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I have term insurance. A 500 dollar deductible, rates that are about half of aca rates, a much wider coverage plan and network. But I have to pay a fine at the end of the year because it does not cover birth control and has a 2 million cap.

If you get decent insurance you pay the Cadillac fine.

Deductibles skyrocketed under aca. Even kaiser readily admits that.

So yes it's worse than before. Before you might not have been able to afford insurance. Now even if you cannot afford it you pay for it. Those that found a way to pay the high premium still cannot afford the deductible. Average life span has gone down for the first time in ages. Longer wait times since. Removal of major medical for everyone over 30 even though risk is low and it specifically covers the reason why some people support the Aca, to prevent bankruptcy if somthing happens. That one is hilarious because the aca deductibles are almost just as much as the threshold for catastrophic.
But no, it's a good thing because more people technical have insurance even though they have no way to pay for the deductible and it will still bankrupt them.

You add these things up and you see no one can reasonably consider anything better from the aca. Unless you are just counting political points from fundies, then despite reality some will still claim it's good just because the left did it. And don't get me wrong, if the right did not actually think about it and passed it when it was theirs rather then tossing it for the left to claim while dumpster diving years later, then many on the right would be tightly closing their eyes and saying it's good too.

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