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the republican party, once a fierce and feared opponent, is like that bumble in rudolph the red nosed reindeer who's teeth were removed by hermie the (liberal) dentist:

before: images1.wikia.nocookie.net
after: aenigmaproject.com

all mumble, no tooth.

unfortunately, the profound weakness of the republican party has allowed the horrid democrats to flourish. they have no one to blame but themselves. their icons are weak, their principles are smeared with hypocrisy, their platform is a muddled -------- and the majority of the elite of their party come across as clueless, unedu-ma-cated morons.


egypt's military has been an absolute failure. they used to be looked up to in the pan arab heyday of nasser. now they are a joke and, surprise, american finds itself pulled further down onto the quagmire through its longtime support for mubarak and now for its clone, the sisi regime.

Drudge Retort

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