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Andreamackris, teaching to standards (i.e., Students will be able to use evidence to make an argument) is not the same as teaching or testing in a standardized way (every students takes the same test). In fact, we should stop doing the latter. There are many ways to test if a student can meet a particular standard. So yes, in fact, we can rail against standardized tests and teach to the standards at the same time. There is no disconnect here. (And FTR, I do not know the math standards, so I can't speak to "number binding"...)

Grades are part of the problem; they need to go. Or the culture needs to change so it's not about competition. But there are many movements about changing grading, getting away from grades, moving to other types of assessments and reports on how a student is doing, etc. I never said we shouldn't evaluate students; I said they're not widgets, which is shorthand for "They are not all the same and we need to stop administering one-size-fits-all approaches to education, and thence to evaluating quality of schools and of teachers."

And I didn't say education publishing (and ed tech!) is not a business; I said EDUCATION is not a business. As in, we can't run schools like businesses; schools are not about making a profit. We can run schools much more efficiently (starting with levels and pay of administration), and we can certainly get more bang for the buck, but schools are not and should not be thought of as businesses. Of course, there are many businesses around education (one major problem folks have with Common Core is not about CC at all but about textbooks, curriculum, and how districts manage and use both! and don't get me started on PowerSchool/Pearson!).

Thanks for the engagement!

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