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"That is a state statute prohibiting sexual orientation and gender identity discrimination in public accommodations. There is no federal equivalent. Also, many other states do not have such statutes."

Actually, what it does is selectively discriminate. Males who do not want to share a restroom with girls are discriminated against by not being allowed to do so.

"We should adjust our bathrooms to be gender neutral. There are no stall or urinals, just a main room with sinks, and smaller rooms with only a toilet..."

And what about public locker rooms??? Unisex showers?

"TOUGH SHIZZLE!!!!!!!!!!! This is the end result when a minority group wins their G-d given rights. The Majority that have relegating the minority status to second class status. Let them eat cake. BTW last time I checked the School System isn't a democracy."

What this is, is the majority being told, yes, that is a penis. Pretend it isn't there. Or else...

"There you go again trying to equate the outside shell of a person being the end all be all of gender identity."

I don't think Prolix is saying you shouldn't be allowed to pretend you're a girl, what he is saying is that society shouldn't be forced to pretend you're a girl. I agree with you, the "wrapping" is not what defines our personalities, but between our chromosomal makeup and our plumbing, it is what defines our gender. And if the "wrapping" is not what defines us as man or woman, why would you, with a penis, be upset about being forced to use the same restroom as other penis owners. That's why you're expected to use the men's restroom, even if you do so in heels and a cocktail dress.

"After the CEO's and other executive's cuts."

You mean labor costs?

"OK Ayn, BTW, how is that SS check working out for you?"

I'm 40. It's not.

"I still have yet to have heard a solution from the right wing that addresses people in my boat."

The creation of a two-tiered medical system. one of the reasons that healthcare costs so much is we have surplus capacity. If I were in Canada and needed an MRI done, it would take 2-3 on average. In the US it takes only as long as the doctor needs to determine you need an MRI. So, paying customers would have first dibs at healthcare, those who aren't paying, or aren't paying the market rate would utilize the surplus.

The other thing I would support is the creation of a civilian medical corps that mirrors that of the military. Pay for their training, and in return they serve for five or six years at the same pay rate as military doctors. These doctors would service the non-paying members of society. After their tour, they would be free to become a civilian doctor and make some real money. My hope would be that this would serve to increase the number of doctors in the US, directed in particular at those who want to be doctors, but don't want to join the military or take out half a million dollars in student loans.

You could also introduce legislation that establishes common rates for care. For instance, if you go to a doctor and he bills you $100, you're expected to pay $100. If the doctor bills your insurance company, they pay $25-$35. Making the payments equal regardless of who pays would cut down on costs dramatically.

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