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Thursday, July 30, 2015

WASHINGTON (AP) -- Nonprofit co-ops, the health care law's public-spirited alternative to mega-insurers, are awash in red ink and many have fallen short of sign-up goals, a government audit has found.

Under President Barack Obama's overhaul, taxpayers provided $2.4 billion in loans to get the co-ops going, but only one out of 23 - the one in Maine - made money last year, said the report out Thursday. Another one, the Iowa/Nebraska co-op, was shut down by regulators over financial concerns.

The audit by the Health and Human Services inspector general's office also found that 13 of the 23 lagged far behind their 2014 enrollment projections. read more


"Reality forces people to take jobs. Having a roof over your head and food to eat requires money. People are "forced" to get whatever job they can get."


Who do the members of the Dani tribe in Papua New Guinea work for? What about the Kawahiva of the Amazon basin? The Inuits?

The fact is that our species was around for several hundred thousand years before the emergence of wage labor, and seemed to thrive. All the bullshit you're mentioning is nothing more than the trappings of a modern society. But no one can or should force you to participate in modern society. But if you want to, you better be willing to take the actions necessary to do so.

Survival today is different than it was for our ancestors only in that you can get far more for far less effort. Yet people like you are still bitching that it's not enough and it's too much work.

"The purpose of a country is the collective welfare of its citizens (e.g., national defense, of which I'm sure you approve)."

I believe that the purpose of government is to protect the freedom of the individual. Be it from an external enemy, such as Al Qaeda, or an internal enemy, such as other Americans who would limit individual freedom in order to achieve their own desired political end state.

"You exhibit an authoritarian point of view."

Not at all. I'd have as much problem with the government forcing people to work for a specific employer under specific as I would with the government forcing business to hire people under specific conditions.

"Businesses are dictatorships."

Incorrect. Any "power" held by a business was freely granted by stakeholders, And one has to choose to be a stakeholder.

"But what is the alternative to "democracy", or "constitutional republic" if you prefer (they, are, in real-world reality the same)"

They are not even remotely the same. In a democracy, 50.1% of the population can vote to do whatever they want to the remainder, and it's a perfectly legal, perfectly democratic outcome. The same thing could occur within a constitutional republic I suppose, but the purpose of a constitution is generally to protect people from the democratic process.

"Does that mean you are cool with granting them government assistance since their full time+ job won't pay for rent, transportation, utilities, food and clothing and healthcare cost?"

They're going to get government assistance regardless. So in which scenario is the taxpayer better off, one where McDonald's subsidizies the taxpayer by providing an income that pays for a portion of the cost of living, or the one where the taxpayer picks up the entire cost cost to support the individual.

"To you, workers don't have any rights beyond what the last person on planet earth would have, and that worker would have nobody to exploit her, nor a government to protect her. It's also not clear who they'd be working for in the first place."

You're an idiot.

Who do you think people worked for during the millennia before the emergence of wage labor? Hint: look in a mirror.

"To the rest of us, eligibility for overtime and not being classified as an independent contractor are synonymous with expanded workers rights."

Negative. Having the government step in and tell an employer that they will hire you as a specific type of employee or be punished because of it is synonymous with expanded workers rights. You still have every individual worker right you'll ever need, in that you're free to sell your labor to who you choose under the conditions you choose. What you lack, and what you would like to have, is the government dictate terms to your employer that favor you at their expense. That's something very different than worker's rights.

But then again, the employer has some of those same rights, at least at present. And if they can't hire you as a contractor, maybe they'll just not hire you at all.

So...let's assume you live within a country whose political system is dominated by two parties who have relative parity within that system. Now suppose that you are a member of one of those parties, and you want to inflict a decisive blow on the other party. how do you do that in a nation where supporters of each are more or less equally divided?

It's simple. You create more voters. Especially within those key states where a decisive swing would shift the balance of power. So how do you create new voters? One possibility, at least in the US, would be to grant citizenship to all of those living within our borders who are not here legally. Make them legal, offer them welfare benefits, free healthcare, housing, food, and you've got about 11 million new voters you did have previously. And it's a fairly safe bet that they would be eternally grateful to those politicians who handed them a life that could have only dreamed of, asking no more than a vote in return.

Texas has about 1.64 million illegal immigrants. If you can get 1.26 of them to vote Democrat, you just bought yourself Texas. If you can get 208K of the 500K in Arizona, you just bought yourself that state as well. This would be a particularly effective strategy for democrats, because the number of immigrants within some of the bigger red states is enough to shift it to blue, whereas there are not enough immigrants in the big blue states to shift them from blue to red, even if the Republicans were able to purchase the vote of every single illegal immigrant.

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