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"C02 can increase from natural or man made sources. One of those we can do something about."

And my point is that climate change is going to occur, is occurring, even without the benefit of having man as the excuse. Is now the time to have the conversation about how we stop climate change, because depending on how you frame the argument, that's nothing less than increasing or inducing man-made climate change.

"But you've never pointed out how or why that's relevant."

It gets to the heart of why I should care whether or not the earth's temperature is in flux. I have no doubts that human activity has drastically affected earth's albedo. Not sure how it affects me though. Or the vast majority of things on earth.

"Suggest you review the history of the Army Corps of Engineers and the Mississippi River before answering your own question."

Climate engineering may be a possibility; manipulating the earth's climate to maintain a stable climactic condition. Sort of like having a global thermostat.

Of course the problem with this course of action is who gets to set the temperature?

"But not the scientific consensus about anthropogenic climate change."

It's not that I don't accept it, it's that I have no reason to care. The climate gloom's present climate change as being an impending global catastrophe. if we use history as the measuring stick, it's going to be anything but.

When was the last time you heard anything positive about climate change? Do you really, no kidding believe that there will be no positive aspects?

So how's come we never hear about those?

"It's scientific consensus."

It's scientific consensus over what has occurred in recent history. I'm not aware of any reference that goes back more than 750k years with regard to climate change. Convenient if you're trying to cherry pick in order to promote a specific narrative, no? And if you're going to be an honest broker, you'll admit that the catastrophic estimates are based on looking at the past 200 years or so.

Honestly, I could cherry pick data too, and come up with any outcome I wanted. Not hard to do for those who have taken a statistics class...

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