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Problem is that when she will spell out her ideas, she will be pandering to the democratic base and then will do move to the center for the general election and once in office move to the right like the good little neocon she is.


Who do you consult Walter Mercado? You have said nothing you can substantiate. Hillary is not a neo-con by any stretch of the imagination... if she were you would not have had the Benghazi thing to whine over. Seriously... stupid thing to say.

Triangulating herself in robotic fashion. No wonder Obama was able to push her aside in '08. He sought to inspire. She sought not to offend.


Obama did not push her aside it stayed a very close race for a long time. The Democrats had a strong field that year.
I think what happened was besides having nothing to offer the republic---ns did such a good job marketing Obama as such an inexperienced socialist peace-nik... because of his stance on Iraq... that they prompted the uber-liberals in the democratic base to put down their bongs and rise from their bean bag chairs to go and vote. It was funny to watch because Obama never once gave any hint of being one to lead a round of Kumbaya but that is how the clowns marketed him.

Once elected the right continued to push that right up to the time he turned bin Laden into fish food while simultaneously turning it into a racial and class war by vilifying the poor. The clowns make it very clear they do no want the poor among their ranks and have no sympathy for them even though their policies have created the situations that increased their numbers. They do however want their votes and like most things on the clown's shopping list of wants... they do not want to pay for it.

Either way both elections the right candidate won... the clowns are giving us nothing worth electing.

Hillary has a good mind for the job better than anything the clowns have put out... the stuck do nothing losers in congress and a crybaby to lead the senate . We also have Elizabeth Warren in our field...

another good mind... the clowns have nothing.

The only set back for the democrats is the two best minds occupy women's bodies... and that is more due to a cultural bias than anything... that is still two more than the clowns have at any level.

Coming from the cirrus that the white house has become, being considered a joke by these clowns is a badge of honer.


I guess by "honer" you mean the badge of one who hones.

Beyond that calling the man who beat the clowns twice by both popular and electoral votes two times in a row... the first time since FDR did it and the third time in electoral college history ... I'm not sure what you mean with your snark and I don't think you know what you mean other than you just don't like him.

Considering that in the past 40 years two out of 5 republic___n preznits left office in disgrace, and one presided over the most corrupt administration in US history and would have been disgraced had his predecessor not given blanket pardons to those who's testimony would have convicted him... and one of the clown preznits was cast into that position by default having never actually won an election and assumed the position because the both the Pres and the VPres had to resign in disgrace.

So basically since 1972 the clowns have elected one out of 5 presidents who except for the pardoning thing was marginally successful... well maybe... other than the fact he was unable to keep his "read my lips" promise of now new taxes by passing one of the largest tax hikes in US history to cover this predecessors free spending ways.

Seriously when the clowns screech about restoring values I have only to look at what they have put out since I first started voting and it doesn't look good at all. What my country has endured from the clown car is 32 years of rampant conservatron corruption, cover up and financial disasters as a result of their tenures in office.

You may think Jimmy Carter was weak an ineffectual or that Clinton was a manslut... and you may long for something awful you can hang on Obama...but nothing compares to the trashing the clowns have subjected this nation to under the auspices of conservatron clown leadership.

But then again... maybe you aren't a republic___n maybe you are a libertarian in which case you can't be taken seriously because that party is serving as a place holder for embarrassed clowns and is yet to be a game changer... Although it does talk a lot about being one... but a clown is a clown is a clown. You can't to be a game changer by insisting on reinserting failed policies and quoting a bitter Russian novelists who was on the wrong side of history.

I am so glad that I am too old to be called up for the next war. I look at what is said and if we have so little confidence in ourselves now, what will happen if things don't work out from the get go? Shall we surrender to the bad guys wearing turbans? I wonder if the left will have a change of heart when the casualties are measured in the tens of thousands and someone demands homosexuals to hang- along with atheist, secular humanist,etc...


Oh looky D-Joke has some new future event to blame on the libruls.

It is nothing short of mind boggling to read commentary from some one who wants to put the same group in charge of the country who were at the helm when our country was attacked by on its own soil for the first time in its history. An attack sponsored by the baby bother of the commander in chiefs business parter.

As the buildings were collapsing the Commander in Chiefs father a former Commander in Chief himself was attending a business meeting with Saudis including some bin Laden family members... and the immediate aftermath made arrangements for the evacuation of 150 Saudi nationals including some bin Laden family members.

Meanwhile the Commander in Chief felt it better to sit and read to children about a pet goat rather than drop what he was doing and jump into action.

Within 48 hours after the attack as Bush was standing on the rubble burying 3000 corpses telling everyone to go shopping the Saudis including the bin Laden family members were allowed to leave the country and return to Saudi Arabia and points beyond as all other flights were officially grounded.

Bush started his Islam is a religion of peace meme within hours after the attack and even was going to hire a company from Dubai to provide security for out ports . Bush hosted the first Iftar dinner at the White House. The Bush family was famous for its coddling of the Saudis... even as it was revealed that they were financing the insurgency. The Bush family has been in business with them and inserting them into the American mainstream since the 1930's!

You want to blame "the libruls" for bringing rag heads into America and allowing them to flourish with their evil Sharia ways!!! Well if that is going to happen you need to face the fact that, that ship sailed long before most of us were born and it wasn't the "libruls" who started trend. You just need to look into some decidedly American businesses like Disney, Hard Rock Cafe, Snapple to name a few not to mention the Carlyle Group and the Koch brothers deep ties to the House of Saud.

But I see Boaz is sharing his stupid pills with you and you gobbled them down you ignorant insipid little twit.

You know it has been said that King Abdullah could not stand Obama... but he loved him some Bush.

Just because you have forgotten about the 20 years of a having a Bush inserted the White House does not mean the rest of us have. The last 8 years were particularly stupid... you know which years I am referring to... the one's you want to pretend never happened. The 8 years to put a frat boy in charge because he was a down home boy you wanted to have a beer with.

If the evil islamofascists causing you to wet your Depends have a foothold in this country it is not the libruls who put them here.

What does that say about the party that has the the HoR and Senate wrested away by them? They are incredibly, incredibly wrong?


I bet you are getting yourself all worked up at the possibility of having the entire government back in the hands of the clown brigade aren't you? Yeah Americans so want to go back to the Bush years.

Meanwhile back in reality land Obama breaks out that set of veto pens he's been waiting to use but there was a do nothing congress working for 5 years to repeal the unrepealable rather than doing their... like assigning ambassadors and working with NATO and war powers... the budget... things like that .

Yes while you were enjoying your retirement driving around the country the congress you voted into office were having eraser fights in the class room and not doing their assignments.

It would be nice to see if the clowns can take advantage of it get off their stupid clown hineys and actually compose some piece of legislation they can hang their hat on and move country forward instead of trying unsuccessfully to undo Obama's BFD which has been so successful.

Where are the untried in the US ideas they have to bring forth instead of doing yet another stab at things that have failed repeatedly ... I mean that whole tax thing has been tried and failed more times than they are willing to admit because they keep rewriting it and convincing themselves they invented the wheel.

See that is the irony of the clown brigade they talking about moving the nation forward insisting on giving their failed policies a little more time. For example the additional two years of the Bush tax breaks which did nothing but prolong the agony of their failed economic policies... and the two years of postponing the ACA while they dragged it through appeals processes all the while insisting that it was the source of the economic woes when it had not even been enacted on any level... it was still preimplementation... and their tax cut reprise was still dragging the economy down and the were vilifying the poor as they created more of them to vilify.

When the Bush tax cuts were finally allowed to expire and the ACA is finally being implemented and showing as a success... the economy is showing the improvements your party has done its best to reign in.... mostly because you don't want Obama to be the one to fix your ---- ups and worse yet have the democrats once again show you how it is done.... let alone be the first president of African decent to do it. Especially one who is not the product of the freed American slave population... so there is nothing in or about Obama that you can take credit for.

In fact if you look at it seriously. The clowns shot their wad with Lincoln who pushed forward the idea of having the US function sans slavery.... you having quite yet grasped the idea of paying people well for they work they do. You brow beat people for wanting all the things of the American dream because you like saying you want them to have it... but you don't want to pay for it... you want it to appear out of thin air... like back in the day before unions ... when sweat shop workers where a non entity. .. and the rich paid no taxes.

Why don't you try electing a politician with an idea that doesn't involve repealing the ACA... or hasn't been repeatedly exhausted every 50 years like thinking they nations can get by without taxing those who make their fortunes here.

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