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Friday, July 15, 2016

'The army are taking over everything' Gabriel Turner, 23, a management consultant from north London, is on holiday in Istanbul and described how there had been heavy police and security presence throughout the day before the military coup got underway after sunset. He told The Telegraph: "Earlier today there were police everywhere. I thought that was normal but the two Turkish girls I was with told me it wasn't normal. We were walking around the centre of Istanbul, at the Grand Bazaar there were police at every entrance and exit with lots of guns. read more



what is good for the goose and all that.

Face it, we spend 15 billion a year on enforcement and 5 billion a year on treatment and what is the result? More drugs at a lower price. The money draw on the supply side is so good that unless you reduce the demand, it doesn't matter how many drug dealers you bust or how much of a particular drug you take off the street (btw, that amount is about 25 cents of every 100 dollars), the only thing that happens is you play a very expensive game of whack-a-mole. For every dealer/supplier there are plenty of others ready and willing to take their place when they get shut down. As I said above, while you can't force them to clean themselves up, but it may just be possible to keep them alive long enough that they wise up and make a change, because not enough will die quickly enough to affect the demand. Are we incapable of learning the lessons from the prohibition period in the 20's and the resultant drop in rampant crime after it was repealed?

They say that doing the same thing over and over expecting a different outcome is the definition of insanity and I think 40 years is a pretty good example of doing just that. Make it legal and cut out the money from the drug dealers and dump the money into treatment.

The war on drugs is about as big of a farce as the war on terror. The only outcome of either is that people are dying more frequently and others are making a ton of money from it and we, as a society, end up footing the bill.

Somehow that is palatable for some and that boggles me to no end.


(sorry, hit the 4k word limit :) )


Yes, it was his fault, yes he was a dumb-a$$. He threw his life down the crapper and paid for it. Never implied that he wasn't. You can't save someone who doesn't think they need saving, they have to come to that realization themselves.

I didn't share this to ask for pitty (oh woe is me or his family) or to excuse his actions (he was a dumb-a$$, repeated lest you feel I'm trying to excuse him for being a dumb-a$$). I shared it as a real world example of the thought that, maybe, JUST maybe, had it been legal and regulated (meaning a set of standards are applied) he might not have gotten a hot shot and died from it before he figured out that he was killing himself. Odds were against it, but that's a moot point now.

It's the government's fault for not providing a better drugs.

Regulation isn't the same as "providing better drugs". Not sure where you got that. It is the same type of regulation that assures everyone that the food we eat and the prescription drugs we take don't kill us (at least outright, fatty foods, or taking 20 Oxies etc being an exception). Unless you're saying that the Govt provides our prescription drugs and food?

And yes, to answer you're next expected comment, people OD on prescription drugs, but guess what? The big difference is that taking an Oxy one day and another the next, you're pretty well assured that the same amount of the drug is in each and every pill. That is what regulation does. With Heroin and other illegal drugs, the actual drug content varies to the point that the same dose you took yesterday could kill you today because there is no control over it. And yes, the Govt's job (one that isn't already corrupt anyway) is to regulate things for the safety and welfare of society. Otherwise you're at the whim of whoever is selling you something. You don't want that do you? Having to grow and prepare your own food and mix your own meds while hoping that what you buy contains the ingredients you expect it to contain. Thank our Govt, even with all it's ills, for not having to do that.

Now you're suggesting we should have legalized heroin to enable yet another drug addiction.

Depends on what you mean by "enable" I guess. The addicts will be addicts whether it's legal or not. Are you suggesting that someone who isn't interested in trying a highly addictive illegal drug is suddenly going to try it because it is legal? Colorado and Washington have pretty much proven that isn't the case. Usage is essentially unchanged and is lower than the national average. www.washingtonpost.com



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