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Happy? If your gonna try to call my bluff why not search first? Oh, but you did get me, apparently it's a little closer to 9k than 10k if you wanna split that hair.

Figure it out? Can they reduce risk by limiting asset? Yes obviously, no one would claim they could not. So do you have an actual issue with the claim or do you just not like where the obvious conclusion leads? You asked for ways, I provided them. You did not question the validity so I can assume you would admit the process is not complex and is used all the time for normal people. So how exactly is providing an example of method moving goalposts?

"No, that is the strawman that you erected."

I apologize if i misunderstood your argument or mixed you up with somone else. It's good to know that you are not one of the idiots that thinks making someone pay for their own is denying them something. But if you make no argument like this than what is your issue? Nothing taken away or denied so what is your issue?

"You're arguing cost. They're arguing religious rights."
We are arguing the same thing. They did not want to pay for it, that is all. They never said the women could not go get it. It was about them supporting it through their decision. That is something that should be perfectly fine.

"But, I'm guessing, would want the protections of incorporation under circumstances of a lawsuit."
Given the nature of today's litigious society there is no alternative. Would you be willing to risk all you have for an ambulance chaser to find someone to slip and fall? Or are you as owners to give up all rights to run a business the way you see fit because running as a sole appropriate is not a feasible model for a large company? Do the board or the owners have no rights whatsoever? Should they not be allowed to establish dress codes for moral reasons? Should they not be able to build a business based on their beliefs?
It is easy to see a corporation as a big bad thing but they are just a group of people.
I work for a company that is the major owner and myself, we are a corporation is he hiding behind that too?
No, it is the way things are done and to assume that they loose their 1st amendment rights just to operate in the world seems incredibly callous.
You also forget that piercing the corporate veil is actually a thing and owners can be held liable in some cases. It is also important to note that should corporations cease to exist the owners would not just stand by and allow everything they have to put at risk everyday. There are plenty of ways that they could operate without risk to themselves so it would be a pointless endeavor anyways.

So what is your problem? That Hobby Lobby chose to have a set of moral guidelines they operate by? Just like every other business? Does Walmart sell pornography? Does labor ready hire out strippers? Are companies required to hire sex offenders?
We live in a time where people are routinely fired for facebook posts that are not professional or what some would call immoral. Is that not far more of a concern to you?

"It's part of your agreed upon package that is part of your employment."

It's a benefit. And not before ACA did that mean the business could not say what that benefit was. It was up to the company if they were to offer it or not. Not anymore, you are entitled to it just by breathing.

"It's an entitlement to expect your employer to live up to their end of the bargain?"

So you seem to think that the businesses never had control over their health plan? It's living up to their end, sorry i you think that you should get to dictate everything your employer does but it does not work that way and should never work that way.

"You could start being honest by over-simplifying everything to fit your biased view point"
See, there you go again, you have nothing to say so it's personal attacks. Why even bother, who do you think you are fooling?

"No, we're talking about that horrible decision's consequences in the predictable train of followers looking to enforce their personal beliefs via their corporations."

The sheer level of absurdity of saying that to tell someone they might have to pay for something is enforcing their belief is monumentally stupid.

Hey the guy behind me at the grocery store did not pay for my beer, he must be enforcing his beliefs on me. Can you imagine the gall to make me pay for my own stuff? Why can;t we just all live in JPW's world where we get to tell everybody else what they have to give us or they are pushing their beliefs on us?

If that is your honest opinion i have lot of pity for you.

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