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lol foodbabe's propaganda vs. mcdonald's propaganda.

england is more serious about their chips then we are with our fries-- that is why mcdonald's can't get away with the extra ingredients there as they can here. anyway, when i'm in england, which sadly, hasn't been since 2012, i would never think of eating at mcdonald's. with all the great pubs that sell real fish and chips why go to some crappy american -------- to eat soggy potatoes with phony gravy? you might as well eat those week old egg salad and watercress sandwiches at the train station for chrissake.

when i was in japan two summers ago i went into a mcdonalds and whoa, totally different experience! they had a triple-sized container of fries they called "megapotato", lol, what a great name. holy ---- it was so huge! all the japanese go freaking insane for stuff like that-- and they had deep fried their apple pies instead of baking them which made them taste completely awesome. i got three. they taste superb with herb. they should have that here in the states and i might go there again. japan mcdonalds is a great place to meet young japanese females. is there anything like them? i got to thinking before i left for home that every single female i met in japan was in love with me... or at the very least, every japanese female i met i was in love with them. at least they treat you that way and they aren't afraide of their bodies. neither am i! too bad they are always committing suicide. anyway, i love to travel and i have a pretty nice case of cabin fever right about now talking about all this. i think i'll go to england in the spring. baltimore's winter has already gotten to me.

Drudge Retort

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