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Saturday, July 11, 2015

Iran has deployed the second radar array capable of spotting stealthy aircraft. read more

Friday, June 12, 2015

While training for urban suppression and control an Army Blackhawk damaged a historic department store building in Port Huron, Michigan. When the chopper's rotor wash hit the building's upper facade, a 5-foot-high section of brick from one end of the roof line to the other came crashing down to the awning below, buckling it and shattering the old department store's windows. "It allows us to train in an urban environment that is similar to urban environments they will face in overseas deployments," said U.S. Army Maj. Rendee Farrell. read more


Conspiracys and the DR - always makes the serious professional posters run for the hills.

I caught a reference to Burton Neuner in a Jade Helm article I just googled - that name sounded familiar....


"? : Are you working on any other projects right now?"

BN : "I'm also supporting a program that is developing the wireless transmission of power and communications. What makes this work interesting is that it's a collaboration between three Navy Warfare Centers. We are each bringing our own specialties to the table for this unique, collaborative effort."


A favorite conspiracy theory is holographic displays in the sky -

aerial holographs - a tough nut to crack but we all saw star wars and want it! Or is it that rebel princess?



rambling on , but hey, I believe everything the gov. tells me to.

personal drones will replace lighting as we know it today - your personal spot light that follows you around. FACT!

Here is a good discussion board for the hobbyists that like drone DIYing....


Skitz - keep up the fun stuff! This hobby is growing!

Racing, Dogfighting, augmented reality, package delivery, teleportation, in flight 3d manufacturing enroute to customer, invisibility, perpetual motion, risk free no cost sex, etc.....


here's a link to a video....Graphic violence warning - includes automatic assault weapons.


Thanks Harry! I agree...read the comments in the link.

But I have to ask is this becoming normal? ala guys with weapons at airports are one thing but in a city?

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