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There is at least one:

Personally I wouldn't buy one. Same reason I by older used cars that are mostly analog (dials, manual windows/locks, no digital displays etc) because it's just another thing to go wrong at the worst possible time.

One of the biggest issues I have with firearms is the lack of education involved on the part of the owners. Everyone in the home should be aware of them, how to use them safely etc. It's not 100% (because accidents do happen) but the majority of the issues are kids & parents not knowing any better. And with kids it's usually because their parents decided to "shelter" them, and that usually turns out worse in the long run, and not even just for firearms, usually just life in general.

At least this now ex cop will possibly go to jail. Well, probably not but one can hope:

This was on the DR last year after it happened. This post reminded me about it so I looked it up. Last I heard on it was that he was on paid admin leave.

For those that don't remember, basically the guy was sitting in a chair when the police pulled up. He rolled back about 10 feet, stood up, and a few seconds later one of the cop shoots him.

His report said the guy attacked him with a knife, then the video came out showing no such event took place. Doesn't say anything about the partner though. Apparently the partner backed the story up.

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