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"So the change in average pay ratios over the past few decades isn't real? "

I assume you are talking CEO to worker pay correct? You do realize that number is close to 5 to 1 unless you only consider the largest few companies in the country according to the BLS. 5 to 1 is not bad.

"Unless you have some links/resources suggesting things have been this imbalanced consistently throughout history you're blowing smoke."

Again BLS data shows while there is a change since 1947, it's a minor change.

And again, it share is irrelevant as all quintiles are doing better. So just because someone is accelerating faster than you does not mean you are not accelerating.

Jealousy? How about fairness."

So your neighbor buys a new car, is it fair to take that away because you have a piece of crap?
Is it fair that you might have to pay 10 times the price for the same product as the person in line in front of you?

You think it is unfair to reap from what you sow as long as it's more that what someone else reaps, that is insane and that is harmful to the economy and to our very minds.
What you have is returns that actually go the other way, a worker has only time to give in exchange for money. A wealthy person contributes more capital than his time might be worth, more than the workers time to facilitate production. Yet you think that the worker should be paid as much r more even though his input is lessor? That is not fairness.

You can never call something fair that requires taking away by force something which another rightfully obtained.

"You don't honestly believe that they earned it all through their own brilliance and hard work. You surely don't believe they actually deserve it. "

Why not? They negotiated an equitable deal, that is fair. So did the workers in lower classes, they traded their time and skill set for a wage that is commensurate.

And no i'm not rich, i don't place much value on money. I don't really care about it at all, the important thing to me is this cancer that spreads through society that is the destructive though that you and others like you display. There is no problem with seeing a nice car on the road and thinking that might be fun to have there is a big problem with plotting to take it away.

"And only about a quarter of Americans have a college degree in the first place, so the college educated can't be a big enough group to account for this result."

Ahh, so don't want to just compare millennials who are the actual topic, did not like those numbers?


Also the effects of indoctrination are not limited to those who actually underwent it. Especially in today's age where the internet has made available communication like never before. And gullibility in increased greatly because people seem to trust what they read. Look at for instance occupy democrats even a heavily left leaning politifact says 2/3rds of what they say are false and only 8 percent are mostly true or better. Those are the types of places people espousing socialism get information, big bad rich must be stopped and all.

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