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Oh and if you think Trump is going to be much different... than the Bush family... get real.

He's got his hands up their robes too.

The clowns just seem to love them some tough talking trust fund frat boy brats... and you are going to talk competence... You are too frightened and emotional to know what competence is. All you are concerned with is not being afraid of some boogieman.

Gotta love it when the pig brains that frequent the DR blather on about competence... as if they actually have a clue. I have seen what they give us and it is anything but competent. Which is why George I or II do not show their stupid faces at the republicl*wn conventions.

The reason shale oil was released is due to the Bush-Cheney frack up in Iraq made fracking seem economically more feasible. Until then... sweet crude was more profitable. But having to maintain the security where the war was going to pay for itself from profits realized through the "liberation of Iraq" via a trading a secular dictatorship for a theocracy. It had more to due with their incompetence than their business acumen.

If you don't like the religious whackos over there then you need to look to the republicl*wn whores over here that the Bush family pandered to homegrown religious whack jobs in order garner the support. It is no secret the premillennial dispensationalist apocalyptic crowd is jonesing for a holy war to get their boy Jeezus to come back and settle things because they are too stupid to settle things themselves.

Nowhere does Obama doesn't have the reputation for sucking up to the House of Saud ... nope... that position is owned by the Bush family since Prescot started the hand holding mouth kissing relationships decades ago. The Bush / Walker family all have direct business ties to the ones causing the intrigue in bruhahaha.

I will give Trump this ... he bitch-slapped that vapid little scum bag Jeb Bush all the way back to Crawford... it was a pleasure to watch.

This is going to be happening all across the country, Boeing is going to be laying off more then 10,000 people but yep, sediment is good.....NOT!

#17 | POSTED BY CRASSUS AT 2016-05-01 10:41 PM | REPLY | FLAG EYE ROLL

Take a look at this an notice how many occurred during those oh so prosperous Bush years when the clowns controlled the free world.

This is not the first time Boeing had massive lay-offs.

Stop being stupid. Companies come and go. Demand for products come and go. People don't want what Boeing and Catapillar have to offer.... circle the wagons!!! Maybe what we need is to go demolish something and offer to rebuild it... like we did with Iraq... then pretend it will pay for itself... like we did with Iraq. That would help Catapillar.

Besides if Obama interfered with it... if such a thing were possible... you would be throwing a fit about that as well.

You remind me of the numbskulls that think because they can make a snowball in November is proof global warming does not exist.

I once thought of Hillary as the hardest working person in government. Turns out I was right too, she just worked hard at the wrong things. Sorry I was the one to break the news.

#82 | POSTED BY REDDDOG AT 2016-05-01 04:37 PM | FLAG: PPPFFFTTTTT!!!

Its my pleasure to break it to you... the only one's who have worked harder than Hillary are the conspiracy theorists making up the vague B.S. innuendos in order to feed the yammer machine that one of these days someone is going nail her on something. You have nothing but unsubstantiated stories and hearsay. You're like an old gossip. Blah blah blah Hillary is going to jail... blah blah blah.

Her life has been investigated into the stratosphere... and after each investigation goes to the inevitable dead end. people like you say... no you insist that... there is something darker and more sinister in play because of the people she has "paid off" or "killed off" where by she is able prevent the richest most powerful nation in the world to make something stick. Its as if you believe she has predernatural powers.

The clowns have nothing... no matter how bad you pain Hillary ...Trumpling and Cruzhole are the best you have... and stacked together they are nothing short of a national embarrassment.

Pig brains have implied that Trumpling was a plant put there by Democrats in order to make Hillary a sure thing. I think he is more of a plant by the clown brigade to make Bush-hole look good... because is some sick smarmy way he does. Who knew the clowns could sink even further?

I laugh at the clowns weak attempts at clever euphemisms to describe kicking butt. As I recall Lewinsky "going down" fiasco only increased Bill's popularity and approval ratings meanwhile the clown brigade dropped like flies... like the face of the conservatron party Noot leaving in disgrace. In fact, it is still dropping over the echo of the Lewinsky scandal. All that philandering, toe-tapping fake reporter call boys overnighter's in the Whitehouse the are only a fraction of infinite hypocritical craziness and the conservatives sanctimonious obsession with sexual matters.

Funny thing is... the clowns "solutions" are always worse than the problem... take Bush for example... purging the White House of the Lewinsky scandal by inserting the bozo "you want to have a beer with" ... is the republicl*wn's idea of fixing things.

Seriously you dumbasses need to get a new schtick. One that actually requires thought. Everything about the party of clowns as "gone down" since they got all uppity about Monica and Bill's personal affairs. Now you have the Trumpling and Cruzhole talking all tough on your behalf because everything you've done to make things even only get's your hineys spanked and you put in time out. You are desperate for a hero to bail you out of your B.S.

You know when the clownies were all about the Benghazi hearing and how Hillary was on the ropes... the senate investigation was just the clowns you elected to "fix all things wrong with the government" lining up, publicly spanked and sent back to their chairs. Most of the dribble that leaks out of your collective heads is nothing more than salacious conspiracy theories that demonstrate the depth of your wussieness and your fear of everything.

Clownslack you remind me of the beanbag bongbranis who were all about electing Obama mostly because of the republicl*wn diatribes of him being soft on terrorism and claiming that he would open the borders etc. None of which he campaigned on. It was all noise coming from the right that backfired on them when they put the bong down then got out to vote and thereby bitch slapping McClown and Paloonietunes soundly. Then two years later they are all boohooing because Obama wasn't all peace love and granola like they were told.

Seriously all the talking points you blather about her being just like the clowns and a carbon copy of Bush blah blah blah blop da blam....and yet the right makes no secret of their hatred of her. Hard for me to understand why because according to you she is a reoublicl*wn in disguise.

You are really naive if you think Sanders would change much wall street or that all things Wall Street are an anathema on humanity. On the contrary. Wall Street a lot of things possible for everyone. We are still the wealthiest nation on the planet raking in the lion's share of the planetary wealth. More people are alive now, living longer healthier lives because of Wall Street and Big Oil you are crazy if you think Bernie taking it down would not cause seriously global repercussions. It is as stupid as Trumpling insisting that he would stop doing business with China... who basically has us by the technological short hairs or wall off Mexico.

Yeah Hillary is in close cahoots with Wall Street... I want her there... I want Liz Warren there too.

What's your excuse for all of the previous opportunities to get Bin Laden when Clinton was president? Besides bombing a factory in Sudan killing a janitor.


Oh puhleeze!!!

You should already know the answer to that. The clown brigade ...(that's you and your friends)... were more interested in learning about a -------- than what Bill Clinton was doing about Bush's late business partner's baby brother. Its all a matter of public record bozo brain. Feel free to look it up. Your party got all "wag the doggy" about it... when in fact Clinton was trying to address a serious threat to the country... you and your party were paying Ken star 70 million tax dollars to come up empty handed... except for some salacious testimony by Monica Lewensky.

Your party has been bitch slapped back into your naughty corners for "a time out" more than once over that foolish question.

Not only that.. what did you put into the oval office to clean it up.... and what he do to take care of that bin Laden fella?

OOOOOHHHHHHH right right right... Bush II and we all know how well that went.

first he threw out a memo stating bin Laden was going to attack us... then her tells everyone to go shopping after he does attack us... then he decides to start a war because bin Laden wasn't a serious problem


MMMMHHHmmmmm them terriers really are bigger n' one person....

Funn-eh thaaaang... right there in that video... Bush said bin Laden looked for weakness and he found it... You bet he did... right after Bush was elected... got to love the irony of that.

What is it with you people? Do you compartmentalize every single event and not see the relationships to the bigger picture?

It gets stashed when it is cheaper than bringing it into the USA.


That's fine Snippy.... then let them take the rest of their stuff and move it offshore as well. They don't create jobs... except hiring a few servants, they don't pay taxes, and they use our military and legal system to protect their wealth... at your expense.

Trust me they are not working one second for the vast majority of their accrued self perpetuating wealth... because others are doing all the work.

Next time they decide they want to oust a dictator in order to protect their foreign assets why not call the Cayman army or the Panamanian army... or the Swiss Army to defend them and pay for it out of their own pockets? You know... like all those Haliburton Blackwater salaries when Cheney Bush decided to go all privatized. Ever notice how easy it was to privatized away when it was being paid for with tax dollars and not coming directly out of the pockets of those whose "livelihood" was being amplified and expanded on? Talk about your welfare queens.

Obviously they can afford to protect and defend themselves. Only 61 of them own wealth equivalent to what half the world's population (3.5billion) owns. 42 of those 61 live and use the protection and resources of the USA.

It's amazing that you can't see the level of avarice is beyond greed... and you defend them from having to actually pay American workers livable wages or add to provide for infrastructure the resources. What they would pay out would not diminish their lives one iota.

Your mind can't seem to wrap around what you sell out to because you think in terms of your bloated sense of self... you are barely a zit on their butts.

She circumvented that process because she didn't like it, like the rules don't apply to her.. and she's right, they don't, she'll have protection from the top because Democrats are not going to damage their front runner.


Oh dang, and gosh darn it....blah blah blah blah... rules don't apply to her .... waaa waaa waaa waaa... the dems always covering....boohooo boohooo.

Yeah, I know, to the righty tightys there is something about uppity women that is more irritating than uppity negroes.

In terms of party protectionism... I recall Bush the elder pardoning Casper Weinberger in order to sweep the Iran-Contra affair under the rug... not only getting himself off the hook but allowing Reagan the president presiding over one of the most corrupt administrations in US history to drift off into senility at his Western White House estate ... rather than face criminal charges.

As you recall Reagan had already been compelled to publically admit he screwed up all around the whole Iran-Contra affair because he was generally clueless about the going's on. Clowns were happy as clams at high tide to let Bonzo skate. Hell, the clowns named an airport after him.

Then there was Gerald Ford pardoning Nixon

Oh and lets not forget Governor Bush in FL and the '00 election.

Then there was the whole nation of clowns vilifying the poor in order to cover for Bush trashing the economy.

No wonder the pig brains are always looking for redemption through scandal.... your team keeps stacking it up and the best you get is the story about a --------.

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