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CAn you say dream job????

But no! we gotta spend blood and gold killing those evil axises

seriously - peanut allergies - Why?

I hope this gets removed from the current lexicon....

but it goes back to that "other issue" so therefore it probably won't gain too much traction.


"Over the course of the 19th century several significant developments [with vaccination] took place:

• The invention of the hyperdemic needle allowed the vaccine to be delivered more hygienically, safely and effectively by injection rather than by infecting the skin.

• Extra ingredients (all patented) were added to the vaccines to extend their shelf life and made them more effective:
1.mercury based antifungals
2.oil-based adjuvants*
3.carrier gels from boiled animals etc

*Adjuvants – ingredients which prime the body so that it is more sensitive to the vaccine, thereby reducing the amount of the active substance needed, although it has never been entirely clear how this process happens.

Peanut is an excellent adjuvant as it is potentially highly allergenic and therefore very good at priming the immune system – although its use must also risk not just priming the immune system but sensitising it. "

Drudge Retort

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