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I actually do care about them. Why do you say otherwise? It is not as if the likes of you try to keep them alive.


There you go reading minds again. You are really not good at it and perhaps you should go into another line of work.

Honestly when relating to my species... from zygot to geriatric all is human life to me and know for certain that for one human to take out another is homicide.... but it is not always murder.

Murder has a special distinction because it pertains to law. As with war...if abortion is legal it technically it is not murder. Ya see? That is how pig brains justify war... its legal. That is also how they justify abortion... because it is legal. That you continuously blame it on "libruls" is total nonesense.

The conservatron Reagan (one of them Hollyweird types) who is worshipped among a quasi-divine demonstrated such a lack of commitment to his personal ethics that he was the first governor to sign abortion into law... even though "he didn't l approve of it" I feel with certainty that the number of abortions participated in by ----- bearing republiclown politicians is greater per capita than democratic politicians sans ------.

Do I condone or condemn abortion? I see it as the same across the spectrum of homicide. It doesn't matter what I think... or what you think...it is what it is. Unless I am working to address the perceived need to take a human life then I don't have much to offer in preventing it... nor do you. Damanding that it stop, or calling it a sin is meaningless.

I have read your diatribes about your attitude in caring for the population we have now ... had the exponential of 7+ million aborted fetuses since legalization been realized I think you would would be in a terminal state of the sanctimonious hissy fit vapors.

BTW the bible doesn't discuss abortion so there isn't actually a religious precedent in the Judeau/Christian model. So all the bible thumping is just a lot of noise and twisting of interpretations (big surprise) of biblical verse to fit the rightwingnut blathersphere. Par for the course there. Funny how they didn't use the same passages when they sat in church praying for a war victory... which involves the gamut of homicidal possibilities... including the abortion of fetuses.

Funny how you never go on and on about what your part is in making it seem like such an attractive option.

Even with this reduction this fiasco will still cost WAY more than what was promised when it was being sold to the public.


Credible link to your hyperbole?

Otherwise just bend over. This won't hurt a bit.

Good. There you go... That's a good clown. Time for you to take your medicine.

Okay now turn your head and give us a good cough.

Somebody should tell them to quit worrying about the next 10 years and tell us about 2014. Maybe they can determine how many people actually paid.


You people are too fun-neh. Three months into it and you are doing the same thing you were doing when you were blaming the economy that your team tanked on "Obamacare" even before any of it was enacted.

Oh so now you want to see into the future! Your team didn't give a flying frappe discussing the cost to free the Iraqi people from some evil dictator and build two nations while providing medical care for them as part of the war package. Borrowing the money and paying chickenhawks.

Anyway here it goes again... the figures thus far.

7.5 million signed up for insurance (the kind they will pay for) 3 million for medicare because they don't earn enough to buy insurance. I don't know how many times you have to be told this. The number of insured as reached its highest level in 5 years... you know 5 years ago when the nation was hemorrhaging jobs after Bush-holes stellar performance in leadership and his delegation of the execution of a two wars to a chicken hawk.

I don't think there will be a cure for those who are bitter over the ability of Americans being able to afford insurance.

My point exactly. Once everyone thought both were human.
Then liberals came along and dehumanized the fetus. All while talking about 'human rights' of course.


I doubt if you care one way or another about the fate of fetuses. I think you are more interested it some other faux cause du jour to feel sanctimonious about.

The point of terminating a pregnancy is to avoid taking on the burden of responsibility involved in raising a human child. The persons aborting the fetus know perfectly well they are taking out a human they don't want in their lives. So ya see knuckle head.. there is nothing dehumanizing about it. Its very human.

Fun-neh how the Bozo's just loves them human abstractions like unviable fetuses.

But lets get serious here...you know as well as me that conservatrons love to dislodge and flush fetuses when it might interfere with their sense of what is cozy. Heaven help us if little Justin should have to live with t consequences of this youthful indiscretion. Boys will be boys and all that.

Ya know DioBlowhard the problem with pig brains like you is you is your flat earth mentality where you pretend you can seen though the ages into the minds of everyone who lived is alive and will live.

You see what clowns like to do is deem themselves qualified for determining when the products of conception lose their humanity and denied access to affordable to medical care, sustenance, shelter and education. When a clown jumps up and down demanding they we nuke Iran or Palistine... or any one of their favorite targets they never sit around and discuss the likelihood of fetuses they will be taking out in their scorched earth policy solutions.

Is this world better off because the mother in this story who committed infanticide wasn't aborted?

I bet you are cheering that woman because she is acting like an outraged Muslim. Right?

Just a little reminder for the DR clown brigade. A little something to watch as you munch on your dinner of crow and sour grapes.


Hillary Clinton knows how to handle shoes.

Not a single one of the Krusty Bozos, Chuckos, Ronalds,and Clarabells of the convservatron clown club have a woman in your ranks that is even worthy of being a stain on the soles of Hillary's shoes. .. and you know it.

Your ideal is for a female presidential contender is your favorite ---- Sarah Palin.... who didn;t know what the Bush doctrine was...
or for a former first lady that republiclown hottie Babs Bush who didn't want to sully her beautiful mind with the thought of body bags as her son prepared to execute a war based on the advice of a cab driver.

Let me see...what else do republiclown first ladies do? Oh yeah thats right... nothing of significance.

As for the nut job throwing her shoe? She attempted an assault on a former first lady to avenge the death of Che Guevera? Even better is you cheer her on!! WTG righty tighties!! Them commies need to be avenged!!

I totally get it...!! You like your women to be just like you!

Actually that isn't right.
Allow me to correct.

In your misogynist's world view you like them to be more stupid than you and you want them breedable. I guess there just can't be enough stupid for you.

Now why don't you run off and do another Benghazi investigation so you can stand in line and let Hillary slap you again...

Seriously your team has gone after two things in three years.. Benghazi and the ACA... and how well did you do?


Socialism works for now in a few countries, barely, and only in smaller countries. Europe is in more trouble than we are and it is because of socialism and the idiotic immigration policies they have.


The European Union has 28 member states has a larger economy than the United States. So how bad can it be? Seriously? Their citizens have a higher quality of life on less money than their US counterparts. They smoke drink and dance the hoochie coo and have a lower infant mortality rate we do. They pay their medicos less for better care

Once again you grope around that vacuous cavity between your ears and come up with nothing pertinent to offer as a contrary opinion... because you have nothing to offer in effective rebuttal. You wouldn't know a cogent argument if your life depended on it. What you did with your vapid little hissy fit here proves that.

The clown brigade spent the last 5 years or so trying their pathetic best to stop the wheels of progress for the US health care system. Their favorite argument was evils of socialism. The fact still remains that everyone of our allies at least our most effective allies has some socialism woven into their economic systems. So really ... how bad can it be?

The pig brains the conservatrons elected into office in the last half century left office in disgrace and did little when they retired from office. If Bush the elder hadn't pardoned Weinberger, Reagan's transgressions would have made Nixon's look equal a girl scout selling stale cookies. I guess it really bothers you to have the last half century of republiclown buffoonery used as earmarks for your lack of credibility.

Most of the time all I do is point out the obvious the the clown brigade. I have no doubt that upsets your sensitivities.

What can I say? Boohoo sux to be you

Until they show how many people are really paying that did not have insurance before we all know the data is false.

Uhm... 7.1 million signed up to receive insurance via ACA

An additional 3 million signed up via the ACA exchange and received Medicare.

So there you go. They've been saying it for days.

Now why don't you run off and show me how many people who "lost their health coverage" are currently uninsured. The current data shows that more people now have health insurance than did a year ago.

More people have coverage... you pigs!! You dragged your floppy clown feet until it became a pointless exercise in futility. Once your foot dragging temper tantrum was over more people are insured. The weird thing is that bothers you.

What is ultimately happening is the ACA is also a cure for your brand of stupid... as is demonstrated by this "little fix".

Obama has prevailed over the most recalcitrant pack of republiclowns in history and always smacks you down... or even better gives you enough room to hang your selves like you did with the government the shut down. Then you are sent to your rooms to cry it out. The most insane part of it is when you are let out you start the same ol same ol again... and gegt beat down again. Its so predictable.

You convinced yourselves he was a soft touch... soft on terrorists, soft on the economy... soft on everything... so when he shoved you face in the mud again and again... you think up some new fantasy conspiracy of predernatural outside help rather than admit he beats your butt with his leadership capabilities... and he is way smart and tougher than you thought. His personality was honed from an entire life of facing down pig brains like you and winning. If he is a "Frankenstein", he is the one you created. Now you're eating it.

Reminds me of Hillary Clinton and the Benghazi hearings when clown after clown stood in line to let her slap them in the face... sending them back to their chairs to do the boo hoo like a freaking pack of masochists. Then you start making up conspiracy theories... because you don't have a scandal.

The reason Nixon, Reagan, and Bush2 one and two were busted is because their hubris wasn't something you had to look for. It was obvious to the world. Nixon and Reagan schmoozed the commies and Bush1 and 2 schmoozed the terrorists.. because it makes a lot of money. The crime is pig brains like you don't want to profits to return and benefit the entire nation you want the profits to great more war and benefit the few.

You lying sacks will go on about how you want taxes given back to the citizens when in fact you will just divert them to some new "defense strategy" so you can stir up more crap and create the situation you insist you are rallying against.

BTW Socialism is not a bad word... works for most of our allies... except maybe Mexico... but when we go to war it isn't Mexico who sends in troops... but they will sell us lots of oil... in fact go down the short list of our "allies" and show me one that doesn't have a socialist policy in place that jumps to our war efforts.

Republiclowns need to grow up and they need to grow a brain.

He started it Tonto...along with several others but he is no longer involved with it.

Hate to blow your bubble in your brain flatulence but your point illustrates what I was saying. He isn't active.

Among the main criticisms of PEPFAR and US global health assistance have been the lack of coordination between health programmes in partner countries, a need for greater focus on the sustainability of health programmes, and a lack of partner country involvement.8 9

Just a few months after PEPFAR was reauthorised in 2008, the Obama administration announced a new approach to the US government's delivery of its health assistance worldwide, which seemed designed to address these criticisms.10 Termed 'the Global Health Initiative' or GHI, it provides a framework for increased coordination of strategies related to health and development in the more than 80 countries which receive US aid for health. One of the main rationales behind the Global Health Initiative is to provide a set of overall guiding principles.11 These include:

A focus on women, girls and gender equality
Integration between health programmes with an emphasis on overall health systems strengthening
Greater coordination with other organisations such as multilateral organisations like the Global Fund and the private sector.
Promotion of country ownership by involving country leadership in the planning and implementation of PEPFAR funded health programmes.

What this actually points out was the clowns installed another sock puppet "onna counna he wuz sum one ya felt ya cud sit down an drank a beer with."

It suffered like so many thing Bush-hole duce is from lack of oversight.

In 2008, a report published previously unreported data obtained through the Freedom of Information Act.38 The report revealed that from 2004-2006 most funds went to international NGOs, and local community based organisations were found to have received on average only 11 percent of PEPFAR funds over this period.

Ya see? Mr Beerbong president liked to delegate whilst he turned his attention to hanging out on the ranch and choppin weedz. He and the Reagan sock puppet spent more time on vacation than any presidents in history. Onna counna itz hard werk. Which is why so much crap got by them. Reagan had the most corrupt administration in the history of the office. Bush had the crooks left standing from the Reagan cabinet.... most of the clown brigade still can't manage the simple math regarding that fact. Your team seems to think things are done when you wear the flight suit.

Sounds a lot like the numbskulls your party elected to congress.

...and the world is probably better off that he stay in the tub with Mr. Bubbles and the John Gnagy paintin' kit momma Babs bought for him when he was twelve. Mostly because of his lack of follow through.

...and he gets axed by Mozilla for expressing his 1st Amendment guaranteed opinion.

#13 | POSTED BY DIABLO AT 2014-04-05 03:09 AM | REPLY | FLAG:SO HE SAYS

1st Amendment guaranteed opinion. ???? No amendment can guarantee an opinion.
1st amendment guarantees his right to publish what ever story he wants to regarding the reason for his "dismissal". According to the report, the facts are he resigned under pressure. What was the pressure? From the sounds of it he ------- out after others started using their 1st amendment rights in protest of his campaign contribution to the prop 8 bill that would . The loss of his position had nothing to do with his 1st amendment activities but with a campaign contribution he made.

Several people in his workplace were exercising 1st amendment rights and the guy resigned not because of his beliefs but because he was outnumbered and he wasn't man enough to stand up for his convictions in what he felt was a hostile environment.

Ya see the 1st amendment was not designed for only those you agree with.

Once again democracy by consensus takes the day... and DIablowhard gets all in a lather and exercised his 1st amendment rights with a boohoo deflection post.

Funn-eh how these things work out.

On topic... global warming is taking place. Every time global warming has occurred it is due to natural phenomena. Human beings are natural phenomena whose behavior
increases conditions that brings about the possibilities of climate change. As a species we need to address our part in it and remedy that. Using the precedent of why what what happened to the dinosaurs occurred is stupid logic because the situation is different now. We don't have as much plant life as the dinosaurs.. because we are mowing that down. The clowns don't have a meteor to blame it on... or gods wrath or whatever blop da blam they pull out of the butt cracks... even though the mere act of clinging to their analogy pokes hole in their circular logic where they are for science before they are against it... and then for it... and then against it. The clown brigade of deniers who love to waffle about in their world views of science and a 6000 year old planet except when they talk about climate change.

There are over 7 billion people and if the weather conditions do cause food shortages the results will be catastrophic and create a huge humanitarian crisis... and then you will see a major example of democracy by consensus. If they think they have a problem with the media and "libruls" portending potential catastrophe wait till you see how they handle the actual mess as it unfolds.

Precedent does not supersede what is going on now and the pig brains need to wrap their heads around that truth.

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