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Friday, July 15, 2016

'The army are taking over everything' Gabriel Turner, 23, a management consultant from north London, is on holiday in Istanbul and described how there had been heavy police and security presence throughout the day before the military coup got underway after sunset. He told The Telegraph: "Earlier today there were police everywhere. I thought that was normal but the two Turkish girls I was with told me it wasn't normal. We were walking around the centre of Istanbul, at the Grand Bazaar there were police at every entrance and exit with lots of guns. read more


Earthquakes are not new to the region


This is true, but it's a matter of scale and frequency.

This map shows quakes from 1973-2016.


Could be just better, more sensitive equipment, but it's an interesting data-set.

Then again looking at this real time earthquake map earthquake.usgs.gov shows in the last 24 hours OK has had 15 2.5+mg earthquakes vs 3 in the rest of the US combined and only 1 of those 3 were in CA.

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