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Grendel (for when you get back)

First, let me say, I've always enjoyed our discussions regarding the "spiritual" on here. I may disagree with you, but you're always respectful and measure. I strive for the same (at least in these discussions. I deliberately get silly in most others)

Now, to your response and my counter-response...

Your post paints you as an utter materialist. If so, then your thoughts at most must be a phantasm, a illusory unreal byproduct of material entities.

I would categorize this as a misunderstanding of my view. Possibly due to my not fully clarifying.

I view the universe, though in a fully materialists manner, as you put it, as though it's a fully natural work of art. As Bob Ross might put it, a "happy little accident". Think of it this way, if you can (since it runs somewhat contrary to your own beliefs)

You're driving down the road, lost and you have no idea where you are. As you're trying to find the right street to turn down, you catch a momentary glimpse of the sun streaming through a clearing of trees and think to yourself that it is as close to the perfect image you could ever see.

In the above scenario, nothing was intentional, yet something of tremendous beauty was there.

If your thoughts are such, should you trust them to explain the material universe?

Thoughts are a perceived response to neurochemical reactions. The perception is as important as the reaction in my worldview.

If your thoughts are such, then what are you? You don't really exist. Or at the least your belief in your identity is unfounded. Perhaps it along with theism should be rejected, you know to be consistent. You can call yourself an apersonist.

My hope is that what I've explained has clarified my view enough that you can see this statement isn't accurate.

Now, in the spirit of the origin of this thread, and as a sign of respect, which I hope is how it will be perceived, allow me to say to you my "version" of the phrase in question from the article...

Walk in beauty, my friend.

Drudge Retort

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