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Oh dayum another waterloogate averted, evaded and generally dissed. What a surprise. When are the pig brains going to notice... you know read the briefings sent to them everyday on all the things that Obama is up so that they know what to do to address each situation presented to them rather than sit there trying to cook up ways to thwart progress... and then blame the Prez of not being a "people person" that "knows how to work with others". He sure seems to hammer out some airtight deals and the clowns slapping it with stupid doesn't help their cause.

What the clowns need to do beat Obama at something is find someone in their ranks that is more intelligent than Barry O... or at least as intelligent.

jk... the group that raises up Michelle Bachman and Sarah Paloonietunes to republic---n goddess status represents a collective mindset is too vapid to embrace the down and dirty work of dealing with cultures.

To place in their ranks nut jobs like Cruz who when pressed to tell of his congressional accomplishments could only come up with "I stopped bad things from happening" illustrates their failure. Boogeyman politics.

It is akin to Bush saying how he kept the country safe while the first 9 months of his presidency was a series of flippant behavior and glib remarks until we were attacked... then all of a sudden he was ready to protect us and ran the rest of his time in office telling us how he kept bad things from happening to us... if you don't count things like 911, the WMD fiasco, the response to Katrina, and the economic meltdown.

Then to cap it off they will tell you how it all would have been so much worse if a democrat had been in charge. I guess they must be channeling Sydney Omarr and Joan Quigley to come up with that.

Drudge Retort

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