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Friday, August 28, 2015

More than half of the findings from 100 different studies published in leading, peer-reviewed psychology journals cannot be reproduced by other researchers who followed the same methodological protocol. A study by more than 270 researchers from around the world has found that just 39 per cent of the claims made in psychology papers published in three prominent journals could be reproduced unambiguously – and even then they were found to be less significant statistically than the original findings. read more

Thursday, August 27, 2015

San Francisco Mayor Ed Lee has promised to sweep the city's downtown streets of its booming homeless population by the time the Super Bowl comes to town in early 2016. "They are going to have to leave," Lee told local news station KPIX earlier this week. "We'll give you an alternative, we are always going to be supportive, but you are going to have to leave the streets." read more

The award winning HBO series Game of Thrones, based on George R.R. Martin's fantasy novels, has a reputation for eliciting outrage from nearly everyone who encounters it. Fans are forced to sit idly by as their favorite characters are systematically beheaded, impaled or roasted by dragons week after painful week. But while a large subset of the television-viewing population has a problem with GoT, there are few among us who would brazenly seek retribution by way of the FCC. "During a recent episode of Game of Thrones they showed open homosexual perverted sex acts," one viewer complained. "Why is it they are not required to notify the viewer in advance of such acts?"

A man in his 20s was stabbed in the chest Monday night after leaving a California movie theater where he watched Straight Outta Compton, police said. The wounded man told police that "multiple people attacked him" outside the Century Stadium 25 theater in Orange. Anaheim police alleged that the wounded man was a transient who went into the theater drunk and brought in more alcohol before being removed for disturbing other theatergoers.

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

The Smoking Gun: A grand jury today indicted a New Jersey man on two felony charges for allegedly firing a shotgun at a hobbyist's drone as it hovered near his residence last year. Russell Percenti, 33, is facing criminal mischief and possession of a firearm for an unlawful purpose charges. The latter count carries a maximum of ten years in prison, while Percenti could face up to 18 months on the lesser felony rap.


Here is a list of the failed companies:

Advent Solar, Applied Solar, OptiSolar, Ready Solar, Solasta, SV Solar, Senergen, Signet Solar, Sunfilm, Wakonda, EPV Solar, Evergreen, Solyndra, SpectarWatt, Stirling Energy Systems, Ascent Solar, Calyxo, HeliVolt, National Semiconductor Solar Magic, NetCrystal, Soliant, Abound Solar, AQT, Ampulse, Arise Technology, Azuray, BP c-SI, Centrotherm, CSG, Day4 Energy, ECD, Energy Innovations, Flexcell, GlobalWatt, GreenVolts, Global Solar Energy, G24i, Hoku, Inventux, Konarka, Odersun, Pramac, Pairan, Ralos, REC Wafer, Satcon, Schott, Schuco, Sencera, Siliken, Skyline, Skyline Solar, Siemens CSP, Solar Millennium, Solarhybrid, Sovello, SolarDay, Solar Power Industries, Soltecture, Sun Concept, Oelmaier, Q Cells, Sharp, Solibro, Solon, Scheuten SOlar, SolFocus, Sunways, Bosch c-Si, Concentrator Optics, Suntech Wuxi, ISET, MiaSole, Nanosolar, NuvoSun, Twin Creeks, Wuerth Solar.

That's without counting the estimated 1000 Chinese companies that also shut down, which were a product of Chinese stimulus spending. US products continue to be more expensive than China's even after the application of tariffs. The only reason fewer companies are closing now is because there aren't that many of them left. All of the German manufacturers were shut down by 2014.

We created an artificial production bubble. It burst. I notice you used a 2014 NPR article. Instead, lets ask the Government Accountability Office in 2015.

"Losses to date represent approximately 2 percent of the overall loan portfolio, while the successes of the program have supported a host of new jobs and more than $50 billion in total investment," the spokesman said."

So the GAO says a $2 billion dollar loss, and we know virtually all of the jobs created by the production bubble no longer exist, and the ones that do are competing in a market they can not be economically competitive in. That is without adjusting for our currently collapsing energy prices that will further damage the market.

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