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21: How did they get to the point where they thought they could get away with things and needed to be spanked to correct that? My kids know what they can get away with and what they can't. And when they get caught doing the latter, there are other ways to correct (taking away privileges, for instance, can be quite effective).

The biggest point for me in discussing such things is that we need to instill in children the desire to do right (and the habit) even when they are not being watched. Too often, this kind of punishment just leads to... what Hag said. If fear is the only motivator, well, that's not going to lead to long-term "good behavior."

And btw, this is just the latest in reams and reams of studies showing the deleterious effects of physical punishment. It's not as if data shows us conflicting reports. (Yes, granted, different kids respond differently to different approaches, even within the same family. But that should not be used as justification to exert power over children. And for the record, I have the same problem with parents--and teachers--who insist that kids do x "because I said so.")

And also btw, this is not a liberal/conservative issue. I know liberals who spank and conservatives who don't. I have known (or known of) child abusers who self-identify as conservative and child abusers who self-identify as liberal. Why some of you ALWAYS have to make every social issue the result of some -ism is entirely beyond me. (Well, maybe not--sometimes it's just trolling.)

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