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One thing I do notice, as I have traveled around most of the US is that poverty seem to encircle every county seat I past through. ( The sign says county seat of .......)
I am assuming here, but there must be a reason for that phenomena, it plays out nation wide, my assumption is that that is where the social services where normally dispersed from hence the poor have live there generationally.

Yes I know today almost every thing is done on line, but a lot of people still walk in to be serviced......as Mr Reid indicated the other day many people do not own a computer or have the smarts to operate one even when given access..

The argument on which states get more from the Fed. Govt. is a bit foolish in its application as even the controlling Party may change every 4 years the population does not.

Take N.J. it used to have a lot of industry.....not now.....business just taxed out of the state.
But they still have huge cities that are nothing but money pits that return nothing to the system, the controlling party switch back and forth fairly regularly, the money pit cities are still here regardless of who holds the reins of power.......reason ?

They and other states just give tax payer money away without asking for anything in return, why would the receiving parties change anything as long as they are getting free stuff, Govt. Christi has cut a lot of programs that just gave away money , he has also sided squarely with the taxpayer., the freeloader do with out before the tax payer pays more just for good press.

Otherwise, technology has really replaced people and made the military far more efficient than before. There isn't the need for that many active members anymore.

Yep, your what happens when they don't teach history is school.

Korea was supposed to be a " PUSH BOTTON WAR"...quoting your concept exactly.

The A-4 Phantom Jet in Viet Nam was supposed not to need a Machine Gun or Cannon for inclose Dog Fighting between jets AGAIN quoting you exactly as the era of the inclose dog fight was over with the advent of the PUSH BOTTON wonder call the AIR TO AIR MISSLE.

The reason we did not see the fall of the Soviet Union coming was no people on the ground, AGAIN quoting you, that we had the wonders of SPY SATELLITES that would with a PUSH OF A BUTTON tell us just what the other guy was doing.

Shall we move on to the Middle East and Al Qaeda, 9/11.

Korea was fought at the tip of a bayonet man to man.....NO PUSH BOTTON.

Many American pilots lost their lives because the North Vietnamese Pilots WOULD CLOSE on the American Pilots INSIDE the PUSH BOTTON range of their missiles so they where defenseless and shot out of the sky by the old style Machine gun or Cannon on the Soviet built Migs
The Americans put back the machine guns and cannons on their Jets and they are still there today

The Middle East we had/have very poor on the ground intelligence because we are trying to do the PUSH BOTTON WAR via electronics.

That just a few.......so please put a little more knowledge in you comments.

Please don't go spitting all over your screen.....do a little research and see that you are doing what many before you have and for the same reason....in many countries at many different times in history.......THEY ALL REGRETTED IT when they had to fight or defend themselves.

Now what did the last nitwit try and say.........he was running his own sting.......lame soooo effing lame. He was a Dem-O-Rat too. Not that they are the only crooks...by no means.

But this guy should be strung up by his ....... just because of all the straight forward lies he told and and the fear mongering he presented to the American people .

Some of the wording in this article is a bit miss leading " a shoulder fired automatic weapon" is an military grade AR-15 (M-16) or AK-47 to give two common examples.
South Central L.A. [gang] stuff.

However, Shoulder Fired Rockets, thats Hamas, Hezbollah, Al Qaeda even low end stuff like Rocket Propelled Grenades (RPG's) can take out ANYTHING you see driving or flying around the streets and skies of America, the higher end Shoulder Fired Rockets can take out an Air liner several thousand feet in the air, which would then have it drop flaming in to the center of some major city.....you don't have to fly a plane into something (9/11) you can just drop its heavily fuel laden carcass on to what ever.....same effect.

He was going to sell this stuff to somebody......what where they going to do with them and who are these people......well we don't have a clue...because we don't know who's in America.....do you still think government issued ID is a bad idea....these weapons and the people who will turn them loose on you at the Mall or where ever....don't ask for party affiliation....they just murder you and the people with you.

This is very serious, this nut was going to put these weapons on the streets of America.......welcome to Lebanon.

The left has it perfect on the voter disenfranchisement hustle.
They CLAIM that this person or that person MAY be kept from voting if Voter ID is required.

Or its racist, anti-women or what ever they care to name it.
It really doesn't matter what they call it, they are just GUESSING that someone mite be kept from voting that should have been allowed to. *

They come up with the Grandma was born under the tree story so she has no I.D. grandpa has no legs and can't get to the county office to get a FREE I.D.
Or the person MITE say I don't look like the person on the I.D. card when I try to vote.

Heres a couple of things to think about:
All of these people are eating food, getting medicine from somewhere,, went to school somewhere, where born somewhere, hell maybe been arrested at sometime in their life's.
Been married had kids, divorced, spouse died, hit by a car so many ways to account for themselves....there just mite be some people who NEVER EVER had any contact with the township, county, state or federal Govt. at any time for any reason....However it seem highly unlikely, particularly as this type of AMERICAN would now be of advanced years an receiving some sort of assistance from the Govt. on some level.

BUT, one thing is for sure, without subterfuge or doubt.......people voting WITHOUT a Govt. picture I.D. are NOT KNOWN to have the right to vote they are assumed to have the right........and that just not good enough to risk canceling out the votes of people of either party who do have Picture I.D. an produce it on demand...it just takes a second.
* You get to vote anyway, the suspect vote is just challenged ,put a side, then authenticated as valid or not......the anti-I.D. folks leave that part out EVERY TIME.

"Not voting on principle is cynical opportunism."

Complete baloney. Some of us have kids and grandkids, we vote according to what we honestly believe will benefit them or, at least, hurt them the least. Your idealism is not a realistic way to deal with the world, real people have to deal with the consequences of your priveleged view of the world, if you had to share those consequences you would think more pragmatically.
***#45 | POSTED BY DANNI****

Danni ,I'm not going to berate you or belittle you, but after 5 1/2 years your are still saying the same things you have from the start and before Obama was elected.
But NONE of it has come true, its not going to.

Its the science, the emotion , the ides you have that are the trouble.
Nobody want people to go hungry, or people who need medicine not to get it...nobody.
The big Govt. idea in the fashion the left dreams of can not work ,has not worked and will not work...the premiss is flawed.

Govt. can not mandate wealth to a nation, it must let the people, market and the demand for products dictate profit, with out renewed profit, there is only only so much peanut butter in the jar to spread around ....if nobody is making more peanut butter........you can't very well spread around that of which there is none of....fair or not fair.

I don't want my tax dollars going to a billion dollar company....they'll have to live with being a multi-million dollar Co.
I'm for equal taxation, but I'm not for no taxation.
I want every citizen to vote, but I don't want people who are not allowed to vote for what ever reason to vote.
I don't want the planet polluted, but I'm a natural organism of this biosphere not something that leaked out of a Chem. Vat.
The insanity of the left that I should in no way come in contact or effect the environment in any way, like by breathing in & out is foolish.

I don't have time to take this any further .....5 1/2 years of straight failures is a rather telling breach in a person or persons grasp of the events taking place around them and their ability to understand that they do not see those events in the stark light of reality, but continue to perceive someone or something else as the problem, as opposed to looking inward and realizing the mistakes they have made that has brought them and others to the inescapable place they are now.....

Something like General George Custer when he saw all of the Indian warriors, the moment when he realized, that his arrogance, bluster and the worshipping press could take him no futher.

We need to stabilize our economy and energy needs now....with what we know works now,
Get the Govt. out of the way...let business do business .....way more peanut butter that way.

There is no answer to this type of insanity,,,...but there need to be limits on just what a business owner HAS to put up with......picking any type of ethic store owner you want, lets try to understand the one way street owning a business really is.

If a store owner refuses service to anyone for just about any reason without some kind of court order keeping a give person out of her store she can be sued for anything that is in the current civil rights act (which covers everybody).

Well for 3 weeks now Miss such and such has been dealing with a lady and her friends that come in her store and takes whatever they want then run out with out paying, they go through the whole cop calling thing...the cops are busy with sever crime so nothing happens.

But this morning Miss such and such see the Crook lady & Co. coming down the street and locks the door refusing service to the Crook lady group, the crook lady group is ethnically different from the store owner.

The lawyers get involved...uh oh.....one of the people in the Crook Lady group that day had never been in that store before , The business owner just lock out and refused to service a citizen based on the people she was with at the time and her racial appearance as she looked just like the Crook Group she was with.

Now your on the jury:

Did the first time patron go with the Crooks because she was told by the others how easy it was to rip off the store owner ?
Did she even know that her group of friends routinely rip the store off ?

Did the store owner know that the new patron had never been in her store?

Does the store owner have a reasonable belief that her property will be stolen by all of the crook group if she allows them in the store ?

Question , did the store owner violate the new patrons Civil Rights or was she accreting her right to protect her private property from a known and established pattern of theft of her property.

Comment : It is certainly plausible for the store owner to believe she will be robbed again based on a well established pattern of behavior by the Crook ladies.
To have let them in, regardless of whether the first time patron would stole anything, the others would have as they had on all previous appearances.

To me, I see no civil rights violation, as the store owner was not banning all people of the crook lady race, just a group of people from a ethic group of people based on that small groups known and established behavior.

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