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Especially if that member is a conservative black man and regular tells blacks about responsibility, right?
#13 | POSTED BY BOAZ AT 2014-11-24 08:21 AM | REPLY | FLAG:EYE ROLL

Well yeahhhh!!!... considering how many white roll models he had to emulate right? Newt Ginghole gonna take over the world and spread the ol right wing family values, Ted Haggard who made a living pontificating morality to the masses... Ahhhnuld Shwartzennodle zee pinnicle of zee aryan perfection... heck even Billyboy Clinton according to your records.

Which begs the question, were the women good to begin with?
#14 | POSTED BY BOAZ AT 2014-11-24 08:22 AM | REPLY | FLAG:UGH GEEZ

News flash Boazo...Their "goodness" doesn't mean diddly squat in the matter if the allegations are true. "Bad" girls get to determine who they are being "bad" with. Just like "bad" men.

People who role play "rape" scenarios know that is what they are doing in advance. Its not something you spring on someone and expect them to go along. Stupid.

A few of them got angry with him when he didn't want to continue the relationship and cried rape.

Ya know...Its no secret that Cosby had a reputaion for fooling around. The entertainment industry is huge and influential adding over 500 billion to the GDP.

But anyways.... lets jump right into making Bill Cos the victim...because lets face it some women are so desperate for a meal ticket they will do anything... including accuse the big bad Cos of rape after "an affair" ended.
It seems to me there are those implying affairs (separate and different than)and those that are implying rape. Not big secret either. Rape.. forced sex or sex occurring while they are unable to give consent... like being ruffed or passed out drunk. Intoxicated is not implied consent.

Obviously he was a ladies with a wide choice of willing participants and if he resorted to forcing unwilling participants the guy is a ------... too bad he's too old to do much about it if he is guilty.

This law is a steaming pile on so many levels and its unpopularity, right now, is higher than it has ever been. Keep in mind, the most painful aspects of the law have been delayed, so the public has yet to feel the full power of the dark side of the Force.
#24 | POSTED BY JEFFJ AT 2014-11-21 06:06 PM | FLAG: | NEWSWORTHY 1

Oh please!! Seriously?? Which vapid numbskull flagged this empty remark newsworthy?
You clowns need to grow a brain.

or how about learning critical thinking.

Come on Jeff give us some specifics that set this pile to steaming. Otherwise you are wasting bandwidth just yammering to yammer your mad. We already know you are angry and it is one of life's big "so whats?" because your mad about this does't matter. Its yours.

Besides I want to see if you have anything other than the dribble oozing from the brain of some petty little rightwingnut authoring an op-ed full of dire predictions dreamts up by such and such a some other rightwing think tank ad infinitum... to back up your claim.

I have this hunch your bloat is just a bunch of hot air and considering that you had to say nothing relevant to get a news worthy flag. If there is one the the clownies love is a whole lot of who like it when someone says nothing to get them happy. I know for sure you have plenty of company in the empty space where you put your psychic predictions of how hatred of it will grow as soon as people find out about it...

I guess you think no one knows about and for sure they it haven't read up on it... because according to you boy ol boy as soon as they do all hell will break loose.


Why bother trying to actually govern when you can act like any other spoiled brat and write executive orders? Democrats are idiots.

#12 | POSTED BY SAMES1 AT 2014-11-21 05:35 PM | FLAG: EXCUSE ME???!!

You think it is a spoiled brat that writes executive orders? Nooooo,,,, executive orders are written by executives... in this case Obama is the executive. He won two elections fair and square and inserted the ACA legally as it has been determined by every appeals process thrown at it. to cap it off it is a successful venture.

A spoiled brat is someone behaving like a sore loser... because they are sore losers rather than putting on their big girl panties on, sucking it up and moving on to something else. That is your team.
Here is an example:
See the kid in the red tee shirt... trying to go back and get something he things should have been his?
That is how the ------------- have be behaving the past 6 years. Boo hoo hooo Obama is mean whaaaaaa whaaaaa whaaaaa

The facts are clear anyway you write it sour grapes eating,sore losers throwing temper tantrums are not winning them executive positions ... and the last time they were in charge of executive positions they trashed the economy and went snipe hunting for wmds based on the advice of a cab driver.

Now here you are echoing their stupidity with nothing but your little ring tailed hissy fits unable to substantiate your particular brand of stupid with anything but a weird accusation that proves you are too lazy to use a dictionary and definitely do not under stand the what kind of behavior constitutes that of a "spoiled brat".

Seriously knucklehead give your diatribes a little consideration especially if your intent is to call someone an idiot. It is beyond idiocy to out idiot those whom you believe are idiots.

One of my favorite Nichols and May albums.

amazing talent who left a substantial legacy.

and there there is :
Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf?


No problem, "left wingers" you got your wish, kinda sucks doesn't it.....


DEA ol Tricky Dicks landmark legislation feather in his cap war he ultimately lost is the product of leftists? Seriously? Yeah riiiiiight. Seems to me you need to up your meds.

FDA? A leftwing organization? Well perhaps you think that because it was designed to get opiate and cocaine laced "snake oil cures" off the market. Doesn't occur to you that the purpose of the FDA is to insure that the substances consumes are not poisonous. But i bet you think the fellers that made Thalidamide should have been left alone and let natural selection "Laissez Faire" run its course. I dunno maybe putting a stop to the marketing of that sweet tasting ethelyne glycol to negroes as a cough cure was a bad idea. After all the negras likes them somma that sweet stuff and should have been able to drink all they wanted. Its the way gawd planned it and lefties were all about interfering with business.

The AMA (not a government organization but definitely packed with lobbyists) who squashed the first HMOs designed to reign in the cost of medical care in the 1930'3 and campaigned vehemently against Medicare? in the 1960's. The AMA who thought we should clamp down on marijuana use? The AMA that is the mother of all flip flopping elitist groups? What planet do you live on?

Leftists who protested the wars wished for this soldier to die humiliated and in pain? Do you read the crap you write? Is it that you just enjoy wasting bandwidth vituperate inanities that make no sense?

The nicest thing I can say is screw you. The war on drugs and the get tough on addicts is the brain fart of the rightwingnuts and their various church goin gawd fearin leaders and you know it. It was brought about because it was believed that drug addiction pacified potential cannon fodder to hurl at nations who political and economic policies the clowns disagreed with. It turned out to be a colossal waste of time... and money. Of course star spangled idiots like you are loath to admit it.

Funny to read crap you are blaming on the left. Its like a back to the future experience where I know one day you will be touting the ACA as something you will vow to protect from the evil leftists.

Hey clownies don't expect the ACA to cover your WAAAAAAAAAAAAAMULANCE . Sour grapes isn't covered ... you are on your own for your little apoplectic fits and you can't expect a dime in partial payment for your fainting couches. You are just going to have to ------- up and learn to live with how wrong you were (are).

I mean seriously when I read tripe like this ...

What going to happen when small business's figure this out.

RCADE needs to insert an eye roll flag.

Seriously MW? Really? Did you think about what you were saying when you wrote that?

You think small businesses are going be be blindsided after tooling along for a year in an improving economy only to face utter collapse come December 31 and Obama's nefarious plan to crush small businesses come to fruition? You think them as incompetent as the bloated businesses that hire the empty heads that dream up the scrawled opinions you cling to as proof of the impending disaster.

I am going to point it out again where you failures are.

The biggest one is that your team calls it Obamacare and there is no such thing as Obamacare thus you are fighting the non existent... or are deluding yourself into thinking you are fighting Obama with a chance to score a victory when most of his presidency is behind him.

In all the many months since its passing you have not dealt with the ACA sense of the word except you pass around the op ed dribble that agree with something you obviously know little about. You cling to worn out anecdotal blatherings as an indictment of everything Obama. Its a waste of bandwidth.

You go on about the "broken promise that everyone would get to keep their insurance policy" . I hear you that was a stupid thing to say but that is all it was. There has never ever evert ever ever ever been a guarantee that you could keep your same policy from one year to the next. There has never ever ever ever ever been a guarantee that your rates would not go up while your befits went down. Anyone who thinks these things is deluded. Those things went on before Obama was born and my guess always be a possibility. So get over it. Grow up.

Bad web sites come and go... they are just a fact of life... not a harbinger of disaster.

Now back to the first point the reason you cannot formulate a reasonable argument against the ACA is even after all this time you know little or nothing about it... ergo the best you can do is offer echo empty complaints.

Most importantly...

The worst that has happened is that you and the rest of your ilk is being proved wrong and there doesn't seem to be a cure for the pain it has caused to your bruised egos. Seriously... its been six years since Obama was elected time to find something else to hate.

Predictable. The clownies pour on the shrill, OH NOES!! Wait until after xmas when the shoe drops and there are still more people NOT applying for unemployment benefits as there were xmas 2008!!

. Some time in the next four years we will see the lowest numbers in unemployment mostly because the Republicans are back in play.

Awww how sweet... a defender of the clowns reading into the future and attributing the future success of the Obama presidency to the clownbased senate. I guess 4 years of a do nothing congress slowing down progress is not enough for them. All that chest thumping bloat inserted into the process failed to stopt policies the administration put in place before the obstructionism to nowhere Bozos, Chuckos and Krustys elected into office to change everything failed to deliver.

The Obama administration managed fine without them and the economy improved with one house tied behinds its back. Every time the clowns think they have Obama on the ropes he spanks you again... makes you madder and madder.

I gotta admit its fun to watch.

Since you are making predictions I am predicting a do nothing senate and Obama using his veto pen more while the economy continues to improve,consumer confidence rises as it already is doing... and unemployment well is just a non conversation starter. The only "lame" part of the "lame duck" finale of Obama is how lame the clowns look as they whine and beg the American people to let them have a ------------ preznit so they can shift the nation back into AFU mode and bask in their victimhood.

I don't think anyone has actually fought for anyone's freedom since the Civil war. The rest of the wars have been marketed and sold as someone is going to come after us and steal our freedoms... as if such a thing were possible.

We spent 10 years in Vietnam trying to take their freedom to choose which economic system they wanted their government to embrace. Obviously their commitment was stronger than ours.

To top it off it is usually civilians who end up sending our troops packing for home when our nations sends them out on a fool's errand to "spread freedom" and "free the oppressed".

The Military did not protect us from attack on 9/11/01 and it was civilians who stopped the final assault as the Military ran around in circles trying to figure out who bombed the main head quarters. It was pathetic if not a little embarrassing to behold.

Then as usual those who run the line or how the military is out protecting our freedoms does everything in its power to vilify those who exercise free speech in opposition to wasted actions or to criticize the administration whose stupidity created the circumstances leading up to yet another useless war that ultimately spends lots of resources and gains nothing.

The simple fact is for most people in the military it is their first job out of high school or a job they take when they can find no other job that doesn't involve handing food over the counter to someone.

All six branches of the military (Army, Navy, Marines, Air Force, Coast Guard, National Guard)are nothing more than businesses dependent on government grants and competing with one another for a share of tax revenue. Of course they spam the waves with a lot of feel good hooey designed to make people feel like they are getting something for wasted dollars spent dropping bombs and killing people as people watch tax dollars evaporate so that some one "can be all they can be" or "one of the few the proud the brave"... or whatever psychobabble is trending.

Do not give me semantics issues about which department of whatever the the C.G or Nat.G. are covered. The purpose is still the same. Dress them up, give them a weapon and demand a willingness to aim that weapon towards whomever or whatever they are directed to do so.

Seems to me the nation could do with one military complex that does everything. The nation could save a lot of money on B.S. and P.R. alone.

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