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Sunday, November 29, 2015

The median athletic department in a Power Five conference has seen earnings balloon to $93.1 million thanks in part to massive new TV contracts, yet 28 of 52 state schools are in the red, including seven in the Pacific-12 and a half-dozen in the ACC, led by Virginia at a whopping negative-$17 million. The reason is not complicated: It's sheer excess and improper self-reward by athletic directors. Over the past decade, pay for administrators has risen by $300 million. Essentially, they're paying themselves for losing money. read more

Saturday, November 28, 2015

After weeks of criticism from patients, doctors and other drugmakers for hiking a life-saving medicine's price more than fifty-fold, Turing Pharmaceuticals is reneging on its pledge to cut the $750-per-pill price. Instead, the small biotech company is reducing what it charges hospitals, by up to 50 percent, for its parasitic infection treatment, Daraprim. Most patients' co-payments will be capped at $10 or less a month. But insurers will be stuck with the bulk of the $750 tab. That drives up future treatment and insurance costs.

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Mechanical engineering student James Patrick recently uploaded a YouTube video showing a fully functional PM522 Washbear .22LR revolver that he designed and 3D printed. It's a 3D-printed pepperbox revolver capable of firing up to 8 bullets between reloads. Except for an elastic band spring, a metal firing pin, and steel rods as detectable metal, the gun is entirely 3D-printed using ABS plastic or a durable nylon material. According to Patrick, it is the world's first functional 3D-printed repeating firearm that has been printed using a consumer 3D printer.

President Barack Obama has identified a new threat that he says "constitutes an unusual and extraordinary threat to the national security and foreign policy of the United States," but it isn't a new militant group in the Middle East or maneuvering by a rival superpower: It's the landlocked African nation of Burundi. read more

Monday, November 23, 2015

Even before he was deported, el-Baghdadi was under no illusion that he would ever be able to become a formal citizen of the UAE. In the Arab Gulf states, he says, "citizenship isn't treated as an automatic right -- rather, it's a reward for political loyalty with a string of benefits. But if you aren't willing to kiss enough ass, they don't want you there." read more


Oh that's right...title IX.

#5 | POSTED BY BOGEY1355 AT 2015-11-29 08:37 PM | FLAG:

From the article you didn't read: "The financial reports starkly illustrate that the biggest expense in college sports isn't Title IX or scholarships or even skyrocketing coaches salaries. It's mismanagement."

"Every time a school eliminates a sport, it blames the rising cost of scholarships or Title IX. But a growing body of independent research, including The Post's, shows the real story. Example: Rutgers is $36.3 million in the red. In 2006, it pled necessity in cutting a half-dozen sports. Yet at the same time, Rutgers was spending $175,000 on hotel rooms for six home football games -- more than the entire budget of the eliminated men's tennis team."

"A commonly recited untruth by athletic directors is that the money they "invest" in revenue-producing football and basketball creates opportunities in other sports, especially for women. In fact, at Football Bowl Subdivision schools, just 28 percent of all money spent on athletics goes to women's sports, and schools with the biggest athletic budgets often offer less than much smaller schools. Texas, for instance, has an athletic budget of $118 million, but it has fewer varsity athletes than even Princeton. What it does have is mahogany-paneled football offices. While Princeton fields 36 varsity sports, Oregon offers just 18 -- but it has a football locker room with 60-inch plasma TVs, Xboxes and a state-of-the-art "no-squint" lighting system."

"These people won't control their spending voluntarily. You think Auburn administrators are going to eliminate the 15 athletic department jobs they created in the past decade that pay more than $100,000 each annually? You think Tennessee Athletic Director Dave Hart is going to cut away the extra $150,000 a year he makes for "media appearances" (When is the last time anyone asked to see an athletic director on TV?) to save a non-revenue team?"

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