says their is a kid watching him from an isle away.

10 seconds later the guy is dead.

So yeah, police responded to an active shooter situation there was no evidence of. No information about shots mentioned, ever. It seems only 1 bad piece of information really came from that guy, and the dispatcher told police it was a rifle with bullets in it.

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