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Monday, July 25, 2016

Donald Trump appears to have received a decent-sized bump in the polls from the Republican National Convention. The RealClearPolitics rolling average of a two-way matchup shows a Trump jump of about three and half percentage points. Before the RNC he trailed Hillary Clinton by 3.2 points. Now he's up 0.2. However, Trump's bump doesn't necessarily mean he's suddenly the favorite in the race. The Democratic National Convention will similarly affect the national mood in ways yet unforeseen. read more

Facebook admitted Sunday that it had blocked links to the Wikileaks trove of emails hacked from the Democratic National Committee. In a Twitter post late Saturday, WikiLeaks accused the social media giant of "censorship" and gave its followers an online workaround, saying "try using https://archive.is."

The WikiLeaks allegation followed a firestorm of controversy that erupted earlier this year when former Facebook workers admitted routinely suppressing conservative news. read more

Sunday, July 24, 2016

Conservative Twitter users erupted on Friday after the social media platform torpedoed #DNCLeaks from its trending-news feed after Wikileaks released 20,000 emails by Democratic National Committee staff members. Embarrassing emails sent and received by DNC members had enough momentum to propel the story to Twitter's top "trending" news feed on Friday afternoon. The #DNCLeaks entry vanished in the evening, but returned 20 minutes later after users cried foul. read more

Saturday, July 23, 2016

Despite the Transportation Security Administration's ten-point action plan to reduce long lines at airports across the country, lengthy queues remain. Now, the TSA's summer may be getting even worse: According to a recent report from the House Homeland Security Commission entitled "Misconduct at TSA Threatens the Security of the Flying Public", nearly half of the TSA's 60,000 employees have been cited for misconduct in recent years. read more

Friday, July 22, 2016

After years of development, Facebook's solar-powered, internet access-providing drone has successfully carried out its first test flight. Upon the completion of the Aquila, Facebook said in a blog post that the drone will be able to beam down internet connections from a height of over 60,000 feet across regions covering a diameter of 60 miles. Aquila will utilize laser and millimeter wave systems for the task, and is expected to be up in the air for as long as three months before needing to land. read more


Republicans no longer care whether our elections are being manipulated by money or foreign influences. As long as Republicans win who cares?...the ends justifies the means etc etc.

#51 | POSTED BY DONNERBOY AT 2016-07-25 05:52 PM | FLAG:

Obama, 3 days ago:

"Let me start by saying something that is too often overlooked but bears repeating, especially given some of the heated rhetoric that we sometimes hear The United States values tremendously our enduring partnership with Mexico and our extraordinary ties of family and friendship with the Mexican people

Mexico is our third-largest trading partner We sell more to Mexico than we do to China, India, and Russia combined Every year, millions of tourists and businesspeople and friends and family cross our border legally Every day, $1.5 billion in trade and investment crosses our border -- and that's trade that supports over a million jobs right here in the United States On a whole host of issues, from our shared security to climate change, Mexico is a critical partner and is critically important to our own well-being We're not just strategic and economic partners, we're also neighbors, and we're friends, and we're family -- including millions of Americans that are connected to Mexico by ties of culture and of language."

That's exactly what you just described. Obama trying to influence an election by leveraging the massive amount of money and foreign influence involved in our politics. It's all about how you see it. One could easily say Obama is harping on the massive corporate money involved in the Clinton-signed NAFTA, the one progressive economics say screw the US worker. Which party wants to reform that again? Rhetorical, it's not the Democrats.

btw, pay $10 to Ducks Unlimited per the nooner post. You lost, nobody got shot.

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