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isis is most dangerous, not to america, but to the regional oil rich arabian countries and stooges that are america's friends-- qatar, saudi, uae, baharain, even jordan. america is fighting to protect them, using the excuse of protecting the "poor helpless muslims" in the area as cover.

the whole sympathy card the govt constnatly plays suckers in the interventionists from each side of the aisle every time, dunnit?

so, i guess when the interventionists scream "neville chamberlain!" at those who question the continued use of force in the region, they are absolutely right in their fervor to invoke godwin's law-- isis are indeed, like the nazis.

no, not in power or scope, or even in manufacturing ability, which is truly what made the nazis a force to be reckoned with--- but this much is similar: the nazis were abetted and empowered by the clueless interventionists in the west just like isis was against the assad regime.

and at the root of it all? short-sighted interventionist morons who never will pull their noses out of the clouds and learn from history.

interventionist morons in the west were directly involved in the rise of nazi germany. they directly supported the rise of nazi germany, a strong centralized industrial force with a big butt hurt looking for a opportunity for revenge, over the rising threat of ideological, yet still mostly agrarian communist russia.

an interventionist will scream "neville" as a synoynm of sorts for surrender or capitulation, but what they do not understand is that chamberlain wanted germany to take over lands to the east because the interventionists wanted hitler to then take on the communists. it had nothing to do with appeasement. it had everything to do with miscalculation and hubris.

just like the west gave free reign to isis-- after all, they were gonna take out assad for them, right?

so, in a nutshell, interventionism is great if you want to create and empower bigger and badder enemies in order to perpetuate an endless ideological fight between good and evil.

interventionists: they were short-sighted and stupid then and are still short sighted and stupid now. whether they are neocons on the right or neolibs on the left, they will fool you into a false sense of compassion for their pet projects, but in reality their ideas and arguments for the perpetuation of war in the name of peace only make the world a more chaotic and violent place to live.

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