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Thursday, December 18, 2014

Connie Ley made an unusual request in her will before she died last month in Aurora, Indiana: She asked that her German shepherd, Bela, be euthanized and buried with her.
Three weeks later, however, Bela, who is 9 years old and male, is healthy and very much alive. And there's a growing movement on social media to defy his late owner's wishes and spare the animal.

Ley's attorney, Doug Denmure, told CNN affiliate WCPO-TV that his late client preferred to send Bela to Best Friends Animal Society's no-kill sanctuary in southern Utah to live out the remainder of his days.

But if transporting the dog across the country proved too expensive, Ley wanted a close friend to take charge of Bela and carry out her request that "the dog be put to sleep, cremated and that the dog's ashes be placed with her own ashes." read more



Thanks for the list. I didn't know that he wrote those, nor did I realize that it was that long ago. I was under the impression that it was "maybe" as early as the late 40's.

I did see a lot of reference to John Carter and Barsoom in Heinlein's "Lazarus Long" group of books, but until the movie that's the only place I'd heard of them. And you're right, the movie was bad, not that I knew the story, but for me it was just too....Disney I guess is the best way I can say it.

One of the things I like about Heinlein is his take on politics. Especially in the book "Friday". I'm reminded of that book whenever I see states talk about seceding and corporate money in politics. Reminds me of how in most of His books the US was split into multiple areas and "corporate states" existed.

Haven't read much Bradbury though...I think "A Sound of Thunder" and the obvious "Fahrenheit 451" in school which is currently in my pile to read folder. Been jumping around genres a bit the last few weeks, I tend to alternate a bit.

Arthur C. Clarke is good too but I haven't read much..."The light of other days" is all I really remember and that was probably more than a decade ago.

Some of the more recently written sci-fi I've read lately is
John Ringo's "Legacy of the Aldenata" is a good series (more aliens trying to take over the world than strict Sci-Fi).

Eric Flint's "Ring of Fire" series is pretty good too...have a few books left to read.

And for a quick nonsense pulp fiction I read the "Deathland" series. Sure it's cheap, sure it's written by 50 or so different people, but it's entertaining "pallet cleanser" type reading that I can knock out in about 2 hours. Kinda like watching wheel of fortune after jeopardy.

Anyway, I'm rambling now. :)

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