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Secular nations have a tendency to kill their own.... why is that?
SovietUnion, Hitler (changed view on religion when put in power), China, Poland, Cambodia...... Religion gets in the way of the secular power...


Hitler was not killing Jews the religion but the Jewish "race". Today there are Jews of atheist persuasion, and even Buddhist Jews or JewBus.. Leonard Cohen was/is one. Then of course their are those who practice, mystical, spiritual and religious tied to Judaic traditions but those who don't are not exempt from being Jewish.

It is a tribal / familial group thing and some factions are determined to keep it incestuously insular refusing to bring gentile blood into the lineage... sort of like the European Royalty has done / does with thier blue blood.

A Jew is a Jew even even if they are unable to afford to pay for or are unwilling pay for their seats in a Synagog. Yeah they have to pay to belong to a Synagogue. Mormons and Scientologist did not invent that practice of commitment to cash to support a "place of worship".

To accuse secular governments of killing "their own" is inane considering we are all of the same species. If you count how many of the European wars were sanctioned acts of "white on white" tribal violence you will find out they all were with a (fill in the blank) for the raison du jour.

Right now in the US and elsewhere there is a frenzy bubbling to condemn all followers of Islam insisting that there is some sort of blood lust at the very root of the religion and that anyone exposed to the teachings are subject to that mindset. Thus they must be eliminated and they must be eliminated now. Funny the flip flopping on that one. We were for bin Laden before we were against him. We were for Saddam Hussein before we where against him. Oh well since you can't really tell the difference...lets just kill all of them and let god sort it out.

Well like it or not we are at war. With what happened in France. I am hoping we are at critical mass now and the tipping point will go the direction against the whack jobs. Since 1950 we get our asses handed to us in ground wars. To me drones seem like the better alternative. The math is simple you can have a bunch of vets walking in circles on titanium limbs yammering to them selves about the voices in their heads or you can send drones in.

Yeah I suppose twelve year olds get taken out... now and then... perhaps people will eventually learn to be more cautious about who's on the guest list at weddings. As far as US citizens getting vaporized by drones ... too bad they did not consider they company they were keeping. When people throw fits about due process they were there hanging with sworn enemies. Everyone knows the risk they are taking going over there for any reason. Noble or stupid all the same. Sometimes going on an adventure is lethal.

War is is designed to be grim, gruesome and totally unfair... but those pigs that gunned down a dozen in Paris for a capricious crime like "idolotry" need to be taken out. That drones are garnering a lot of disfavor is a good thing. I hope it gives them the ickies.,, and eventually they get it through their keffiyeh's we mean business.

In this country we have plenty of religious whack jobs hearing Jesus talk to them personally telling them how to prepare for the big Holy war of Armageddon that is coming any day now. We also have what happened to Branch Davidian compound in Waco Texas to serve as an example of what they can look forward to if they get too out of hand. That is as it should be with misogynist inbreeding child molesters doing nasty in the name of god.

Now the Arabs have played us for fools selling us jet fuel while financing continued attacks against us with the profits from sales of that fuel. In the process they have spawned their own version of religious wackjobs... comprised of mostly young males... I think even they are surprised at the monster of their own creation. Until they show a willingness to go Waco on their wackos and pull the reins in on them themselves then maybe we will drone then until the misogynist bastards notice there is a serious shortage of young males to hold dominion over the holy land.

I wonder what the Bush prescription plan cost? We are nearing the 10 year mark. The CBO made some projections back then. I was the largest welfare expansion since Medicare.

Bush forecast it to cost 393 billion while the chief actuary of the Medicare system projected it would cost 530 billion over the first decade. In order for it to pass it was supposed to not cost more than 400 billion since its inception, however Bush did not include the other estimate when he asked for the votes.

The clowns chose to do that over passing cost containment actions over the drug companies. Guess they thought we should be paying 60% more than Canada or the UK. Guess they thought we should subsidize their drug plans so big pharma doesn't lose profit. The congressional clowns passed it with 5 votes. The senate clowns with 9 votes. I prevents the tax payers from negotiating with the drug companies. Thats how they look of for ya.
Mr. John (the deficit hawk) Boehner was for the plan all the way.
In 2013 it had added 320 billion to the national debt.

Obama care will take some of the teeth out of the drug companies gouge permissions because insurance companies are allowed to negotiate and the more members the better price they get.

The up side of the plan D program is 11 millions seniors were able to get prescription drug coverage. Stick that in yer bubblle pipe and smoke it clownies.

I really do not understand the clownbased reluctance to ensure all US citizens health care is covered. It would go a long way. Plan D is looking like one of the best things about the Bush Administration.

Your mind is way too far out in left field. What did it show about war that was so nice?
It showed the panic, dirt and grime, and death. If that glorifies war you are warped.

#17 | POSTED BY SNIPER AT 2015-01-26 11:10 AM | FLAG: EYE ROLL

That remark was too stupid to describe.... and there you go insisting you can read my mind then make it obvious you haven't a clue.
However let me offer you a clue about how I think your mind works based on what you said in your remark. Snippy I think I think you just wanted to bitch me out so you did it for something you thought I said more because you want to bitch me out for something because I don't want to slide down the path to your version of stupid.

I said it glorifies war heroics. You blathered on about panic, dirt, grime and death and then went on to intimate that I said it glorifies war. No where did I say that war is glorious or that the movie said that war is glorious. Idiot.

Now that that is out of the way I will say this, there are plenty of things glorified in the minds of some human beings that are in fact scenes of panic, dirt, grime and death. The crucifixion of Jesus the Christ has been glorified and it has all the things you mentioned. and the underlying theme that Jesus did it all for us is what glorifies it. To put a cherry on it (according to biblical lore) it was his own people the Jews who had it done to him.

Spoiler Alert
The movie is chock full of the "he did it for us" meme... It starts out with Dad telling him that in his facts of life speech over supper. The main character also says it several times. and in the end he is wacked by one of his own. It is the theme of the movie.

I think the difference between you and me is that I do not believe it is possible for someone to give their life for another. We are all going to die. There is no sacrifice with death. Death is the inevitable conclusion to all we do. Painting it up as something special under certain circumstances is a con job used to get some people to do stupid things to make life miserable for others.

Spoiler Alert
One of the more subtle tracts in the movie was that he was up against another with similar fighting skills who was a family man just like himself... and he killed him... once he killed his mirror image he was ready to go home.

I doubt if you gave the movie that much thought... you were too captivated by the glory of it all.

Do not try to match wits with me Snippy because you will lose.

He did all of this to supposedly help Israel but all he did was make Obama hate that nation even more than he already does, and that's pretty hard to do.
Epic fail on all fronts IMO.


Do you have a link to the video where Obama insists that he hates Israel?

No one needs to do anything for Nuttyahoo to show his ass and Boehner did an incredibly stupid thing on the heels of having the screws put to him by those in his own party who want that cry baby out. Makes me wonder if was a set up.

The Congress you think Obama has been rude to?.... had seventeen birthers in its ranks. I guess you don't think the birther thing was rude. Frankly the way I see it those pigs don't deserve Obama's respect... and Obama has certainly demonstrated more political decorum than any of them. Regardless they still were hired to do a job which they have failed miserably at doing because they spent 4 years spinning their short sighted wheels.

When it comes down to it, the worst thing Obama is doing "to them" is "letting them" screw themselves... although I doubt seriously anyone can prevent that train wreck.

That temper tantrum you allude to? You don;t think Obama is supposed to get angry when someone purposely undermines him to posture in front of those who only a week ago wanted him out? Using actions of aimed at international provocation to goad a president because he doesn't respect him only serves to justify why they don't deserve it.

You think the clown brigade is all agog about going in to fight Iran?

Tell me ddan, what is winning bread now?

What is winning the bread now Snippy is companies holding work and wages hostage until the American worker is willing to work for what they pay the workers from Asian companies. Even Mexico can't compete with Asia.

Now addressing your other sophomoric observation...
Actually the real estate industry had a field day when families became two income. Prices went through the roof. The dark ages that you are speaking of with the one car, t.v. phone, etc were a time when a woman could not get a bank to fiance a mortgage if she were of child bearing age. Go ahead Snippy feel free to look it up.

Then the mortgage institutions when on an interest hiking spree the clowns like to blame on Carter.... when it actually started under Nixon/Ford and was sped up by oil embargo numero uno, and then the massive unemployment that followed extracting ourselves from Vietnam, the ensuing inflation... You know who Ford is? The John Boehner of the time who ended up being appointed preznit after Spirochette and Dick had to leave office in disgrace.... and the worst economic crash since the Great Depression. Matter of pubic record.

Yeah the same Ford that said""Every housewife knows almost exactly how much she spent for food last week. If you cannot spare a penny from your food budget - and I know there are many -surely you can cut the food that you waste by 5 percent." That was how Ford addressed inflation.

Then Carter was hired to clean things up but it was just not happening fast enough for the clowns... poor babies were miserable. So the next round they inserted the most crooked administration in US history to remedy things.

Then the money(borrowed)flowed like water. Debt ceiling was raised 19 times and the yuppies too wired on cocaine did not give a flying frappe one way or another as long as they got theirs.

Funn-eh thang when the clowns insert someone to fix things it is always worse than the last one they inserted.

JUST REPORTED ...confirmation coming that ISIS has beheaded one of the japaneese captives.....don't believe the killer was wearing a CROSS when he did it..
#3 | POSTED BY AFKABL2 AT 2015-01-24 11:14 AM | REPLY | FLAG:EYE ROLL

soooooo you don't think there were are a few cross or Mogan David wearing members of the US armed forces over there decapitating innocent Muslims? You know like when someone did not stop fast enough at a checkpoint and they insert a .50 caliber bullet into their skull at high velocity? It is much messier than a knife but equally as effective.

How about those off camera things Bush-hole failed to show you when he executed his "televised" during the take over of Iraq. You know the death of people defending their country by a superior fighting machine. BTW in case you missed it those are the things that inspired the "terrorist movement". Just like Americans who filled the churches praying for the success of the action... on both sides God is the excuse to continue it.

What I truly do not understand with the hawks here is how they get their tails all in a knot when they see what happens when you accept the challenge to unleash the "mother of all wars". I think it is a shame they do not show footage from both sides of the conflict. Those of you who demand blood sacrifice to appease your Christian god would be thrilled.

Not only that you insist that Obama is not doing enough... I'm not sure what else he should be doing. What? Start yet another war? Send Americans in to behead the beheaders?

He disrespects Congress, as the saying goes, you want respect, show some.


The congress you insist should be getting respect spent 4 years working on one project ignoring the rest of their responsibilities. They failed at achieving their focused objective. The least productive congress in history had done nothing to deserve respect.

I would ask you to stop being stupid but that is like asking this republic___n congress to do its job.

1. you mean the same Yemen pf bin Laden fame? (run out and read you some history) Not only did they sleep with the Devil (no offence) they birthed the Devil. It is not our responsibility to keep failed governments intact. How much money and how many bodies do you want to keep tossing at countries with centuries old tribal feuds? More than Bush alloted for your beloved TARP? Do you think this is the first government to fall over there because one faction of Islamists bitch slapped another?

2. Uh yeah riiiight... yours is the team that bawls like a dying calf in a hail storm at the mere thought of paying minimum wage earners a livable wage because of the burden it will place on "small business". Someone needs to explain to you that a "franchise" is not really a small business... and franchise owners do not actually own a small business they are leasing the rights to use the products and merchandising of a corporation i.e. at best they are lower middle management of a big businesses who work on commission.

3.For some reason I think the irony of your remark escaped when you burped your brain to formulate opinion #3. Okay lets just say Bush was wonderful ... because he had to abandon the free market principles... in order to save the free market.(his words)
So when Bush engaged in socialism it was wonderful compared to when Obama engaged in it.
Wellllllll one thing we know for sure. Bush's socialist policies were better than his capitalist policies... and that is why he abandoned them. Bush policies are the reason he left office in disgrace. Obama will leave the office of POTUS in better shape than he found it. There is nothing you can do to change that.

I gotta tell you I am curious now.. we have reached the 10 year mark of Bush's giveaway drug plan ... I wonder how much it has cost us?

BUT before I go and come back for what I'm sure will be a non answer....don't forget that iran already has missles that can carry a nuke to isreal....NOW they're getting the means to send one to our shores.....doesn't that bother you even a little ?

#115 | POSTED BY AFKABL2 AT 2015-01-24 11:46 AM | REPLY | FLAG:EYE ROLL

Oh puhleeze!! I am a baby boomer. I cannot remember a day in my life when some hot headed (usually republic____ president) was warning me of eminent dangers of some far off threat.

Short answer. Nope doesn't bother me a bit.

The only nations we seem to not go to war with are nuked nations. In fact nukes or friends with a nuke carriers seems to be the prerequisite for peaceful business negotiations with the US. That is why they want them.

The clowns are always trying to say so and so is after us and want to take blah blah blah... China is nuked up to its ----... not that you have to be to insure mutual destruction... The size of the male population alone... is a force of fighting age men... with military training through conscripted military service could replace every citizen in the US. Add to that the women do conscripted service too is the cherry on top. throw in they've been manufacturing military components... welllllll

No wonder Nixon had the foresight to start some diplomatic @$$kissing after screwing the pooch in the little brainchild called Vietnam that he was cooking up when he was VP for Ike.

30 years ago the Chinese were godless commie whackos, with no regard for human life just aching to take over the world through mind control. Their products were considered cheap and undesirable etc etc etc... Today they are favored trading partners to whom we owe a butt load of money to.

We are better off ... and it seems it took us the wasted effort in Iraq for it to finally sink into the righty tighties thick heads when the war in Iraq failed to pay for itself ... to harvest our own energy resources and seek alternative means.

and please to not blame the greenies.. the greenies have been an excuse but never a reason. As long as they could get the sweet crude on the cheap from the ME it was easy to play the greenie card.

The longer we stay mucking around in the ME where our allies play us for suckers funding terrorists for us to fight the longer the drain on our resources... and the resources of other nations who were hired by Haliburton et al so that the we had a ample supply of living corpses we hurled into the keeping control over the oil would not be considered in the body count of this under the counter war. Mark my word that is a chicken that will come home to roost in a few years. It will be one of those foot notes line left over land mines and Agent Orange.

How did you feel about Obama unilaterally declaring war on Libya, without Congress? Then ignoring the War Powers Act when he wanted to continue doing so, without Congress? Was that treason?


Geeze how do you wring your hands and type at the same time? The facts are Obama what Obama did was perfectly legal hence Congress voted to fund it after the clowns did some public posturing about it.

In fact the law that enabled him to carry it out was the same law Reagan pulled out of his addled brained @$$ when he decided to attack Grenada for daring to hire Cuban's to design and build an air strip. This happened only two days after 220 Marines, 18 sailors, and three soldiers and he really needed something to make him look good after sleeping through that.

I love the irony in the fact that the Reagan legend loses more and more of its shine the more Obama uses the legacy of the powers created and enacted during his presidency.

I think the problem the clowns have with Obama is he really understands law ... constitutional law specifically which is why the Affordable Care Act survived all appeals leveled against it. And if you want to know why Obama didn't consult congress on pressing issues it was because they were trying to "break the code" and repeal the ACA.

Considering they are the least productive congress in history because they remained focused on repealing the un-repealable and the world moved on with out them... Obama did what he had to do and legally side stepping their lack of participation in order to get done what needs to be done.

You do not need to love Obama to note that he does what he needs to do get things done in spite of the efforts of a recalcitrant congress.

A congress who BTW staged a government walk out while the president was attending the Russia/US G20 Summit... seems to me the idiots in congress set them selves up.

Right wing solution: all black men should change their first names to "Bob".

#130 | POSTED BY WHODAMAN AT 2015-01-23 09:25 AM | FLAG: I CONCUR

I go by my middle name. I have since I was 17. I found out in my mid thirties while being called in for job interview that they surprised upon meeting me because it assumed I was a black male because of the name. It made me realize why I did not receive as many calls as my colleagues did even though we had similar skill sets, experience and education.

To see if that was indeed the case I started sending out resume's with my full name and I did indeed garner more results... interestingly enough however they assumed my middle name was a "maiden" name. It was fascinating to see how that played out and it did open my eyes to how the world works. I definitely gained more sympathy for men of color especially the black color from that experience.

I was not really aware until it was brought to my attention the truth about that because I had lived most of my life in multi-racial neighborhoods where I was always I was the minority. Even now I live in a nice DC suburb that is 70% people of African decent 13% Fillipino, and the rest of us.... and the complex where I live is at least 97% black. I have good neighbors, I like my neighborhood. What I do notice once I step out of it and if I engage in conversation with people who are not of African descent and they find out where I live at least half of them are surprised and not in a positive way... kind of surprised anyone "like me" could feel comfortable calling it home.

Its not the first time I have lived in predominantly black neighborhoods and the responses are similar. So yes I absolutely agree there is at the very least a sinister mystique if not an outright prejudice about people of obvious African descent especially the males.

It also proves to me that just as a handful of religious whackos can screw it for a lager group so do a small handful of criminal or racist whackjobs screw things for the rest of the ethnic group they belong to. Its the world we live in.

If I had seen that man take his firearm out of his car and conceal it under his jacket I would have just assumed he was doing the smart thing and not leaving his weapon to be easily stolen from his car or with his car. Seriously. You think a crook is going to let someone see them stash a weapon on their body and walk into a store?

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